Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Things I know now that I didn't two months ago:

  1. Built in microwaves are not meant for short people.  It really looks nice and saves space, but I can't see the food as it cooks.  The kitchen is going to become an obstacle course of step-stools at some point.  
  2. There might be something to this whole robe thing.  I think I need a waffle robe or something similar for my mornings.  All the windows have no blinds and most of my morning routine involves states of partial undress.  
  3. Sometimes we live under a flight path.  Either that or sometimes the flights all sound like they're about to crash out of the sky.  It only happens occasionally that they're super loud and I think it may have a correlation with inclement weather - but man, 20 planes sounded like they were going to fall out of the sky tonight (loml once described it as sounding like the Lost airplane).
  4. Sleeping with a boy for a month can suddenly make it hard to not sleep with a boy and that offends me.
The bathroom downstairs look amazing.  And the basement is getting close.  Loml wandered around down there a bit last night and besides his being certain the house is going to fall down around us, we're both looking forward to having it as actual living space.  Two weeks from today?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The bathroom tile looks amazing.  I'm annoyed with the construction but also excited.  I think the tension of that is exhausting me.  Work has been kind of exhausting as well.  I'm just tired.  That is all.

From the doorway.  You can see the pipes for the double sinks/vanity on the left.  I bought the vanity today, online.  Fingers crossed it actually looks like the picture.  On top of that black edging, the wall will be painted green.  Romaine to be specific.

Thought I should get a close up.  The tile for this bathroom was expensive.  Glass on the walls, marble on the floors.  There is no grout just yet...

Journal swap round 4: librarian

I like to think that she was feeling wild, free ranging like a zebra.  

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Journal swap round 4: me.

I made this quite a while ago and I believe this was during some crazy times with the house purchasing process.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Bits and pieces today.
Currently I have three space heaters running; this place will be a bearable temperature tomorrow.  I will continue to run up the electricity bill until it happens.
I have a few journal swap posts in the works, rounds 4 and 5.  Or round 4 and half of 5.  The posts are about to become even farther apart as my swapping companion is about to move states.  So we're going to embark on a mission to save the post office with our journal swap mailings.  We have welllll over half of each journal left.  It may be years at this point.
Last night I was at a friend's house and came home later than usual.  I came home to Boku staring at me out the front door.  Apparently she's taken on the role of guard-cat.
And one last crazy cat-lady picture to share.  This makes me happy.  We all love the house (though will be happier when the construction is over).

Sunday, October 03, 2010

I haven't been feeling all that well lately.  Just tired and headachey, chesty and dribbly.  It's been a while, and at first I think it was allergies.  Then it was allergies compounded by my terrible handling of move stress.  Then it was that compounded by a different schedule because there's a boy in my bed every night.  Next, mix in the smell of paint and stain that has been heavy in the house for the past week.  So now, it is allergies?  Am I sick?  Or is my body just angry at me?  Apologies for the blank blog and stares, for the missing me for the past two weeks.  The contractor keeps promising two weeks.  So let's say that by Halloween, I should be 100%.  If not before.

Living with another person, after 6 years of solitary....it's been hilarious and fun and maddening and exhausting.  Loml and I are having a good time.  I do worry that he's bored a lot, a lot of his stuff was left in the basement at his house.  But I'm trying not to hover or worry or nag like a 60 year old wife.

Gotta go scrape some windowpanes and clean a square of grout on the floor in the bathroom...