Tuesday, January 31, 2006


For lack of anything better to do with my time (ok, I have 800 things I could be doing with my time, including studying for my midterms) I am going to post two delightful pictures of my cat, Boku. These cats, always keep me on my toes. Anyway, I'm wasting time until some dinner reservations, so why not?

The newest preferred sleep location for the cats is in my closet on top of my suitcase. Now, I have a lot of shit...so storage in any of my closets, it's pretty well taken. The suitcase stands upright and has my old work bag on it (I think I used that bag for 3 months...then it hurt my back, so back to the less attractive backpack. Now I don't pretend to care about my "style"/looks at all. Backpack all the time). Somehow, they both have discovered this as a nice little bed.

If you are a cat person, click the links to see Boku nesting (*she is in that far back right corner*). If you are not a cat person, why are you still reading? You were probably bored two paragraphs ago...although, that second link shows a lovely glimpse into the hell inside my closet. Please note that all the clothes in that closet are rarely worn anymore. That is the work clothes closet.

Monday, January 30, 2006


No, I am not getting fat.

You know, I have recently been wondering about how I compare to my peers. And I know I should measure my success by my own standards...but I don't have any standards. Like my sister said...I can't figure out what my measures for accomplishment are. I mean, I want to say something about being happy. But it is so vague to measure success through happiness. And like she says, love. I guess there are no concrete ideas of how to compare myself to others my age, or to compare myself to the place I wish I was. Especially since I don't know where I wish I was. How confusing...

Someone on TV (I should be ashamed, but it was Celebrity Fit Club) said that their mother didn't have the "mothering gene." I found myself debating in my head what this gene is, if it's even fair to say there is one. I came to no conclusions except that I do think I have the gene. But saying I have the gene doesn't mean I want to use it. So I guess that makes me believe that it isn't a gene (because you can't deny a gene)...but a disposition?

Ah shit, this doesn't make any sense. One of those posts where I have to wonder if I should just scrap it. But I won't. Just goes to show that I rarely ever come to any conclusions about anything...

Saturday, January 28, 2006

7 inches too short....

Sometimes I feel like I have something great to say and then I get stuck in the words. I can't make it sound like I hoped and the big idea slips through the spaces...I feel like that tonight.

Do you ever look around and compare yourself to your peers? If you said no, you are lying. Lately, with this whole career crisis/going back to school, I have frequently looked around and wondered what I should have accomplished at this point in my life. True, graduating college is grand. Getting a job and being successful was something. But my ideal, my vision of what accomplishment is has nothing to do with monetary success or a diploma. But what is my definition of accomplishment?

I struggled, still struggle with this question. I feel that most of my friends are accomplishing things, or have accomplished goals.

Most of the time I feel like when I compare, I come up short. And usually I can't put my finger on what my corresponding accomplishment should be. In other words, sure this person has done: a, b, c. A, b and c would never be right for me...but what are my a, b and c?

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Embracing the asexual (me?)....

Today the world conspired to exhibit every sadly lackluster specimen of the male species. Let's go through them shall we?

First, there was dunderhead. The aforementioned group member. He's not unattractive, and for 1.29 seconds a week or so ago I briefly imagined some sort of fling happening. Then I looked again. He has a truly unfortunate soul patch (tuft of hair under the lip that serves no purpose except to draw your eye to ugly tuft of hair). And today it looked like he hadn't shaved for days. And he smelled a little off.

Next up, is the bald comb-over guy. Ok, he's probably only a few years older than me. And he is clearly completely bald on the top of his head. The first two classes he had an unfortunate comb-over. Last week it looked like he had embraced his lack of hair and shaved it all short. It looked really nice. Today, he showed up with a full head of hair! Baffling. I'll investigate more next week...I couldn't decide if it was plugs or some sort of newfangled, better looking toupee. But all in all, less attractive than just embracing his male pattern baldness.

And here's where it went sailing into me losing all attraction for males. Three drunk happy hour boys on the train. Behind me. I don't ipod it at night (so I can hear any lurkers). So I had to listen to their conversation. Big mistake. First, they talk about some girl who is hot. "Man is she hot. Oh she has a boyfriend. She does and he pounds her hard. Oh man, he drills her." Disgusting. For maybe a minute they came up with every derogatory, porny sounding verb for sex. Always with the girl on the receiving end. Then, the really drunk one comes up with a dastardly plan to steal some girls car to drive to Wheeling where there may or may not be a party. Here's the plan: He'll introduce the other two to said girl (couldn't figure out if this is a girlfriend). Then they'll chat, be chummy and he'll secretly take the keys. She'll never notice the car is gone. Drunk car stealing. Shit you not. Awful. At this point, I truly never want to touch a boy again. (side note: both of car filcher's friends totally ditched him. He got off the train alone. So maybe they had some sense).

At this point, I am repulsed by men. Then falsetto singer with earphones walked by. Nail in the coffin.

In other news, I was cheered up considerably by the skyline on the ride home (fabulous clear night, beautiful city) and the fact that I could see stars walking home. In the city!!

Then I get home and no lights are on. Scary. I always leave a light on on Thursdays since I get home late. I checked the closets down here, then stood in the living room looking up at the balcony. My burglar alarm (Boku) was out and about, laying in her cat bed...so I knew no strangers were here. But it still creeps me out that someone was here when I wasn't...especially since I have no maintenance issues. Is my landlord just allowed to do that?

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The best laid plans...

Are foiled. By refurbishment.

I had plans to lunch with my cousin B. I think my sister has called her B before, since this was a childhood nickname of hers. Now...I have often wondered, why B? Her name has 0 B's in it. I got the story today. I think nickname is supposed to be Bee. So called because as a child she could roll her eyes back into her head and thus, looked like a bee? Honestly, that still doesn't make any sense to me. Maybe I heard the story wrong...

Anyway, our lunch plans...to try a cute little place in Roscoe Village. Said place is closed, of course, but only found closed upon arrival. Lunch was fairly delightful anyway.

We grew up together. I think I realized today that we are more alike than I realized. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing for B. Maybe she has some computer nerd in her somewhere?

I plan to make a huge batch of buttons on Friday. So if anyone wants any sort of button or just has a desire to see/own a specific type of button...let me know and I'll try to be artistic for you.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I, like many other people out there, watch the first few episodes of American Idol. I can't help it. It's impossible not to enjoy these people embarrassing themselves. Honestly delusional people. Do they really think they sound good??

Sitting here I often break into song during the commercials. But I, unlike the contestants, understand that I am:
a) tone deaf and
b) bad at singing period.

While singing a perfectly bad rendition of "Since You Been Gone" I found myself reminiscing about 402 E. Stoughton. A rickety, slanted house full of my dulcet tones. I used to serenade my poor, poor roommates. Miss you old roomies! All this schooling has me thinking about college more and more....

In other news: the spell check on blogspot is seriously messed up. It has a very low grade vocabulary. It doesn't know what a blog is, and delusional is not a word in its sad, stupid little world.

Monday, January 23, 2006

I sink like a stone...

Title an ode to a song that sticks in my head as well as the heaviness in my stomach. A wonderful, masala filled heaviness. Delightful.

Just wanted to blog about a few things that made me really happy today:

  • Nine Inch Nails. Some of you may double take, utter a wwwhhhhhaaaa? But, I confess that while in the shower/getting out, Closer was playing. And I really was into it. I don't know why...but NIN started my day out right.
  • Birthdays. A good friend of mine is having one soon, and writing out her card this morning made me feel all fuzzy towards her. I heart my friends.
  • Comprehension. Understanding my homework this morning made up for my panic last night. Last night I snapped for a bit and felt like flowcharts were ruining my life. This morning, flowcharts seemed harmless. And my programming homework was downright satisfying.
  • Star of India.
  • Presents! Thanks Pooj!
  • The return of velcro. For about a year, maybe two in college I wore nothing but velcro shoes. I found the best pair ever in England...but then they got old and smelly. Since the death of my velco Art shoes, i haven't found any good velcro. Cute velcro shoes found.
  • Recently loads of newcomers on my blog have been coming here through search engines. Which is fun...and tons of them are coming by searching for "katie blog." So I went and searched that...I'm way up there at the top! That's satisfying.
That's all I've got.

Side note: it always annoys the beejeezy out of me when Blogspot spell check trys to tell me the word blog is not a word.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sour stomach...

That title is an ode to the Pepto song. Which is currently stuck in my head. Catchy little ditty. Annoying.

About once a month (if this isn't obvious to you think pre-menstrual. All the boys shift uncomfortably) my life becomes dramatic. Like yesterday when I was convinced that none of my friends are really my good friends anymore since I never hear from them. Or when I cried fairly hard at Radio (which I believe was engineered for just that). Or when I was overflowing with love for my cats.

So that is what I have been doing. And reading lots of school crap. And eating all the time.

One thing I forgot to ramble about before is my ability to attract needy classmates. Let me explain: somehow, I always manage to sit next to a struggling classmate. Someone who feels the need to tell me how much they suck at the subject. Then asks me for my email/phone number so I can help them. At that moment I always feel a tiny bit of irrational hatred for these people. Why do they feel it is my job to help them? At which point there is the most awkward moment in the world when I say No, thanks. Maybe it's awful of me not to help my struggling classmates. But I am not going to carry these people through classes. I already spend all of my weekend reading so I can keep up. I obviously feel some guilt over my hatred and not helping. But I just can't.

Now I'm going to go do that reading and try to remember that maybe my friends don't check their email every other minute like I do.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


This should be a no-brainer: the computers in this building's computer lab should be able to successfully run the programs necessary to complete my homework. (Note: I am in the computer school's building. Hereby referred to as CTI. I am a CTI student, this is CTI building). Please remember I am still in beginner programming classes. The programs I need are the most basic. Nope, no siree, this computer here can't do it. And the program will also not function in my home. This program is beginning to become my least favorite thing EVER.

I forgot how undergraduates are dumber than dirt (ooooh, insult. You undergrads out there could be mad. Or you could look around at your fellow classmates and nod in agreement). This kid in my java class infuriates me. Why? He doesn't seem stupid. In fact, he's probably fairly smart. But he doesn't listen. Listening is a critical skill to have as a human being. The prof. says: "We will go to a lab next Thursday. I'll post the location next week." The kid raises his hand: "Where are we meeting?" ARGH.

The girl next to me (for the past hour now) has 3 inch long fingernails. Ok...no one really has that long of nails. But picture those really long ones that are just beginning to do the creepy curl under. Now imagine her typing with them. Yes, it is distracting. Tap....tap, tap.......tap. Rather than tappity, tappity, tappity (this is supposed to represent a constant stream of tapping. I don't know if it works. Writing sound is difficult). Computer student (can't get into this here lab otherwise) with nails that prevent basic computing. Boggling.

I know it has been said before, but I speak like the novels I read as I read them. So I apologize for my current style of speaking.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Blurgy, burrgle, blurgaroo...

That is my stomach this past week. Usually my stomach feels better while on a diet (I tend to overindulge in my real life eating scenarios. Because I heart food). But...I have overindulged in tomatoes. For some reason anything involving tomatoes makes me ill. I ate two slices on a BLT and about a Tbsp. of tomato sauce (a tiny bit) for dinner for two days in a row and bam, I'm wrecked for the week. I'm Italian, I should be able to handle tomatoes. Damn you stomach, damn you...

The "L" has put me in a snarky mood. There was some kind of 25 minute delay caused by equipment failure. Waiting outside on a cold platform...to get on a train that is eventually packed like sardines...no fun. Plus, how boring is an equipment failure? Delays should be caused by births...and trains falling off of tracks (with no casualties, only minor head bumps). Exciting things. Not equipment failure.

Walking home I saw an attractive man with the shortest (not tapered, wide legs....which may be worst) jeans ever. They were literally above his boot like sneakers. I snarked him in my head the whole walk home.

Has anyone else noticed (and been dismayed) by the immediate replacement of Christmas decorations with Valentine's day? Started as early as a few days after the New Year. I feel like stores are out of control with the decoration thing...from holiday to holiday with no spaces in between. It will go like this: Christmas into Valentine's Day into Easter into 4th of July (there must be a break here) Halloween into Thanksgiving into Christmas...

Since I do not have a Valentine this year I think Moojy, you should be my Valentine. I'll send you flowers if you send me some! Are you in? I think you should leave a comment. Comment, comment, comment!! (The mom never comments, but always reads).

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Letter to the blogguests....

Dear Readers,

I have previously stated my dislike of anonymous comments. But since there are some new readers to this blog recently, let me just state: you creep me out. If you're going to comment, you should have the balls to own that comment. For example, the two comments that exist at this point in time on yesterday's post. I do not know this "David" but his comment does not creep me out - he owned it. The other comment, well...that's creepy. I understand that coming from the right sort of person, that is a really nice compliment. But with no person behind it, I can only imagine some pervert.
So, in order to prevent this sort of anonymous creep out I have banned anyone but registered users from commenting. You're banned anonymous.

If you want to say nice things as a registered user, feel free. Anonymity no longer tolerated. As one of my professor's recently stated in a discussion of whether or not people should be allowed to surf the web anonymously: Why is it our right? We can't do anything else in our lives anonymously. Go to the store, pull a face mask on and see how the employee's react...


Monday, January 16, 2006

Chance to reveal...

Over the past few weeks I've noticed my life/thoughts become more fragmented. Study, go to class, watch TV, study, go to class...etc. Little blocks of time dedicated to different things. Very different from the 9 to 5 thing. Along those lines, I think my blog is going to stay bullet point oriented, a collection of things I've thought about. So, just a warning. Some posts will be boring, some will be mostly boring, others just sort of boring.

I stopped working for my company in November. I have since been thwarted repeatedly in my attempts to get my 401K money. It turns out my company never reported my leaving. So, I finally get them to do it, and now it's a holiday! So once again...no money coming.

Today I accidentally highlighted my couch. Disaster. But it easily came out.

Tried Sweet Mandy B's (remember the list? see #15). That was some butter cream frosting on that cupcake. If you like cupcakes and love rich butter cream, go there now. I've also tried cooking a few times now. I've baked chicken, experimented with leftover chicken, rice and taco seasoning, made cheesy chicken shells....so I've definitely stuck to the once a week thing so far. I'm going to try to make egg salad next. And then I think I am going to make tacos (safe and delicious!).

Other than that, just homework and reading over here this week....

Friday, January 13, 2006

Day of abundance...

I think Friday will end up being my multi-posting day. I have nothing else to do.

First, let me just say Heath and Jen(or Michelle...to me you will always be Dawson's Jen) your baby is going to be beautiful. Gwen and Gavin...not so much.

And guess who I ran into in the grocery store (please picture me with unwashed hair/body, visibly dirty jeans and glasses)? I won't post his name, but here's two obvious hints: he was expelled for a school BB shooting incident and he is very Italian. Yeah, and I wouldn't have even noticed him if he hadn't shouted my name. Weird. He took my number. Even weirder. Now I just have to hope it was all for show and that he will never call.

Jibber jabber...

Ok...I have stuff to say about classes yesterday, but I'm going to relegate that to the end of the post. I just got an email from an old coworker of mine who filled me in on some HILARIOUS gossip that is swirling around back at the office about yours truly. Remember how I crushed on the computer guy? Well, my underwriter and computer guy apparently got into it about office politics. And computer guy was accused by my underwriter of "fraternizing with the enemy." In other words, she told him that I had betrayed her by leaving the company and to make it all worse, she couldn't believe I was "seeing" computer guy. That everyone knew we were seeing each other. HA. First time I've laughed out loud at an email in ages. Wow. I was under the impression that rumors usually had some truth behind them, or even started at truth and morphed into nonsense. But this one...started at fiction and ended at fiction. Good to know that my leaving was considered betrayal. Wish I had been seeing computer guy...

On to the present....in my java course yesterday (remember, cute pregnant Italian lady teaches this one) there was a group of kids that I wanted to maim. They were clearly trying to show each other how "cool" they are (in the high school sense of cool) by being rude, not caring about class and showing each other how bored they were. In such an obvious way. And I felt fiercely protective of my prof. I think that's a little weird how protective I felt. But at least I can hold the knowledge close to my heart that these kids will probably get C's and D's in the class because they are too cool to listen.

And, remember that group project where I was in a group with a dunderhead? Well, the non-dunderhead member dropped the class. So now my group is: me and dunderhead. I shit you not. There is one good/one bad thing about this. Good: I am in complete control and will do this whole project alone. Bad: I am in complete control and will do this whole project alone. It is a group project, so the work load is meant for a group. Just my luck, right?

Today I have my grad orientation. Yes, it is 2 weeks after I started school. But I hope to meet some grad students and maybe join the grad student association.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

blip, blip...

Wasn't going to blog, but found a link to this at one of the blogs I visit. You are truly missing out if you don't push that link. It makes me giggle...and also makes me wish my cats were that easy-going/torturable.

Update for my readers...I do have healthcare (thank god) and have started said project without my group's knowledge or help.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

And she said...

So, I've felt panic twice today. I don't think I've had real panic in months and months and months. Until today.

First, my professor announced that a huge chunk of a group project is due next Thursday. And we only got our groups today. And one of the kids in said group is a dunderhead. Towards the end of my undergrad career, I started to coast. Basically I sponged off of my groups and did no more than I needed to. But now I feel like I need to be in complete control because this is my life. That was just a diploma. This is my life. So I volunteered to write the whole first part. And my group didn't agree. Those bastards. But...I'll figure it out somehow...

And my second moment of panic revolves around healthcare. I received a notice from my company that recent office visits (EXPENSIVE visits) were performed before my healthcare was effective. I COBRA'd my insurance. Therefore, my insurance has been effective since 2004. However, I noticed today that the very large check I wrote to my old company to COBRA said insurance has not been cashed. PANIC. I emailed my HR lady a week ago to confirm she got the check. She didn't get back to me. PANIC. So I have to deal with all this tomorrow. When I should only be worrying about impending midterms.

Can I just say that I am totally shocked (and again, a little panicked) by the fact that my midterms are in January? Doesn't that feel crazy early? Technically it's that last days of January, beginning of February. But that's still damn early!

So, I'm remaining calm by enjoying mindless TV.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Dirty dishes, homework...

It turns out that blogging has become my new favorite procrastination method. Poor souls out there who are actually coming to this blog for a good/fun read! HA! Fools! Ok, no, I will try to limit my procrastination to real blogs. Try.

This weekend we went to the zoo. Whenever I drive towards the city (which I had to do to get to Brookfield and to get home) I feel filled with love for this place. It's funny that a view can do that for me...give me that heavy feeling of joy in my stomach. And Chicago...oh I love you. I know I don't really know the city that well but I hope to. I hope that in about 10 years (I'm just being realistic) I'll be a true Chicagoan. And sometimes I think about the Sex and the City quote: If you can only have one great love, then the city just may be mine. I know I'm a little young for such statements, so check back in ten years.

P.S. - one of my favorite things about the new year is the ability to tell old shows from new by the year. Love it. Don't even need to read the vague show synopsis...just look at the year.

Two bones to pick...

and then I'll go to class.

First, typepad, you annoy the beejeezy out of me with your feed issues. My aggregator is constantly telling me that all my bloggies have written new items...when NO ONE HAS. It's the same thing over and over. How freakin' annoying (and disappointing when the post turns out to be one from December).

Second, can Missouri really do this?

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Study break...

So I have finished all of next week's reading in two of my classes...one doesn't have any and the other is possibly the most boring subject ever. And what I believe is the basis of my chosen concentration. But that can all change...

I now have a bare (and sad) mantle. I think for now I'm going to stack my games up there. I'm still holding out hope that artistic Scott will have another show with a really large painting exhibited that I will then buy and display. But...it's a pretty good shelf.

I started taking vitamins, and honestly, I think it has given me more energy. Try a one-a-day kids, very helpful.

This may be the most boring blog ever. Ah well, I'm going to post it anyway...

Friday, January 06, 2006


Please pronounce that like my Java professor: gib (rhymes with bib and Pibb) gibberish. She's Italian (do not pronounce that eye-talian. I hate that).

Today I saw Bush arrive. Some of you may gasp (in disgust) that I got to see the Prez in person...but you would be wrong. I saw him arrive. As in, I watched the helicopter procession go over Lincoln Park. And I didn't choose to watch..I just happened to see it while walking home from the store. The man arrives in style, in a weird helicopter/plane dealio.

I witnessed stupidity today. A woman handed her mail to the PO worker and the stamp was on the bottom left corner. Now, I give credit to the worker for not being rude, because she very politely explained how a mail machine works and that the stamp always goes in the upper right corner. I thought for a minute that maybe the girl was foreign (don't think so) but even foreign people put it in the upper right (right?)...

And finally, I figured out two ways to tell if I am being true to the weightwatchers diet:
  1. I dream about cookies (they were oh so tasty in my dream)
  2. I have pickles in the fridge (perfect munching diet food)

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Not alcohol or drugs...more like blogs/myspace.

First, let me just say that I think addiction to blogs is not such a bad thing. I learn things, I keep up with my friends (when they blog) and I exercise the brain. There is a downside in that I voyeuristically read about people I don't know. But still, we all ask for it when we publish a blog.

Myspace has turned out to be meaningless, horrific and totally addicting. Every time I get on I find some new hidden string of people from my high school. Apparently a lot of people are too cool to put their high school on their profile. So some people are hard to find...but it's like a creeptacular detective thing. I scare myself. Anyway, I think everyone I am good friends with would love this thing (because we have the same tendencies to stalk I believe).

Also, surprisingly, some of our old classmates make music (I almost liked it). I would reference the website, but that is totally not my place. Myspace, I hate you...you addictive POS (and truly, it is the slowest crappiest thing ever)...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The wheels on the L go round and round...

My first day of school observations:
  • Depaul is serious about their security. I was in the bathroom and there was a nice little security button right inside the door. Then I enter my stall - another security button! I wasn't sure if I should feel secure or scared. Why do we need a security button in every stall? Is that a bathroom I should not visit?
  • I told my sister last night that I would probably get nervous this morning. But I didn't. It felt sort of right. And it's not like I have to get up early...my earliest class is at 11:50.
  • For some reason I clam up in class. I can't speak in a classroom situation. Every shy bone in my body is active. I truly think a bigger school (with huge lectures) was better for me. No pressure to participate. And it's not like I didn't learn.
  • I think it was the first time ever that I was excited about my classes. A good sign?
  • A boy in front of me today clearly had Tourette's. I watched that HBO special about Tourette's but had never actually had any contact with it. He sat right in front of me so it was hard not to notice. I felt a little bad for him because at one point I could tell he was out of control...but then I felt bad for feeling bad...I don't know. Sometimes I have no idea if my response is socially acceptable.
Anyway, school is fine. I have a cute pregnant professor...and out of the two I had today they both seemed fairly effective.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Follow the leader...

Ok, so last year when my sister did 25 in 2005 I liked the idea but wasn't sure if I could come up with 25. I feel the same way this year, but I'm going to take a stab at 26 in 2006. If they get a little weak towards the bottom, I apologize.
  1. Go on at least 3 dates (with 3 different people).
  2. Learn how to html, and therefore revolutionize my blog.
  3. Exercise fairly regularly. And if not that, then at least sometimes.
  4. Move my square of city exploration out a bit more - some places I'd like to explore are Wicker Park, Boystown, even just Lakeview.
  5. Cook a meal at least once a week. Even if it is tacos every other week.
  6. Go see the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and a ballet somewhere.
  7. Convince my sister and S to move to the city.
  8. Have a friend (make a friend?) in the city (sister does not count).
  9. Buy another Frank Lloyd Wright cross-stitch, finish it and frame it to help with #10.
  10. Put more items up on the walls - blank walls = boring walls.
  11. Visit somewhere I've never been..
  12. Be better with letter writing. I was not up to my usual high volumes of mail. I'd like to send something to someone about every other day.
  13. Thorough spring cleaning.
  14. Watch 3 new movies a week (this is highly improbable, but I would like to do it).
  15. Try the Salt & Pepper diner, Sweet Mandy B's, that pancake house on Clark, just try some new food places.
  16. Get an assistantship (this will have to be late 2006).
  17. Have a high GPA - but NOT be insanely stressed.
  18. Lose holiday weight and keep it off....in other words, stay true to the points.
  19. Go to another hockey game or two.
  20. Pay more attention to politics/world news.
  21. Start taking vitamins.
  22. Visit the Mooj more since my brother is going to be leaving for college (SCARY).
  23. I'll build on #22 and say: see each family member at least once each month. Although the brother might be too hard...
  24. Think before I speak (a little more) or tone down the brutality of my honesty.
  25. Fall in love (please?).
  26. Keep on top of the clutter/stay organized.
Honestly, it was a lot easier to get 26 than I expected. Off to play video game/waste my last day as a good-for-nothing bum.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Auld what?

Happy New Year blogger community. I hope your 2006 turns out as well as mine will hopefully be. Let's do New Year's Eve wrap-up.

First off, I somehow became the person who had people over. Really, it was because of Happy Zoo Year. Which was delightful. The lights were awesome and the free glasses that make a snowman out of every light, well...what is more fun than snowmen who dance when you turn your head back and forth to a tipsy person? Nothing. I only wish the zoo stayed open until 10. And we never actually saw any countdown. But we saw cats, gorillas, chimps and penguins. Oh and a polar bear butt.

Then we came back here and played some Scene It and some Scattergories (and had to monitor some tricksters...you know who you are: Robert the crossing guard is NOT an R answer for People in uniform). We toasted the new year with hats, some with champagne and then right back to the game. I thought it was a load of fun (and if you compare it with years past, it was a stunning success). My only problem is that when I consume alcohol I sleep roughly an hour less than usual for every drink I had. Which means I barely slept last night. But no hangover and I wasn't really that drunk. I would like to contribute the success of the night to the group of people that were here. It really worked well, "gelled." I heart you all.

So now begins my new life as a computer nerd. School on Tuesday....wow...