Monday, October 31, 2005

Is it or isn't it, did I or didn't I???

Happy Halloween!! Oh Halloween. I was so pleasantly surprised with my street and the Halloween spirit in Chicago. Every house on Fullerton in the block leading up to mine had Halloween lights, Jack-o-Lanterns, spider webs, ghosts. All just today! If I were a little kid I would have loved it!! Wait a minute...even as an adult I loved it!! I saw about 6 trick-or-treaters. Would have liked to see more, especially since 4 of them were older and angels. The cutest are the little kids...oh little trick-or-treaters. For someone who doesn't really like children, I truly like seeing them all dressed up for Halloween.

And in other news, I am reading Lord of the Flies for the 100 All-Time. I forgot how boring literature can be. It's going to be a struggle. Oh, and I crossed off all the books I read and was totally shocked by the letter G. Ok, out of 100 I have read 12 total. Out of 6 books that start with the letter G, I've read 4 of them. The public school system must love the letter G....

So you all know I applied to DePaul for grad school. I believe I am in the midst of a career/quarter life crisis. So I decided to avoid the real world/working world and go back to school. So the computer grad school at DePaul is high tech. I can check my application status online. Apparently they made a decision today. You know what that means right? I'll get it in the mail on Wednesday when I'm in Disney World. Suck-ass timing, eh? So, can I glean anything from the website? You tell's what it says and why I tend to think I got in:

"Your application materials were reviewed by an admission officer on 10/27/2005 . A decision has been made about your admission. You will receive the decision in the mail.

The first step in getting started in the graduate program is to make an appointment to assess your prerequisite phase. This Prerequisite Planning Appointment (PPA) can be made with your assigned advisor or any available faculty member. Click here to request an appointment online.

This status was current as of: 10/27/2005."

Now, my question is this: why say that I have to make a planning appointment if I didn't get in? Isn't that a slap in the face if I get a rejection letter? Should I prepare my face for the slap just in case?

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Fill in the blank...

So I didn't carve a cat or a bat, I carved some ghosts.

See? I must say, I really enjoy carving pumpkins. So much fun! Let's relive last year's pumpkin as well...

I'm on my way to Disney on Wednesday morning. Unlike the sister, I will not bring my computer. So I will not be here to blog for a few days. Tomorrow might be interesting at work so maybe I'll blog then. If not..see you in a few.

By the way, it's 5:30 and it's nighttime. I hate, hate, hate daylight savings. Now I'm going to be coming home from work in the dark. That's so depressing. Damn you daylight savings, damn you...

Aside: Is it weird that I found it just a little hot when Hal Sparks made out with a mannequin? Yeah, that's creepy. Maybe I've been too long without boy contact.

Friday, October 28, 2005


  1. I did not know that sometimes when you type my website in you get bible stories. It's fairly ironic and quite funny.
  2. Goblet of Fire is almost upon us. Any fans out there...loads of new videos were added today on my fav fan site. Makes it all seem even's very exciting.
  3. I am obsessed with I Love the 80's. It seems that by the third time around it would be old/lame/done. But I just don't want the episodes to end. you remember fashion plates? We loved that silly fashion rubbing toy. And Hal Sparks...I love him.
  4. There is something about Dennis Quaid that I find highly watchable. I'm sort of bored to death with this movie (Flight of the Phoenix) but I'm still drawn to Quaid.
  5. So excited for the pumpkin carving party...I'm thinking a bat.....or a cat....

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Celebrity whore...

I don't know if it's possible that you didn't realize, but I am a celebrity whore. Today:
  • My sister told me that my nerd love for Rivers Cuomo has been poorly placed because the weirdo has declared that he'll be celibate for the rest of his life. I responded that I have in fact been celibate for the same amount of time he actually has and mine was not by choice. So maybe we're meant to be. Maybe I should declare that I want to be celibate for the rest of my life. Then if I don't get any, it won't be because it's impossible to meet men - it will be because I declared it so.
  • Ok, Jarhead...not my kind of movie. But damn if they didn't do a great job with those trailers. When that Kanye West song starts and it's all those bad ass soldier clips, I really get sucked in and feel like seeing it. So to the trailer makers: A+.
For some reason I've been bombarded by allusions to the slutty Halloween girl thing. Where girls take any costume and make it into an excuse to prop their boobs up and wear hooker boots/heels. I will admit that in my formative years I too used Halloween as an excuse to slut out. But at least I was honest: my costume wasn't a slutty nurse/angel/schoolgirl. My costume was a slut. Anyway, I think its stupid to be all slutty on Halloween unless you're slutty all the time. Then I feel like you're just being true to yourself.

In a shocking twist, I kind of liked my job today. Don't worry, it won't last. First off, I have a little hint of wicked happiness about the boss' daughter working at the office. It's nice because she's my age. But it's also nice because she is truly seeing how some of the managers treat the employees. The horrible backwards politics...she's witnessing all. And what Dad wouldn't believe his daughter's first hand account? It's delicious. Also, I was almost an IT employee today and I really liked it.

Update: so I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of owning a pin/button/badge maker. Did you know that a nice one costs $275???

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

One is the loneliest number...

Ok, not really. I'm hardly ever lonely which may shock some of you who do not like being alone. I do like being alone. Too independent for my own good? Maybe. Any desire to change? No. I'm coming up on my year anniversary for living alone. I wanted to run through the few things I have decided suck about living alone. But first I want to stress that there are a bajillion good things about living alone. I can dance around and warble (a true description of my singing) and only scare my cats. I can shower with the door wide open. I can get ready in my underwear. I can get in bed at 8 and not be heckled. Etc. On to the bad:
  1. When you get a mole removed from your back and you can't reach it, it sucks. I cleaned it with a Q-tip, used some weird arm angles to put band-aids on and managed to keep it clean. My scar....well it's a bit gross and hollow. I advise you not to touch it. But at least I don't have cancer.
  2. On bad days I need someone to listen to me vent. Frequently I use this site to vent and that's why it can seem so negative. But if I had a roommate (or a lover (say that like Molly some skit on SNL)) there would not be such a festering vibe to this blog at times.
  3. When I get my hair cut/colored (looks even better now!) I have no one to ooh and aah at the "blown-out" shiny beauteous-ness of it. Not a word. But the right word for the situation. Anyway, my hair never, ever looks like this...and sometimes it's nice for people to see it look all pretty-like.
  4. And finally, when crisis hits, it's nice to have a back up. This job has typically fallen to my Mom. Technically, this isn't that important because crises should not hit often. I have had my fair share this year (a flood that rendered me hysterical and a horrible, Lollapalooza hottest day of the year power outage). I'm hoping for no more this year.
A year here....and another year to go at least. Ah, I love this apartment. And Jon Stewart. I heart you both.

Monday, October 24, 2005

And a head to match...

Do you ever want to write a blog but then can't for the life of you figure out how to start it out?
  • My sister and I, crazies that we are, have decided to read every one (every single page SISTER, no skipping chunks of LOTR, I know you would) of the Time 100 All-Time Novels. She's about 10 books up on me (I've only read 10 of them, or 12 or something. But I still think LOTR is 3 books). It should be interesting since she reads at the speed of light whereas I only read at the speed of sound.
  • Dressing up is no fun. I have friends that love it, love the putting on a dress/nice outfit, make-up, jewelry, going out...the whole nine yards. I do not like it. I never liked it. I'm just glad it's over.
  • I imagine that Barbara Streisand is a nice enough lady and probably a solid friend. But as a public figure, well...she sucks. Yes, it is not a fair're always in the spotlight. But you chose it. She just seems a little snotty.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal + Jarhead = hot, hot Jake.
  • I was sure that I had tons to say and poof. All gone.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Meep moop meep...

Ok, so I've sort of been in a weird mood today. Hence the robot noises. No I am not doing a robot dance or anything, I just have a weird soundtrack running through the head. Ah well...

So I have technically officially applied to grad school. But my transcript is still on its way and I'll send it with the check for my application fee. I have convinced myself that this is a lark, that there is no way I'm going to get in. But then what will I do? Because I can't be at this job...

I just haven't found my place yet. Well, besides my place on the do people do it? How do they go...oh yeah, I know I want to be a nurse. Or...oh I love the kiddies...I'll teach. I don't have that. Whenever I try to think of what I want to do forever my mind jumps to a thousand different places and none of them are a guaranteed surefire happy hit. I envy people that have found their place. And scary is it to find a job and think, every weekday for the rest of my life I will come to some variation of this?

Baaaah. I'll just go sing some Wicked (very, very poorly). By the way, the lady who sang for our first show was some lady called Stephanie J. Block who looks creepily like Ana Gasteyer. Also, she was not the lady who helped write the songs. And personally, I think Ana and for sure Stephanie were both better than this chick. But again, it must be different on stage. And of course, we always remember things a little differently than they really happened.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ode to a pin...

This weekend a good friend of mine, bush bashing pin, died a sad, painful death on the dance floor at Fat Jacks. Or so I assume. The pin has disappeared and the last time I remember seeing it was earlier that day. So to my pin, I say: I will always think of you in the highest regards, and I will chuckle at the dirty joke about my bush for some time to come. Goodbye dear pin...

Must say I'm so glad I'm not at the Paul McCartney concert...although I hope everyone is having fun! Sorry, is that wrong that I don't worship at the altar of Macca?

On the way home from a delicious dinner with the mooj/sis at La Vita (tasty!) I was amazed by the city. What a beautiful place. The moon shining on the lake, the clear night with the lit-up beautiful buildings. I heart Chicago.

P.S. Zathura? Try Jumanji + space. Terrible.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Mischief managed...

These past few days I've seen two of my closest friends from high school (and from now) and it's been marvelous. It's always fun to see these girls. If you want to see me look drunk, drunk drunk, go to Katy's website in my blog links. Also, I think some were interested in the hair change which can be seen in these pictures. Rumor on the street is (yeah, OK what street) that it doesn't look that different.

Anyway, I decided just now that I have to make out sometime in my 24th year. Sounds like no big deal to some...but that's a giant hurdle-like challenge for me. Can't get that Dashboard song out of my head...I do wish that I was anywhere with anyone making out.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


I did not have the best day today. My sister is always going on and on (ok ok, not really, but she has made a point of it more than once) about blogging and work. How you have to be cognizant of the fact that this is public and your coworker/employer could find it. And I do agree, that there are certain places you shouldn't go. You have to think, if it comes out in the end that I have a blog will the content of my work-related posts be "fire-worthy"? Or immoral in a sense? And for once I feel like my feelings/thoughts are crossing the line. I'll be as vague as I can and get this out.

Nothing bad happened today. It wasn't like I got a "talking to" or even a stern look. It was a normal day. For some, probably a good day. I had a meeting where my progress was discussed. All in a good way. But all of the sudden I just felt guilty. Because I know I'm not happy there, very unhappy. And I know I'm going to leave. So when I'm having a meeting about my future with the company I feel horrifically, horrendously dishonest. And I hate dishonesty. So now I'm not only feeling unhappy in my job but I'm also feeling like it's making me someone I don't like. But I don't want to quit. I'm a mass of contradiction. I just...being an adult SUCKS ASS.

Completely, totally unrelated and irrelevant: I saw Joan Rivers today on TV. She is a plastic surgery monster. If she doesn't convince you not to get plastic surgery..I don't know what will.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Short and sweet...

Awww, like me! Wow, I am quick. I am witty. Just what all the weird creepo's on my internet dating site want. Someday there will be a normal guy....

Death Cab was enjoyable. I thoroughly like their music. It was good in concert. I just hate being so short. Sure it doesn't really matter whats going on on-stage - it's all about your ears, blah blah blah. But it's still nice to have something to look at besides "is he gay cute nerd boy," "80's hair and outfit fashion disaster," and the weirdly painted ceiling. As short people my sister and I got a lot of comments - mostly from people moving in in front of us and then looking back and feeling bad they were blocking us. Them and 30 other people in front of us. These kinds of venues do not work for the short people.

My suggestion? I may have said it before: small section for people under 5'3" right in front of the rail. It wouldn't hurt anyone behind it because they could all see over us. Just pass under the "Must be under this height to enter this area" sign of the squirrel with a ruler. Or something.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Radical hair...

As I was thinking about my radical hair change...i couldn't help but think that that is a good band name. Along with anything involving the word corduroy. How about Radical Corduroy...nah, not as good.

Blond...gone. Let's just say that I had a mental picture of what this would look like and it is nothing like I look. But I think in a good way.

As a hypochondriac I always imagine the worse...and my hair is no different from my health. I needed the change but imagined I'd look really skeletal and pale and hideous. Turns out I don't look so bad. And it's sort of reddish. Which I like.

Fun hair change! Oh and its pretty seriously shorter. But to me that is not nearly as radical. Ok, what a boring entry for those of you who don't care about my hair. So this one is dedicated to all my girls...wait a minute, the truth is I only have most of you should like this.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


My weekend was so short...which is wrong because I actually took Friday off. So technically it was longer than usual. But it went by in the blink of an eye. Just wanted to say a few things.

If you treat yourself to anything this fall, get a "Honey Crisp" apple. It's a rare variety...not good for cooking or baking....but just amazing fresh. I don't really like apples but I just can't get enough of this apple. Oh delicious. Also, if you live anywhere in the area, go get some apple donuts. This is the place I got the yummy apples as well.

If you can manage it, don't go to any kind of event that requires a dress. Holy hell, finding a cocktail dress yesterday was like a crusade. It was awful. I was going to lay low this weekend; trying on dresses for nearly a whole day was horrifying. My mom was an awesome sport though and we got through. The dress I found is OK. I'll wear it. As a side note to the dress thing, it's always nice when the mom is always surprised by the size of my boobs. Yes they are big.

I have a really exciting month ahead. Starts this Wednesday...Death Cab at the Riviera. Am very excited. Then it continues on with a visit to Katy (do you even have a blog anymore???), Wicked, possibly Paul McCartney, a 60th anniversary party, a pumpkin carving party and...DISNEY!!

This a is fairly boring blog huh? Will end it here.....

Friday, October 07, 2005

Something to think about...

I stayed home from work. While I feel like a sluggish snail I have tried to accomplish small, easy tasks today. I draino-d the tub (how nice to shower without standing water!). I emptied the trash. I warmed and broke in the couch. I just feel icky.

Not much of a point to this post except that I contacted DePaul to see what my options are as far as getting some kind of computer degree. If I decide I really want to do this, I'd be going for my masters. Which is fairly intimidating. Kind of a serious decision. I'm having a hard time with decisions lately. I guess I can't see where I am going and any of these decisions will just make that path even murkier. But eventually I'm going to have to bite the bullet and do something. I guess the question is, what??

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thursday...of hell....

So last Thursday I had a nice morning...I emailed my friend Janet and told her I couldn't wait to come visit. Then I got to work and spiraled into never-ending sneeze, bogie-filled nose and raw nostrils. Friday wasn't much better and my weekend was ruined. I stayed home, slept and got better. Thought I was OK. Had a little sore throat on Tuesday which I blamed on Fooweeze (side note: the Trib gave Foo Fighters a good review, and Weezer a bad one???).

Now I am even sicker than I was last Thursday. It's the same pattern too. Felt fine this morning, at work I slowly starting sneezing. Took an allergy pill. No effect, sneezed about 8.736 million times. I took a cold pill at lunch and that worked for about 5 hours. Now I have to wait a few more hours to take my night-time pill and I'm miserable. But I am not going to let it ruin my weekend. At least this time I don't have to spend loads of time in a car and a night in an unfamiliar bed. But I am having a really hard time convincing myself to go to work tomorrow.

I'll stop whining now...I did have a day highlight when the computer guy bought me candy. But that's just because he ate all of mine. And next week I have a life altering hair appointment. Just you wait....

I'm off to sneeze.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Experiment gone awry...

So a good friend of mine has had some luck with online dating. I decided, since it would be nice to have a date sometime in my twenties, that I might try this. I signed up on Saturday and I was an "active" profile available to view yesterday afternoon. I have already been deluged with emails. Some of you may think, that little brat, lots of boys want to date her and she's complaining???

Let me explain my freshly surfacing issues with this system:
  1. I think it goes without saying that about half of my emails were from creepy weirdos. That was to be expected. It's a little weird that creepy guys can read my profile and see my picture.
  2. Basically after I get these emails I either email back or click a button that tells the poor guy I'm not interested. Some of the weirdos it doesn't seem so bad...but for the normal guys I am having guilt over all this rejection. Oooh, sorry buddy your picture wasn't good and your profile was not nearly as entertaining as I would have liked.
  3. Here's the biggest problem: clearly I am no longer attracted to men. And yet I am not attracted to women either. I have officially become asexual. I looked at all these guys and was like, thanks. Eh, no thanks? I'm in trouble...
  4. And then there's my "flight" reflex. I started getting all of these emails and I was like, ooooh, bad idea. Why did I do this? RUN, RUN!!!! But I'm working on it. Maybe someone someday will spark my interest. Was a test drive anyway.
So that's that.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Fooweeze...or Foozer...or Weezighters?

Went to the Foo Fighters/Weezer concert tonight. Here are my thoughts:

Dear Grohl,

No one wants to hear you go, "Yaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Please remember that you have a microphone. When you scream at the top of your lungs, it gets magnified for the rest of us. Please sing, not scream. Also, we came to see a concert full of musicians, not noise players. I believe that my musical ability (none) qualifies me to be in Foo Fighters. I was excited to see you in concert. I tend towards always liking live music solely for the live aspect. You have totally disappointed. Count me out of the Foo fan part of Fooweeze. I think we stayed for 3.2 songs. None of which I enjoyed.


Dear Rivers,

Will you marry me? Please? I think I'd be good for you...and you'd be good for me (oh how quaint, how cheezy to use Weez lyrics in my proposal). All in all Cuomo, you and your little nerdy band convinced me to worship the Weezer. Good thing Weezer was before Foo or the night would have been long and taxing. All your songs were musical (not just noise) and very delightful. Wait, I take back what I said earlier, I did like a Foo song. Weezer covered Big Me. Don't forget the question...marriage?


In non-concert news: the CTA sucked this morning but I managed to not let it ruin my day.

I had a "kiss and cuddle" dream about a middle school boyfriend/high school friend last night. Well, not really high school friend. That's a technicality and something you don't care about. Anyway, I hadn't thought about this boy in ages so I decided to google him. Oh google, you devil you....turns out the boy is on IMDB. Crazy huh? Not exactly sure what a "second second assistant director" is, but it's much more exciting than "underwriting assistant" now isn't it? And yes, I am sure it is the same boy. He has a name that no one else in the world has...

Now I have to try to sleep. Which might be hard due to concert adrenaline and the fact that my room is 80 degrees. But the A/C chugs away....