Tuesday, July 31, 2007

HP Spoiler Alert...

Don't read this if you haven't finished 7. For real.

The truth is, I wanted to call this post RIP Harry Potter. But then I thought I would get a lot of hell for spoiling the book for people even though that isn't the truth of it. You know, people would think I was spoiling it even though I wasn't. This second read of the book I felt a little grief that the series is over. It's funny, but I became so attached to these characters...and even loving the last book didn't make the end any easier. So RIP Harry Potter, I truly will miss new stories...

I'm not sure where to start on book 7. So first, I thought I'd recap my "predictions":
  • I was right about Harry as horcrux.
  • I was slightly wrong about why Snape stares piercingly at Harry (probably just staring piercingly at Lily's eyes, right?)
  • Dumbledore's triumphant look? Totally explained.
  • All my deaths - I got 3 right (Snape, Voldy, Mad-Eye). I still think Neville should have died. That's terrible, I know, but I guess I yearn for a tragic hero?
  • As for my wavering on Harry's death...clearly I was right both ways. Everyone was right really.
The only other things I really feel like I want to mention have come out of larger discussions.

I was discussing with friend Alex how most of the characters aren't all good or all bad. Friend Alex said she just didn't see why there couldn't be more "all bad" people. And why Snape had to be good. But I think this is also part of a larger issue that we discuss a lot - black, white and gray. I believe strongly in gray. And then this sentence jumped out at me tonight: "He and Voldemort and Snape, the abandoned boys, had all found a home there" (Harry being HE, Hogwarts being THERE) and bam, it seemed obvious. Harry - all good, Snape - clearly stuck in the middle and Voldy - all bad. It's like a little spectrum of good to evil. What a lesson for the kiddies right? And I must say...in this second reading, I started to love Snape a little. Like...I wanted to just hug him and take away his unrequited love pain...

The epilogue. There is muttering. Too happy, too "all wrapped up", blah blah. I'm not sure what is wrong with a happy epilogue? After reading 6.9992 books that mostly ended badly, why can't the one end well? My sis and I discuss how people often have this weird requirement that good literature end unhappily. Why are we all so ready to believe in misery over mirth?

I also find the whole power thing interesting - that Dumbledore was turning down Minister of Magic because he didn't trust himself and not because he really didn't want the job. I particularly like this idea: "perhaps those who are best suited to power are those who have never sought it."

I have a little bone to pick with the whole series...and this is sort of a weird side note. But it seems to me that the two really "Mom" characters throughout the series (really only Mrs. Weasley and Petunia) are both housewives. And while I see nothing wrong with this at all...I always, always question it in the Weasley's case. They were poor, in every book there is a reference to their monetary situation - so why wasn't Molly helping out? Especially after Ginny went to school? It seems like a subtle criticism of working mothers?

I guess that is all. I don't really feel like talking about the deaths, or the crying, or the whole ride. I do think the book was a little rocky/patchy with some rough spots. But I still loved it. And I'll probably still re-read these books (and cry every single time) over and over again...

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Aura of impenetrability...

And here, my dearests, is the final bachelorette party observation post. This post is particularly relevant as I felt all of this at the actual wedding as well.

At the bachelorette party, it became obvious that certain people were getting hit on constantly. Obviously the loud, drunken, sort of slutty girls were the first target. But then two of the bridesmaids were also getting hit on...and it was hard for me to figure out why these girls. And I guess the continuation of that is...why not me?

There's a lot of hypocrisy in that statement...because I don't want to be hit on by men in bars, I don't. But at the same time, I do. Because who doesn't want to be found attractive?

And I think there is something about me that screams - "Don't even try it" and I think I have to try to ease up on that somehow.

I think that I am afraid of being second best too...and I'm afraid of always being the friend. I think a lot of my feelings about boys revolve around fear and I have got to get away from that somehow. I'm going to try that whole online dating thing again just as soon as I'm done with school (um...in about a year...yes, I know that's a long time) and maybe I can somehow grow some trust in the meantime...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I remember the look in your eyes...

This, my friends, is going to be a marathon post. Not like some others you may have seen here. Longer! With more pictures! And lots of fun will be had by all. This is the recap of the last week. This has possibly been one of the most fun weeks of my life. Other bridesmaid L said it right when she said that each day/event was more fun than the last (I believe she said funner. We were tired. Cut her some slack). Culminating in the best wedding ever. Most fun...ever. For real.

I'm still sitting here with crunchy bridesmaid hair and fearing that the Taco Bell I ate earlier maybe wasn't a good idea....maybe.

I advise you to sit back, grab a drink and dig your ass into your chair....
First off, the bachelorette shindig. I've already talked a bit about it (dinner at Ba-Ba-Reeba, then Lions Head, then the Apartment), but I feel like I should share pictures. Especially since one of these pictures is the only picture I have of all the bridesmaids. And I don't have any of all the groomsmen.

Here are all the bridesmaids (and the bride obviously). From left to right, although no real names given unless they have referred to themselves that way on this site: K, C, L, Alex, Me, Katy

And here is the little group of girls I feel like I've known forever (again, L to R, Katy, Alex, L and myself). We're a happy bunch, yes?

So, there's that. Bacherlorette: Check!

Personal shower...I have no pictures of this at all. It turned out brilliantly, and I would not hesitate to suggest the South Water Kitchen "family room" (I think they call it the River Room). It seats about 30 and can be "reserved" and used for free. For free! You know...except for the cost of the food. It was a laid back day of lots of lingerie oogling.

Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner...the Rehearsal was a bit of a challenge (they can get thoroughly boring, especially when you're on time and it feels like everyone else is lost)...however, we didn't pay much attention and had a lot of fun doing a bunch of nothing. Same at the rehearsal dinner. We were all well on our way to comfortable together and thus, we started ribbing each other mercilessly.

I can't really talk about the rehearsal dinner without talking about the wedding, because they followed much the same pattern. So here's a picture of some of the girls at drinks after the rehearsal dinner.

I think a sort of natural grouping occurred and I ended up spending most of my time with a few of the people throughout the end of the week. Here is my tribute to them:

Al with her GIANT beer. It was giant. This picture was taken at the same bar as above. Note to subject: if you read this and hate your picture representation, let me know.

This is L. And this is her fake smile face. We were talking about the unnatural amount of pictures that bride Katy likes to take and how we were going to fake smile in those pictures. I heart this picture.
Taken again at drinks after rehearsal dinner. Note to subject: if you read this and hate your picture representation, let me know.

And here are our groomsmen (ok, not mine...here are L and Al's groomsmen, respectively D and S) who spent the night with us generally cracking us up. The night of the wedding (where this pic was taken) we spent hours and hours with these two. Note to subjects: if you read this and hate your picture representation, let me know.

And finally, I thought you all might want to see the best man ("my" groomsman). This is about the only picture I have of him (which I don't think I took). I had a lot of people commenting to me about how hot he is... can you see it?
Note to subject: if you read this and hate your picture representation, let me know.

All in all, I have patchy pictures. I have a few pictures of before the wedding, NONE during, and a few from between the reception and the after party. For a day that was 19 hours long (yes...not a lie) I have pitifully few pictures. I will hopefully be buying pictures from the photographers eventually.

Katy was a beautiful bride (and I somehow have no pictures of it. I'm clearly getting used to this having a camera thing). The ceremony went swimmingly. It was touching and very much like the couple. There were some laughs, some tears and overall it was lovely. The reception started with my being a horrible nervous wreck. I got to give my toast first, and while I rushed, my general idea came across and I got a few "nice jobs" afterwards, so hey...it's over. After that I was finally able to relax and just enjoy the party. And it was a great party. Tons of dancing, drinking, and general merriment.

After the reception (at which point I was completely drunk), we went back to the hotel where we had a conference room booked and continued the party. This continued til about 4:15am. Then me and 3 others (Al, L and S from above) continued to chat and laugh until 5. Yeah. 5am. We finally went back to the room. In total, I think I got about 2 hours of sleep. I'm exhausted but happy - it was SO much fun. No one wanted it to end (including the bride, who told us all she had a mini tantrum in her room with the groom and wouldn't take off her dress because then it would be over...)

A delightful wedding. Now how can the rest of us ever hope to live up to that?

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Hi all...I still have two posts from the bachelorette party planned, but I feel a time crunch coming on as the wedding is tomorrow (holy shit!) and I have some things to get done still. I think I'll cram one of the posts here today and then put the other one off for a while. Hopefully it'll still be as good way after the fact...

When you're friends with a bunch of girls that have known each other forever (or...10ish years), there is a certain amount of cattiness that is just a part of that relationship. I honestly think that this is the only way that the friendships can survive...it's like they are a member of your family, and you don't feel weird bitching about your family...so sometimes you just need to bitch about your friends. I hope none of those friends are shocked - it's not like we all don't do it. We do. That doesn't mean we love each other any less...in fact, I think it sort of shows that we love each other enough to be comfortable to bitch. But...what I wonder is....what are the topics that my friends bitch about when they talk about me? I feel like I'm a fairly aware person. And I have a good idea of what a few of those things are....but this is just me imagining it. How can I really know? It's sort of intriguing to me to wonder about this stuff....

I know I'm not perfect. I know my friends and family know I'm not perfect. And I respect their right to bitch about it....but wouldn't it be fun to be clued in? No? Maybe there's a little bit of masochism there....

Monday, July 23, 2007

Bachelorette party observed...

So, I'm first going to explain what we did. Then I'm going to tell you what I observed....

First, we ate at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba. It was a lovely meal in which we downed quite a few pitchers of Sangria. Lots of food was consumed as well (I do believe I ate at least 3/4 of a plate of Garlic Potato Salad. That stuff is SO good). I think we all got along charmingly and towards the end we were creating quite a lot of noise (our speech volume escalated in direct proportion to the volume of Sangria we consumed). We moved on to Lion Head. We drank a lot. We went upstairs to the Apartment to dance. And drank (some of us). That's the story.

Two things in this post, then more in the next few days/week (depending on the amount of time I have). Most don't really have to do with the actual party, more with things I noticed while attending said party.

First, I have this uncanny ability to say the wrong thing even when sober. I think I've gotten better at this recently...but sometimes I'm following my own train of thought, and I say something to others that makes complete sense to me, but somehow turns out to sound really blunt or totally mean. But I generally didn't mean it that way at all and if I could have phrased it better or started out with some explanation of what is about to come out of my mouth, things would definitely turn out better for me. I think this issue increases when drunk. I'm not happy about it and I think I should not allow myself to speak without thinking/explicating when drunk...

Second, I think I could make money off of personalized buttons if I gear them toward this kind of thing. Basically I made name buttons for everyone in the wedding colors - those of us who didn't know each other could look at the buttons to remind us of a name. How often do you secretly wish everyone had name tags, but realize that would be hideous? This solves that need...the buttons turned out so cute that they can also be a little party favor. Maybe when I get a website up I'll think about doing something on Etsy or something. But how in hell do you market that? Bachelorette/bridal buttons in your wedding colors! Get em while they're hot! See the button here.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Long weekend...

So, I have a few blog posts planned in the next few days....

First, Harry Potter. I finished the book Saturday before the bachelorette party I was attending with about an hour and a half to spare. I actually want to read the book again. People groan, why would I want to read it again so soon? I did read a little too fast after about the halfway point and I did miss some stuff. So I'll post a long, long HP wrap-up after that. I also feel like I still shouldn't say anything about it, I mean, obviously I would put a spoiler alert up....but it'd be better if my HP post is at least a few days away....

Second (and third, maybe a fourth) some observations from the bachelorette party, spending time with friends and the personal shower. All of which I think were successful. I feel there were some minor hitches in the bachelorette party - but all in all I think everyone had fun and that it was what the bachelorette wanted.

So, look forward to that. I think I'll go be lazy..

Friday, July 20, 2007


I have never felt so hopeless (weirdly, my fingers just automatically typed hopeful - I guess I type hopeful a lot more than hopeless) than I do watching the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?".

Hydrogen cars? Cost: $1mil dollar PER CAR in 2006, uber-expensive fuel., no infrastructure for the fuel, car won't work well in the cold (um, yeah, that makes it impossible), cars aren't reliable and get really small mpg. So why the hell is the government throwing all its eggs in that basket? It seems to me that it's because that means there is still some industry that provides fuel - it would be hydrogen, but it's still fuel.

So why did all the car companies retract their electric cars? Some of you may think that an electric car is a pipe dream....but you may not realize that Honda, Toyota and GM all had completely electric cars out there in the 90's. They were all pulled off the market (literally ripped from the hands of their owners) and CRUSHED. Compacted. Destroyed. Some of them not even recycled. Why could those cars not stay on the road? I just don't get it - I don't get how a technology that was available in the 1990's hasn't been brought back and improved upon. Yes, we have hybrids...but that means we're still dependent on fuel.

300 miles on one charge , 0 -60 in something that sounded really small, these are not useless cars. I don't get it.

How is it that industry grips us to that extent? We can't even give the automobile industry more money (and the electric industry) because there are no cars to buy....

The power of our government and big industry is staggering. And terrifying.

What is better...

What is better than...
  • curly fries with cheese
  • Harry Potter book in my hands in t-minus 8 hours (still seems so long)
  • Spending a whole weekend with good friends
  • wrapping presents (yes, I love it!)
  • the blanket I'm knitting becoming so large that is warms my lap as I knit it (although it's still way too small...picture of it on my lap):
  • A cat who is so lazy she lays down to drink out of the water bowl (note Mona's correct pose at the food bowl, sitting and eating. And then there's Boku....):
  • Knowing that I finally, finally have an idea for my toast next Friday (but it still needs some thought)
Happy weekend all...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My most frequented website...

On nights like tonight, I probably spend hours here.

At first, I wasn't sure about their new radar map. But I've grown fond of it. My only issue is that after a certain amount of time, the animation "turns off" and needs a page refresh. That's bunk I tell you.

And, I'm shocked by the amount of feeling about Dan/Harry. It was very interesting to watch the horror-filled comments pour in...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Last night I had a delicious dream involving guacamole, chocolate, San Francisco, a tour bus, dancing and Justin Timberlake. Make of that what you will....I awoke this morning in a really good mood.

I got home from a profitable errand (yet costly - I now have a cat-puke free comforter) to Details Magazine with Harry Potter...er...Dan Radcliffe on it. One of the things I had discussed with good friend, Harry Potter lover, med student Janet was the fact that it is slightly pervy to be attracted to the Harry Potter boys (Ron and Harry mostly) but that I am. They are lovable. I can't help it. And our point was - at least they are legal now. However, if I dated an 18 year old that would be nuts. NUTS. Anyway, then came Details. And Dan with facial hair trying to be a model is slightly comical, but attractive, yes?:

And look at those eyes. Doesn't he look like a grown up? For your consideration, I submit an almost identical (and yet really disturbing) shot that was inside the mag:

For some reason I keep thinking he looks slightly feminine here. Even with the leather vest that shows off his man hair. Or the crazy, weedy eyebrows. He's sort of pretty, no? Anyway, I like the cover better. I just thought I would share Harry as man. Just be glad I didn't post those naked shots of him from Equus, you know, the full frontal ones that are floating out there on the web...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Two posts today kiddies....

Make sure to read both (if you care about Harry Potter).

This post is more of a request than a post. I had a dream that I wrote this exact post, so I decided I should do it.

In less than two weeks (ACK) I have to give a toast at my best friend's wedding. A maid of honor toast. Most of the toasts that I can remember from weddings were terrible (which is probably why I remember them). But, here's what I'm asking of you:
  1. If you can remember a good toast, what was it like and why was it good?
  2. And more likely, those bad toasts you remember...why were they bad?
I'm an uncomfortable public speaker...and I feel like this kind of thing can go down in history and be an embarrassment for the lifetime of your friendship (Hey Kate, remember that terrible speech you gave at my wedding? HA...remember when you spilled your champagne all down your dress? That was hilarious!) - which in this case should be long.

I know there are at least 20 of you reading this every weekday. So, I'm hoping to get a response here of about half that...even if you have to post anonymously. Help please!

HP Movie...

Spoiler alert - I'm about to ruin the movie for you, so if you haven't seen it, stop reading.

Good, good...now, let's get to it, shall we? I was disappointed about some of the omissions, but before I start listing them I do want to say that the movie they made was an entertaining film - it all worked together to make a really good movie. And while I felt disappointed in certain omissions (some of which I feel could have just as easily been in the movie) I'm OK with much larger omissions.

Let's start with the small omissions that hurt:
  • The swamp. Why oh why could they have not made Fred and George leave a swamp behind? Who cares about the fireworks (especially since they didn't have one that spelled POO)?
  • Prefects. No Hermione/Ron as prefects - therefore that piece of Harry's anger is totally missing.
  • Harry's anger. Yes, he does display SOME teenage anger. BUT, in the book he is angry with Hermione and Ron for a LONG time. And even after he's "over it" he's still a pissy bugger and goes off on Hermione and Ron/snaps at them frequently.
  • Maybe not an "omission" but the change in Sirius' death and the way it was done made it much less sad. I really am not loving the way it was treated.
  • Again, not an omission...but having Cho be to blame for the downfall of the DA really ended her relationship with Harry abruptly. It was never really acknowledged...ick.
  • And ENTIRELY not an omission, but Mr. Weasley, Fred and George's hair? BAD.
Larger omissions that didn't really bother me that much:
  • Quidditch. (Although Ron as goalie could have been loads of fun. But I love Ron, so more Ron time would have been delightful).
  • All of the extra time in his house at the beginning as well as extensive Order of the Phoenix time(although it seems like it is sort of important to know that Aunt Petunia knows a bit about magic and is in touch with Dumbledore)
  • All of the extra detail/rooms in the Department of Mysteries. It just made for a better action sequence without all of them splitting up (although I do think more of the kids should have been harmed, they all came away with only scrapes and bruises). I wish the fountain would have been involved but loved the detail in Dumbledore v. Voldemort.
All in all, not true to the book all that much. The major plot is the same - but the details in some places are entirely different. And I'm OK with that. Because film and literature are two very different mediums....

But have any of you stopped to wonder how they are going to make the next movie? How awful that last bit will be? What a downer that movie will be?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

To think to dream...

I think one of my problems (and one of my assets) is my active imagination. This is probably why I like to read so much, because I become immersed in my imaginary book world. And I have the unfortunate habit of crafting fairly elaborate daydreams. I don't daydream much at work or when watching TV or doing stuff around the house. But I do daydream right when I wake up (and usually on the walk to work) and right before I go to bed. I often wonder...if I wasn't so involved in my books/daydreams would I be more prone to real-life activity?

I don't know how many of you daydream out there, but sometimes my little storylines aren't particularly happy (you'd think I'd craft love stories or happy friend stories always). And I can't decide if that makes me masochistic. And, since I don't generally daydream about other people's tragedies or happy endings, does that mean I'm a narcissist as well? And worrying about what my own daydreams say about me...that sort of seems uber-narcissistic. And then writing about it on a blog that is solely about me...sort of smacks of sensational, insanely overwhelming narcissism...

Katie. Narcissist.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Eat words...

Whenever I say something like "posting hiatus" or "sporadic posting ahead" I always, always think of a million things to blog about the next day. Maybe I'll just stop saying that. Or maybe I'll just continue to eat my words...after all, my words...they are a'tasty....

Lately I've been super critical of myself, physically. I know I always have been to an extent (aren't we all? I think this is the part where I'm supposed to blame society) but lately I can't look in the mirror without thinking something disparaging (especially at work, I think the fluorescent lights really do not help). It became readily apparent since I started wearing jewelry. One of my mid-year resolutions was to start wearing jewelry. I like it. I admire it. Yet I don't take the time to wear it myself. I'm changing the earrings every day, thinking about changing necklaces, etc. And every time I wear dangly earrings I think - "wow, I look really stupid. Everyone is going to notice because I look weird." And no one ever notices at all (except...you know, my entire extended family). Anyway, I wonder how I can stop noticing all my many faults (oh, skin looks splotchy today. Oh, look at those bags under my eyes. Uck, look at my eyebrows and on, and on, and on....).

Two entirely unrelated things:
  1. My new favorite thing in the world are these Strawberry Newton 100 calorie packs. I don't think I even like the regular Strawberry Newtons all that much (or maybe I do - it's been a long, long time since I bought them). All I know is that those little packs are little bites of heaven.
  2. I saw a completely black squirrel today. This is weird, yes? Most squirrels around these parts are brown and gray....this one, this one was just entirely black. Black body, black big puffy tail. And he gave me the stink-eye. I thought for a minute that I was going to have squirrel all up in my face (he was on a tree, roughly level with my eye-line, within arms length).

Monday, July 09, 2007

A boring girl...

Last week was full of excitement...a friend moved to the city, the 4th, a concert, the Taste, a graduation party...chock full of activity.

This week is more leisurely. Tonight I spent a bit of time on my website (finally) and may have a "splash" page prototype for some of you to look at for an opinion in the next few days (unfortunately this will be limited to those who know me as my last name is on the splash page, so please volunteer). I also spent a long, long time learning a new way to cast-on (knitting). I'm not sure what the big deal about this way is except that it's twistier and more complicated than my usual way (usual: Long-tail cast-on. New way: Old Norwegian cast-on). So it's been a crafty day all around....

Other than that, not much exciting this week...although I will be seeing HP this weekend with a long-lost friend....and it sort of feels like the wedding stuff (wedding is on 7.27.07) is starting now....a fitting this weekend, a bachelorette/shower weekend the next and then that next week is wedding week...

Possible sporadic posting ahead...

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Watched an interview with JK here...

Apparently (to my delight) she's had the epilogue written for book 7 for years....so there is an epilogue. Tidy ending may be on its way all...

2 Notes:
  1. Nice film clip in part 2 of that interview - showing the D.A. trying out "Expecto Patronum".
  2. She said that she had to change the epilogue because she killed off two characters she thought she was going to keep alive. She also described the book as a blood bath. Erm....

Saturday, July 07, 2007

The boy who lived...

Last thoughts about HP before book 7....I know I haven't said much in a while, but I have finished all the books I own and am now waiting impatiently for 7. As I was reading Half-Blood Prince feverishly (more so than any of the others) I realized that I don't think Harry will die. I have totally reversed my opinion. However, I think, personally, it will be a totally unsatisfying book 7 if he doesn't die.

How can I say that? Well - I am attached to these characters. I want Harry and Ginny to be together, I want Ron and Hermione to kiss already. I want Neville to finally really be included in their circle of friends (and Neville + Luna? Wouldn't that be fun?). The problem I foresee with book 7 is that the end could very well leave me wanting more. If it ends with Voldy dead and Harry and Ginny/Hermione and Ron walking into the sunset I can sort of imagine myself saying...is that it? Because if they live, I might want to know about what they do post-Hogwarts, I'll want to still be involved in their lives. I guess that's possibly just a personal issue...but book endings can often leave me unsatisfied (maybe because I have read a lot of romance novels which always tidily wrap everything up and often have an epilogue...).

So, here are some other itemized thoughts and then I'm going to go start my Saturday:
  • Dumbledore still has a huge part to play, even if dead...possibly from his picture?
  • R.A.B. - sort of convinced it's Sirius' brother.
  • Draco....going to end up somehow helping Order of the Phoenix, or if not explicitly so, then will not be able to kill Harry/Ron/Hermione if those are his orders.
  • Snape. In my eyes right now, he's bad. But....I waffle on that. The fact that he wouldn't let Harry do an unforgivable curse at the end of HBP...seems like he was sort of watching out for him...
  • Who will die in the last one? A Weasley, I sort of think Charlie or unfortunately Mr. Weasley, possibly Neville.....Mad-Eye Moody.....Voldy....Snape....and various other Death Eaters....
Hope you all have/had a fun weekend, I'm off...

Friday, July 06, 2007

Driven to tears...

subtitle: Every breath you take.

If you're quick, you realize that those are Police songs. I like to think I'm clever, so read on for the reasoning behind my title and subtitle.

Police + Wrigley Field review...

I think the venue was pretty cool...and our seats...you can't really beat our seats (first row, on the field but a bit to the left of the stage. Sting was basically right in front of us...thanks Pooj for the amazing seats). And the band was pretty tight for being a bunch of old guys. Here's some random observations:
  1. They were far jammier than I expected, and personally I don't think it enhanced my experience. But maybe super-fans really like that?
  2. Sting looks great for his age, but dressed like a weird Scottish tantric guy. Tight pants made his feet look huge as well. And he clapped like a weirdo - spread all your fingers as wide as they can go on both hands and clap. Looks funny, right?
  3. Sting's bass...think he's been playing the same one since the seventies...it was battered and scratched. He must love that thing...
  4. Lot of songs that I know.....lots that I didn't. But overall, enjoyable.
Now to the title of this post...my sister and I sat together in those crazy good seats. She has notoriously bad luck when it comes to her concert neighbors. When we arrived there was a couple in some seats next to us and on the other side, emptiness. She jumped into the empty side (mistake). Two men showed up (who thought they were pretty damn cool, what with their sunglasses that they put on AFTER it got dark. Idiots). One (or both?) of them smelled bad. Not BO bad but dirty, smelly, awful bad. Possibly the worst rotting/stinky feet smell in the world. The sister had to deal with the wafts of smell throughout the show..titles make sense now?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I am...um...proud....to be an american...

Except most days when I'm not. Because right now the face we're showing to the rest of the world (since, whether you like it or not, GW is our face) is not a good one. Commutation? Sickening. But I am still hopeful that the government can take a new turn with a new prezzie (no matter how naive that may be)...so I haven't given up on you America...

Either way, the city smells like barbecue and that's fun. There are people walking around and picnicking everywhere. And somehow traffic is light. I spent the day with family members that I like and ate a ton of food that I like. And I got my owls framed. I have nothing to complain about.

Hope you had a good fourth!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Loving cats...

Dear Katie,

We hate you.

You leave us alone all day, 4 days a week and that is unacceptable. So, we voted and elected Mona as the official representative of our hatred. We hope her demonstration got through to you.

Both of us would like to state that we prefer to throw up on rugs. Never on the miles of hardwood because that would be too easy for you to clean up. So last night, we decided that Mona should deposit some colorful throw-up on your blue, previously cat throw-up stained rug. You didn't understand the message and went to work again today. So we upped the ante...this time we had Mona deposit more throw up than ever on your bed. On the predominantly white comforter. With enough liquid to seep through the duvet cover to the actual, quality comforter and leave another huge stain.

Do you get it now, owner? We want you to stay home with us.

We do still love you though,

Boku and Mona

Sigh, readers, sigh. What a bad, awful thing to come home to. Not sure how I'm going to sleep tonight - possibly the only option is a twin sized comforter on my queen bed. The worst part is, Mona has been throwing up a lot lately. If she throws up in the next two days we're going to the vet next week.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

My feelings about Apple...

iPhone smy-Phone.

I don't know if you all remember, but back in February, my computer crashed spectacularly, bringing down my mood, all of my homework and numerous hard to install programs. I blamed it on my iPod because it seemed to fit. I plugged the pooder in and the whole computer froze, hiccuped and died.

It threatened me again just now. There is clearly something wrong with my iPod. The kicker here is that it works some of the time. Sometimes I plug the iPod in, update it and sing a joyous tune because I have new music. But other times (like just a few minutes ago) iTunes freezes. I shut it down. I restart the computer. And the fucker (pardon kids) doesn't want to boot back up. This time, being the ever-intelligent computer wizard that I am, I brought her back from the brink (ok, fine, I got lucky. I hit every button on that horrible blue Intel boot screen and nothing happened. Then, I unplugged my iPod, banged more buttons and voila! I was suddenly at the boot options screen. Unplugging the iPod was the key. You asshole iPod video. Asshole).

So I'm a little grumpity. My expensive, pretty iPod is certainly unpredictable. And while I am confidant my computer is safe and healthy - I can't help but worry about plugging that sucker in. And I wanted new music for tomorrow...(although that may be a pipe dream, because now my iPod is stuck on the Do not Disconnect screen. And I dare not plug it back in. So I have to wait for the battery to die before it gets plugged back in. 8 hours from now...will it be dead?). Buble, you'll have to wait one more day til I get to know you before our upcoming, forced meeting in July....

So Apple, I have no desire for your new-fangled phone. I imagine frustration and annoyance will come hand in hand with that iPhone for quite a while...

And on this...the 600th...

Happy 600th blog post to me! That's a lot, heh?

It is advisable to look at the shirt you are wearing before you leave the house, readers. Because you will arrive at the farmer's market in your neon pink and neon green "I Heart Beer" shirt....and feel vaguely embarrassed (because some old people will give you weird/grumpy looks). Young'uns (teen through 20's) will compliment you on your shirt.

The cleaning yesterday took way longer than I had hoped, but most of the apartment is super clean. The only room that wasn't scrubbed (and still has a bit of tidying left) is the bedroom. Also, because the bedroom is still to be done, the hallway upstairs is sort of jammy full of stuff (vacuums and garbage bags)...but, if you've never been to my apartment, I'd advise you to come visit now. It will probably be this clean again...a year from now...

Went to a concert on Friday...don't really feel like discussing the concert, but my ability to repel buses may become stuff of legend. We were supposed to take a bus to dinner...that bus never came so we hopped on a different bus. Then we were supposed to take a bus from dinner to the concert. We waited...and waited....that bus never came, so we had to get a cab. Finally, we were supposed to take a bus from the concert to an L stop to get us home. Guess what? That bus actually never came. For sure...because we walked all the way to the L stop along the bus route and never saw a bus. It's troubling...this ability to repel the bus I want to be on....especially since I'm supposed to take a bus today to visit "newly-moved to Chicago" friend Katy. Yes, one of my closest friends has the same name as me....it's just lucky she spells it with a Y isn't it?

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend...and that you enjoyed the beautiful weather!