Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I did not accept the counteroffer. I am, therefore, leaving my current place of employment for what I hope will be greener pastures. The hardest part of it all was getting past my loyalty for my company and the project. I don't want to leave behind a mess or unfinished business and unfortunately it feels like that is inevitable.

I'm relieved to be leaving. But I'm scared to be starting something new.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I fell into a deep chasm in the last week - the chasm called "trying to decide if I should leave my job". Over the past month I have been going through the interview/job process with two companies. They are very different places of employment who essentially offer the same services. One is a small start-uppy company that is doing really well and one is a massive corporation that is doing really well. Both were looking to hire me as a non-travelling SharePoint consultant. Meaning I would go to clients in the Chicagoland area and develop on the SharePoints for them.

So now I have two job offers. I've turned the smaller company down. Their benefits weren't that great and loml and I are talking about trying to start a family at some point in the nearish future (near being relative). And I was about to accept big company's offer today - when my organization pretty shockingly decided to counteroffer. 

All this is just to say, I haven't fallen off of the plan to write a blog post twice a week. I'm still committed to keeping this up, as soon as my life is in order again. I hope that means that regular posting will resume next week.

In the meantime, I'll be deciding where I want to spend my future employment.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

house home

loml and I are deep in spring cleaning/rearranging mode. I think the influx of wedding gifts brought out the rearranging beast. Currently in the works: new sofa. I am picky about a couch being comfortable. Right now we're leaning heavily toward a sectional. This one to be exact (though likely not in that color. What color? no idea):
crate & barrel, petrie
But here's two honorable mention sofas that I personally loved sitting on:

design within reach, raleigh

taravel, crate & barrel

What I think we've both come to realize is that our living area is large...but kind of skinny. So while we want more seating, we can't really accomplish that in a super traditional way. Most sectionals are way too large and would shrink the room I think. Like my current furniture does...it's just too oversized for the room. Noted. Now how/when will we solve that?

Other upcoming plans (some still not in stone):

  1. Creating a sewing area for myself in the basement, complete with a quilting wall (pretty excited about this). 
  2. Getting rid of one bed. Which bed? No idea. We're going back and forth between the twin and queen upstairs. I think we should just bite the bullet and get rid of the queen. Any guests could stay downstairs (on the nicer queen mattress that we'd keep). Downstairs is more private anyway and larger. But this means loml might have to make his gear room a tad more...guest friendly.
  3. Creating a "library"/record room. Probably with a desk, book shelves, record shelves and a record player. 
To be determined if we manage it all.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

I'm a day or two off on my whole tuesday/thursday thing this week. And honestly, I expect to be next week as well. But I'm still trying for twice a week! And so it's an umba day!

This month's box is...meh. I do love the little vase, and I plan to use it. But the pin and the dandelion are not useful for me. I will never wear that pin. And the yarn dandelion has already been manhandled, multiple times, by cats. I have found it on the floor a few mornings this week. And by cats I really mean one cat named Mona. But let me show you the St. Patrick's themed stuff.

Vase + dandelion:

Yeah, there's cat hair stuck all over that dandelion. It was loved. Vase from Material Good. Yarn dandelion from Love and Marshmallows.


Pin from neogranny. To be fair, this pin isn't for me, but some of the other stuff she makes is rad. So it was fun to look around (not sure i need earrings in the shape of glasses or scissors...but if i ever did, these would top my list!).

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I was too busy playing Sim City yesterday to blog. I'm not busy today because they have some very bad server issues happening and so I can't play. I can sit around and watch the game not let me connect or I can blog.

Here's a SharePoint thing that is frustrating me today:

I very much want to pass arguments from a page to a modal application page. I can easily do this with the SP.UI.ModalDialog args option. However, I can only access those args with javascript and I would really rather have them in my server side code. Not possible.

Another frustrating thing is that I'm not sleeping very well and so I'm super exhausted. A final frustrating thing is that I bought cookies at costco and ate insane amounts of them.