Sunday, February 27, 2005

Sunday lazy sunday...

Ok, so here's the deal. I did nothing today. Ok, I did an assignment and a half for my insurance class, watched Eternal Sunshine (and loved it just as much the second time around) and did some grocery shopping. I woke up tired which is never fun (Mona meows me awake at about 7:30 every day now on the weekends. I guess that's when she wants me to be up, even though she still runs from me when i move).

Last night I had a good time eating fondue for the first time at this dark little place called Geja's. As we were leaving we heard a valet guy tell someone the wait was three hours. Wow. It was different. I wish the cheese would have been cheesier, it tasted a little weird and nutmeggy. The oil part was complicated, but tasty. But the best part, the part that made the whole thing worth it was the chocolate. Oh my deliciousness that chocolate. With pound cake, bananas, strawberries, marshmallows, oh my! For those of you out there interested, would be a great date place.

I didn't end up going to the dog show. I was lazy and it was far away and expensive, and with no one to force me to go, I didn't.

Off to watch the Oscars. A little note: I'm changing my hit counter because I think it's hitting you with adware everytime you read my blog....hope this fixes things! I'm starting back at zero...which is quite a drop from 3,707. But it will be fun to hit those milestones again: 10, 100, 1000....

P.S. I just added my new site meter and I'm going to start it counting at 3,707. Good times!

Friday, February 25, 2005

A few confessions....

Some stuff to get off my chest. Let's begin:

Confession 1: I lied to someone in order to get out of something I said I would do and then decided I was uncomfortable doing. If you know me really well, this kind of goes against my whole obsession with honesty. And if you're one of my old friends or family, you know I usually will tell you straight out that I'm not interested. But here's the deal: I have a new friend. She invited me somewhere, to a bar, that I thought it would be fun to go. Then, I find out that its going to be a whole crowd of rowdy people (a few of her friends would have been nice, because its never too late to make new friends). I am not rowdy unless I am completely totally comfortable in a situation. Here's my thought process: Imagine the worst possible scenario in a bar/party scene. These people I would be with, do I trust them to get me through that scenario in one piece? Date rape drug? So drunk can't think, move, speak? In this case, no, not yet. So I had to make an excuse. On the plus side, I realize now that I do trust a few people at work now so the next time they ask me to go out (let's be honest, they may have given up on me) I may say yes. This may not come as a shock to some of you, but I have trust issues. But don't worry, once I trust you, i really trust you.

Confession 2: My cat is dumb. But i like her anyway. She loves the humidifier, she likes to lick it (i don't know)...but then when I turned it off to clean and turned it back on, she freaks out and runs. She licks the wall. She licks my feet (eww). She plays with my socks. She chases her tail. But she's fun and cute. No more crazy cat lady stuff today.

Confession 3: Sometimes, when my sister writes really smart, meaningful blogs like today, I don't read them because I glaze over halfway through. As I'm doing it, I realize that I should be ashamed that I can't make it through one intelligent blog entry. Usually I continue reading so I can respect myself. But I thought everyone should know that most of the time I'd rather read a romance novel. I do admit that it does sometimes seem that i am throwing away my intelligent brain cells, but then I slog through a book like Atlas Shrugged and think I'm set for the next year (i didn't mind the book, it was a little boring, but OK). So this summer, I have to read an intelligent book again. Any suggestions?

Confession 4: It's 9:23 pm on a Friday night and I am too excited about getting in bed and reading (not exactly a romance novel, but frighteningly close). Tomorrow I have loads of plans: laundry, shopping, dinner....and Sunday I am definitely going to the dog show (anyone interested out there? for real here mom is lame and can't go because she has a party. stupid social mom).

Will blog sometime again this weekend...

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A collection of nothingness...

No point to this blog. But here we go.
  • My dinner tonight was so delicious. I don't know why, but all other recent dinners could not compare. And I had some gourmet chicken last night. But for some reason, my BLT and tater tots were so satisfying. I nearly made and ate another sandwich. But then I remembered that i'm supposed to be dieting.
  • The big wigs were at the office today and I wasn't scared at all. Although I was almost picked on for being new and young looking. Almost. I managed to avoid it.
  • Am I the only one that does not enjoy Desperate Housewives? I've watched a few episodes and feel no need to watch anymore. And all the crazy hype around the actresses, who cares? But then again, who cares about most of the celebs in the news recently. Britney? Trashy. J.Lo? Boring. Paris Hilton? Trashy. Michael Jackson? Creeepppy.
  • The Kennel Club in Chicago is having the "dog show" this weekend here in Chicago. I kind of want to go. Is anyone out there interested? More specifically, I was thinking you, Mom, would really enjoy it. However, I'm pretty sure she won't come. So anyone out there, anyone?
  • Any ideas what Alex's first piece of mail from me could be? I'm never this bad at mail, I usually have the first piece waiting for her wherever she is. Ugh, I'm sucking.

Off to do nothing. Ah nothing, I love you.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Shocking really...

I'm blogging twice in the same day. That is shocking. But not only that, there's a few other things that I've found interesting today. First, I'll start with the mildly embarrassing again. I just fell off the couch and cracked my knee into the floor. Made the whole nose thing seem tame. So painful. Rolled around for a while scaring the shit out of Mona. But's really Mona's fault, I was reaching for a toy and toppled over. Ok, did I say mildly embarrasing? I meant totally mortifying. I may be hobbling the next couple of days. I'm telling you, my coworkers are going to think I am abused and making excuses, or that I got mugged. I'm starting to think something ain't working brain? My coordination? My reflexes? All of the above?

Yesterday a discussion of England and stuff made me remember my hottest professor of all time, Tristram Hunt. His accent, his quirky sense of style (velvet blazer?) and his hotness just made him so hot. Anyway, I did a search for him online to see if I could find a picture to bring back tasty memories of England, and I came across some interesting things. #1. #2, apparently he's totally hating/dissing Bush using history. Is this possible? I guess so. I'll be honest though, I didn't read the article. I hate history. I hated it even when he was teaching it to me. I think he only gave me good grades because I'm American and stared at him dreamily all through class. If you didn't push that link in dreamily, you're missing out big time. Push it!

I have added yet another link to a friend's boyfriend. Although, if he complains I'll take it down. Enjoy!

Have a nice president's day! I hope you have it off. Wish me luck in not injuring myself.

No really...

This kind of stuff only happens to me. You know how on TV shows something awful happens right before the big game: like on One Tree Hill all of the sudden the basketball star has a heart condition, or right before the big cheerleading match the girl twists her ankle and our heroine who usually sits the bench gets to go in etc. And you think, well what a convenient TV moment.

Well, I had a convenient TV moment yesterday except I'm not on TV and my moment really does suck. I opened a car door into my face. It only hit my nose, but it hit it hard. I have a deep gash (that sort of looks like a cat scratch) but now, when I woke up its kind of bruisy as well. So it is REALLY ugly. Now, you're thinking, ok, so you hit your face, still not a TV moment because there's nothing big you're up to. Not true. On Wednesday and Thursday the chairman and owner (two guys) of the corporation are coming to visit. This corporation owns our company and they ultimately can tell us what to do. My nose may be no big deal if:

  1. If the president of my company does not trot me in front of the chairman and owner. I may be not important, or they may want to be like, this is going to be our new underwriter.
  2. If i can figure out a way to cover it up (I don't really think this is an option). Its basically an open wound and a reddish purpley bruise.

Not only did I have this to deal with (a little embarrassing and ugly but my goodness it was painful), but then I bash my elbow on a light switch. Which also hurt like a bitch. So I look like I was battered by a boyfriend I don't have.

Ugh. Well, I guess that's it for now.

P.S. It's about 10:30, I just used my Mr. Clean Magic Reach and I have to say, it made cleaning the shower shorter and much, much easier. If you hate cleaning the bathroom, I recommend it.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

The adventures

A few suggestions:

  • At a concert where there are not assigned seats, there should be a section for short people. Here's what I imagine: just like the handicapped section (or maybe we should be part of that section, the height impaired) there should be an easy view section of the theater where you have to be measured to get in. This includes your shoes. So lets say you're 5'3" and you wear heels that make you taller - unless you take those shoes off, you're out of luck. That would be the height restriction 5'3". Or maybe, people who can see how short you are should just be nice and move a little (that's for you tall leather man at the Keane concert). Other than it sucking to be short and not be able to see, the concert was throughly enjoyable. Big babyhead + tight red pants = joy!
  • If you come to visit me downtown please DO NOT leave the light on in your car so that the battery dies. There were many interesting moments last night when my friends and I had to jump start the car. Lets list a few: my paranoia leading to yelling, going the wrong way on a one way street so the batteries are close, putting the cables on more than once with no action because there were plastic caps on the battery, making Al stand at the end of the street diverting traffic (many ANGRY, ANGRY drivers)'s never boring with those girls.
  • Don't come to my apartment until Monday, maybe Tuesday. I'm going to clean, I really am. As I've been taking a good look around, it's really nasty here. I'm surprised the cat hasn't coughed up a lint/dust ball. I am going to wet jet, vacuum, scrub (i'm going to go to the store and get that mr. clean extendable scrubber. i'll let you know if it lives up to the wet jet. I think no cleaning product has although the clorox toilet brush, the clorox bleach wipes and the swiffer duster get close).
  • To Justin Timberlake: If you don't get your ass in gear and either: get one of those movies you've been making released, make a new album or tour you are going to lose some of that glow that you've become used to. People are going to forget about you and then make fun of you.

Ok, that's all for today.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Watch out...

I'm tired. Really, bone tired. The phone on my nightstand (keep it there because i'm paranoid/in case of emergency) was dying. So it woke me up beeping in the middle of the night. Could not, i mean just could not fall back asleep. At one point (around 3:30) I almost went downstairs to watch TV. But I stuck it out. I think at last check it was 5 and then I must have fallen asleep. I went to bed late anyway because I had a rowdy cat (only a few mentions in this blog and they all follow). I've decided to name her Mona. Not sure why...but I think it fits. I think she is a dog in a cat's body. She chases things you throw for her and her tail. Last night she slept in my bed, it was quiet and nice.

On to many other things:

First, I'd like to direct your attention to a new blog on the sidebar. My friend Alex (yay for using a real name) is starting her very own blog. Good luck in Vermont, I can't wait to read all about it!

Second, to my family and friends: I got pestered and even a little harrassed last night for being single. Now, I do feel it was not meant in a mean way. But I want to send a little message to everyone about my love life: I love it. I choose it. Some of my family members seem to think I am a victim of a broken heart in high school and have therefore never moved on. I don't know if this is a convenient way of catergorizing my singleness, but let me assure everyone that I'm not running with a broken heart. I'm not scared of falling in love "again" if i was even in love in high school which i doubt. Its not like I'm turning down dates because I'm afraid. I don't have any dates because I don't know anyone single. Honestly, maybe if I was denying all these guys all over the place, then you could worry. But the last time I was asked on a date was high school (apparently I peaked). And just a note for you guys, I really feel no pressure and no burning desire to be in a relationship right now, which is why I haven't sought it out. One day, I will want to be a pair, and if I don't know anyone eligible I'll online date or speed date or join a bowling league for single people (ok, I won't do that last one...but there are other options). So just leave me be. Don't worry about me, I'm happy. Even if you can't imagine being alone, I can, I do and I love it.

And now, with that, I'll leave you. Check out Al's website, and I'll talk to you sometime soon again...maybe tomorrow with all my "big babyhead" Keane lust. Yay for a concert!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day...

So first, let me say Happy Valentine's Day! I'll make a little promise to you all that I will eat lots of chocolate today and appreciate myself since I have no "lover" to appreciate. Also, one more thing, I really don't want to be one of those people that only blogs about their cats, but I do want to update those interested. So if not interested, you can quit now!

Turns out the little sneak had been using the litterbox all along. She's just good at the whole "burying" the evidence thing. I guess I'm so used to seeing the mess in Allie's box that I thought she was not using it. She is!

And yesterday about 20 minutes after I wrote the blog below she came out from under the couch and wouldn't leave me alone until I went to bed. She actually got on the couch next to me too. She's a funny little cat, I think we'll be good for each other. She has a hard time sitting still when she wants to be petted, and she actually rolled herself off the couch yesterday. It was really pretty funny.

She's still a little afraid of me if I move too quickly, make a lot of noise or walk around for a long time. She also seems to be deathly afraid of upstairs. When I first got in bed she yelled downstairs for a bit, and finally I coaxed her up the stairs where she checked everything out and ran back down. I think it helped her stay quiet because there was no yowling last night!

We're on a good schedule now since she's asleep under the couch all day...that is good because I'm at work all she can sleep through the lonely time!

I'm feeling much better and I think she is too! Now the only thing to worry about is how things will change once there's another cat involved.

Busy week this week! Dinner Tuesday with the sis...then dinner Friday and Saturday to say goodbye to the friend moving to Vermont! Hope you are well and doing something wonderful for Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 13, 2005


I tend to worry. I worry about everything (see the blog about skin cancer). I'm having issues staying calm and not worrying while my new cat acclimates to my apartment. Here's how its gone so far:

-When we first got here, she hid in the corner behind the garbage can for a few hours. This corner is near my back door. It must have been cold back there, so for the next few hours she hid in the corner next to a radiator. She was basically on the pipe, so it was my worry then that she would burn herself.

-Finally she came out of the corner and slunk around meowing and moaning. A few times I thought she was going to get on the couch next to me. She wandered, she hid, she rolled around on the shag was nice. I thought she was doing better and I stopped worrying.

Its now been 24 hours. She yowled off and on for most of the night. Which was hard on my sleep patterns. She hasn't eaten or used the litterbox. I almost wish she had an accident somewhere so that I know she's not making herself sick by holding it. No such luck so far unless she peed under the couch and then what? How in hell do I clean that up? Anyway, for the past 6 or so hours she's been hiding under the couch.

I've been feeling mild panic over the litterbox issue so I went and bought another litterbox and put it in a different location. But in order for this idea to work she has to come out from under the couch. And it really is no surprise she's sleeping all day since she was up most of the night.

In order to make her feel more comfortable I am sitting here in silence. Which is really, really hard. You should try it sometime. I'm going to do some homework I hope and a bunch of reading.

I did some research and i guess it can take weeks for a cat to feel comfortable in a new place. I guess her wandering around and rubbing up against my legs/arms last night was a good step (i've been looking at some websites). Just wanted to share my sickness. Here's hoping she pees soon...(the one success I had last night was showing her where the water was).

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Hot and and cold..

Much of my excitement of the past few days has been dampened by other happenings. Something wonderful happens, and then something different takes the sheen off of the wonderful.
  • Garnet Hill: my favorite sheet/home goods catalog. Ordered nearly $500 worth of merchandise on Sunday and it already came! GREAT!!! Then: the sheets are in the Mom's washer and it breaks. Now they are soapy/soggy in the sink. Plus I try to put up the curtain rod to hold my new curtain and first the screw won't go in any farther and won't come out, so strong woman that I am, i BREAK the screw completely off. Yes, there is a piece of screw in my wall now. So I try again. I decide I'll drill a deeper hole. Then the drill bit BREAKS off in the wall. So now there are two holes with pieces of metal stuck in them. Wonderful. Nothing bad has happened with the rug I ordered yet! I shouldn't have jinxed it...
  • I started to prepare for the cats! I made/filled their water bowl/fountain. Its pretty nifty. As well as their feeder (which rotates itself to keep the food from clumping). Turns out I only get one cat this weekend. Booo. But good news: I get the other one, the one that they can't catch to declaw/spay for FREE! Wooo-hoo!
  • I have been enjoying the tasty deliciousness of Reese's Valentine mini-cups for the past few days. I've probably eaten 50-100. That sounds like an exaggeration, but its not. Diet? DEAD. BURIED. Next week, I may be going out to dinner a total of 4 times. Do you know what that does to a diet? MURDERS IT!
  • I am finally, finally starting to feel like I'm getting somewhere with the loads of work that piled up in the last week or two. The bad thing is that: once my desk looks clean other people seem to think i need more to do. Also, if they don't load me with their work, then I will have nothing to do. And no day is longer than a day full of nothing.
  • I've been oddly cheerful and happy about the fact that I haven't been dreading going to work. And yet, at the same time I am definitely getting sick. Throat pain that may be turning into a cough. Which is surprising because I rarely get coughs.

That's that.

Can I mention a few weird things:

  1. Saw a lady in a turtleneck. Not wearing one, in one. She looked like one of those dogs in the collars. It went up over the back of her head, and was possibly covering her mouth. She was looking at me out of the turtleneck. And I finally got it. Turtleneck. She looked like a turtle.
  2. Ash Wednesday is the day of "look at me, I have religion." In Champaign I used to be shocked by how many their were. Here I was a little surprised by how few. Either way, it doesn't seem holy to me (although nothing does) but more like a big blazing symbol of catholicism.

Hope you are well and not getting ill like me. Good thing I have Monday off. Hopefully I won't get too much worse...

Monday, February 07, 2005

Dedicated to my sissa...

My sister wanted me to do this thing...I'm not sure my love of music is big enough to really fill this up, but lets see.

1. Song that sounds like happy feels:
Have to go with Tripping Billies. I don't know why, that's the first song that came to mind. That and Window by Guster.

2. Earliest memory: This must be earliest memory of music? No? I have possibly the worst memory in history, but I do remember singing Ob-la-di with my sister and cousin really loudly and emphasizing certain words: Ob-la-di, ob-la-da life goes on, BRA. We thought it was funny to sing bra really loud, like it was a bad word.

3. Last CD you bought: Real CD? Can't remember. On I-Tunes I just bought OC:The Music, and guess what, i'm not ashamed and I quite like it.

4. Reminds you of school:

Elementary School: I loved the New Kids on the Block. Who didn't? Jordan was my particular love. Have you ever listened to the music now? It's really, really bad. And Jordan is not only ugly now, but was actually quite ugly back then. What was I thinking??

High School: I'll go by year:
Freshman year: That weird song, I think it was by the Verve Pipe or something...called Freshman. Used to think it was so neat that I was a freshman at the same time.
Sophomore year: Anything off of Before these Crowded Streets. I think it must have come out that year
Junior year: This may be the year I found N*Sync. Other than that I can't think of any songs that may be this year.
Senior year: Lets see...I found Guster senior year, as well as a continuation of Justin/N*Sync love.

College: I could go year by year again.
Freshman year: that damn Who let the Dogs out was yelled from every building every other second.
Sophomore year: I was in the probably a LOT of pop music. I guess Dave Matthews probably goes through every year since I've been to 20 or so concerts.
Junior year: In England I listened to Jimmy Fallons CD and some Justin Timberlake. I bought the CD while I was there and when I put in on I-tunes, it came up as the UK edition. I wonder if its different all the time...i've even considered buying another one just to see. But I thought that would make me totally obsessed with the Timberlake and I don't want to be scary.
Senior year: Milkshake! Tipsy...thats the song our senior year "stripper" danced to. It is quite tainted. I advise those of you out there who like boys to not see male strippers. It was creeeepy.

5. Total music files on your PC: Let me look. My sister said 70 something GB. I have 1.26 GB. Thats why I shouldn't be doing this. I like music, but I'm not obsessed.

6. Song for listening to repeatedly when depressed: There's two. From the Love & Basketball CD, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, "Fool of Me." Great movie, great song. And then Maxwell's "This Woman's Work." Not his song, but his version is tear jerking.

7. Song that sounds British, but isn't: This is too complicated for a simple girl like me.

8. Song you love, band you hate: I don't have an answer for this one either. I listen to my CD's and my IPOD so I rarely hear new music TO hate.

9. A favorite song from the past that took ages to track down: Junior year, when I was on prom-planning committee, we decided on the theme, "I will remember you" by Sarah McLachlan. Good luck finding that song. Go ahead, try. Isn't it horrible that I-Tunes has made is SOooooo easy now. GGGRRRRR.

10. Bought the album for one good song: I don't do this. I buy music infrequently. The sister commonly just gives it to me.

11. Worst Song to Get Stuck in your Head: Lets go with Milkshake. Or wait, Istanbul, Constantinople. That's a bad one.

12. Best song to dump a beer on someone's head to, then storm out of the bar? Something angry maybe? I'm not sure, I don't like bars much anymore so I wouldn't probably be there in the first place and definitely not with someone who would piss me off so much.

13. Who should do this next? I don't know. Anyone with a blog? If you read my blog and do this, go ahead and post a comment so we can read it.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Wee, oooh, wee oh wwweeee...

Some of you may think I've finally taken the dive into crazy pool with that title, but no, that is the sound in my head from Garden State when Braff boy does his "unique thing." Imagine finger wiggling...

I'm going back to good old G-town for the weekend, so thought I would post some updates/weird things before I go. Won't see you again til Sunday, so I might as well.

First, the cats. Apparently the one hates humans so much they couldn't catch it to get it declawed/spayed (see below, the back one). It's really scared of us, but not in a bite/scratch way, more in a run for your life way. So, the other is good to go next weekend. The question remains...will they catch the scaredy-cat (chuckle, chuckle) monday? Will i be able to take them both home next weekend? And is the human hater going to hate me forever?

At work, something new and unexpected has surfaced. They call it "team-building." I call it "an excuse for all the crazy lushes to get drunk and pretend to be building teams." Its going to be a bowling party. Yes, you heard correct, I have to go bowling. I do not like bowling. But I will bowl to team build.

Kings cake = the most delicious cake I've had in my life. I heart mardi gras.

Off now. Will hopefully have a good weekend buying cat stuff and playing board games.
My soon-to-be's....They both look a little evil, and I think its the squinty eyes thing. Just a reaction to the camera people...they're not evil. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I could be...

Watching Garden State. Its crazy how attracted I am to Zach Braff in this movie. I want him to be my boyfriend. Besides that this movie is just great in a thousand ways. Way #1 is the fact that the people actually talk to each other like I would talk to people. That's amazing.

The dentist made my teeth hurt. I couldn't get an appointment to fix my cavities until March, so now I guess no candy until march.

Way #2 is the music, the way the music works with the story.

If any of you remember my Luca entry, the dreams about Luca are like every night now. Its crazy, and totally weird. Last night was particularly weird and good. Its not that I'm not enjoying the dreams, its just creepy. Why is my mind stuck on some guy from high school that I never talked to? Do any of you out there believe in dream analysis? What is this trying to tell me? I'm hoping tonight will be about Braff boy.

Way #3 is the real craziness of the people and families...

The dental assistant, the first time she looks in my mouth immediately asks me why they didn't "clip it." Ok, for those of you out there who don't know, I'm tongue tied. Apparently this flaw should have been fixed when I was a little kid. Then the assistant proceeds to tell me that it is really strained, that i put a lot of strain on the little "connector" from my tongue to the bottom of my mouth. Right. So now all my insecurities about it flash before my eyes: can i kiss like normal people with a stunted tongue? do i talk funny? what if i did get it clipped, would i have to learn to talk again? I'm a freak.

Way #4...raw emotion.

So let go, let go... jump in.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I am fairly agile...

I was going to talk about the joy of cable splitting or all the crazy things I saw today, but I can't get over my bitterness, so I'm going to talk about that.

Lately at work, a lot of people have been asking me to help them with things. In some ways this is kind of a good thing. For example: when the Vice President needs computer help and I come through in a big way, I look pretty good. But, recently its been a little out of hand. One of the other technical assistants has been sick the past few days. At the end of the month everyone goes a little nuts because all of the policies have to be entered. There are 5 underwriters. There were 2 technical assistants. It got ugly. I was a little bitter because I entered far more than half of them. Then as I'm being panicked at by the office manager (basically she bustles around demanding to know how many policies are left and being seriously rude in the way she asks it) she asks me to help her with one of her reports. Ok. Her only jobs: order office supplies, keep track of sick/vacation days, schedule phones if the receptionist is sick and print/organize reports once a month. And she asks me to help. While she's hinting that I'm moving too slow on other things. Its pretty horrible. Ever since one of the other assistants was fired she's supposed to be taking over. So there would be 4 assistants for 5 underwriters. Only every day, EVERY DAY she asks each of us (the three tech assistants) to do part of her work. Which effectively rids her of all the technical assistant work. It makes my blood boil.

The fact that my computer skills and intelligence are working against me just sucks. I'm starting to get bitter.

Now is the time to cheer myself up. Reasons I should be cheerful:
  1. Getting cats in a week and a half.
  2. Keane concert in two weeks
  3. Board game night this weekend
  4. Goodbye festivities for friend (although not cheerful about her going)
  5. Eating frozen pizza and still being on the diet.
  6. Watched Scrubs and One Tree Hill tonight, I love you cable splitter.
  7. Half day tomorrow. Even with the dentist.

I hope you managed to make it through this bitter blog. Next time I'll be happy. I hope.

I am fairly agile...I recover quickly. --Dashboard