Friday, April 29, 2005


I ate twinkies today. And as of this moment I am seriously back on the old diet. First of all because my stomach feels wretched (twinkies maybe??) and second because honestly, you can't get much farther from diet than twinkies. I've hit the low point in my "eat whatever you want" phase. If you can think of something lower, please chime in. But really...I don't think I'll believe you.

This morning I found a fuzzy teal mouse in my shoe. That's Boku's mouse, and her favorite toy and I can't help but feel like I got a gift. It made me smile. Her and Mona were curled up together earlier, it was totally lovable and I tried to get a picture, but the minute I started moving around Mona wanted to be involved. So she ruined the picture. Katy thinks Boku is evil. If you would have seen them wouldn't have been able to believe she's the devil. Even if she did give you the death stare and secretly plot your demise.

I think one of them was crawling on my head last night. Either that or I dreamed they were crawling on my head.

Besides being walked on, I also woke up in the middle of the night with the worst stiff neck. But it was gone this morning. Maybe one of them was laying on my neck. Maybe I sleep a lot deeper than I imagined.

To be honest, I'll have to start my diet on Sunday. Because I have dinner plans tomorrow night. I have to get in bed. My stomach does not like fake food (even though i mostly eat processed food even when on a diet).

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

It was a strange reaction...

I have a new favorite song of the moment. It's called "Your Love Means Everything (part 2)". I don't know why, but I heart it. Maybe because I love Chris Martin. And I also like weird technoish songs. Coldplay concert? Yes please.

Here's a few things:

  • Today I saw an alien. He was wearing a solid peach suit with a blue shirt and tie underneath. He had died his hair the same color as the shirt and it was geometric (i can't explain why). He walked like an alien.
  • There is an issue at work. I am finally not going to be a tech assistant and will be an underwriting assistant. This has caused an issue with the other tech assistants. Two reasons: One- the technical assistant that i ended up doing all her work (hoarder) wanted me to do all her work again and train the new guy. But I spoke up for once to the vice president and it was clarified that THAT IS NOT MY JOB. Sigh of relief. Two-because I am the only technical assistant who understands how to use one of our systems. Oh well, someone better step up to learn it.
  • Riding the "L" in rush hour with recently waxed eyebrows is a little strange. Because I was red. And people can't help but look. I couldn't help but smile a little. I looked freaky.
  • Did you know that today was administrative professionals day? Did you know that I am/was an administrative professional? One of the underwriters got his assistant beautiful (expensive) flowers. Which totally made the rest of the people with assistants feel like shits. So tomorrow we all get a pizza party. But only us "administrative professionals." Good thing I'm still on that cusp.
I don't know that I have anything else to say. I thought I did. But I don't. I hope you all are having a nice week. I am.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Silly sunday..

Why is it that Sunday always goes so quickly?

Here's why today was silly:

-A baby in the family? Silly! But he was very cute, and I must say that I wasn't as scared of him as I thought. Yes, i am afraid of babies. No, I did not hold him. But he was cute. (I just cheated and deleted it from one of those sentences. I can't help it, he's an it).

-My new bathtub, non-stick decals are wondrous! The tub looks so inviting and happy with all that color. I recommend adding some spice to your tub with some appliques. You won't slip AND you'll be cheerful when you get out. Excellent! Now all I need is that shower radio to make my tub complete.

-I decided to add a beautiful little collar for Mona to my wish list. HE he he, feather boa for a cat? $20? That's CRAZY! But it would be funny.

I'm off to start a probably long week. I don't foresee another entry for a while. Nothing much exciting is going on....although work hoarder is coming back from her leave. Will she get in trouble? Work is like a soap opera. Only with less sex. Damn.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Sha ba de daba doo...

Does anyone remember Real World: New Orleans? And David, the angry roomate who did not believe in the other's "vision" for their tv show, wrote a little ditty for his introduction on the show? And sometimes it gets stuck in my head, "sha ba dee da bo doo...come on be my baby tonight?" Saw him walking down the street today. I stared. And then I got that damn terrible song stuck in my head.

There's this beautiful new smelly mulch on my walk to work. It smells like cherries and cedar mixed together. Delicious.

I did not have a good two days. Yesterday I was breaking in my new desk. It's quiet and lonely. I need a radio. Then I broke the thing that holds my keyboard. It got stuck in the completely "out" position. Many a person tried to fix it yesterday. Only got fixed today by the computer guy (cute, remember?) who attacked it. It sounded like the whole thing cracked off. The person in the office closest to mine came running out thinking someone was hurt. But nope, completely fixed. So I felt like an idiot. This morning I came downstairs to a whole ton of cat regurge. It was mostly whole food and a little ickyness. I can not handle puke. I have a very ticklish gag reflex.

Just now the devil was on Joan of Arcadia and he is HOT. Yes, I do watch a show where God supposedly talks to people. I was once asked how I could watch this show because I don't believe in God. Well kids, it's make believe. I don't think Gilmore Girls or Lost is actually happening. So why would this be any different? It's still drama. Stupid drama, but something I watch anyway. My point is, this guy that is playing the devil is really beautiful.

Not the most cheerful entry, eh?


What kind of tricky trickery is this? I know you, it's kind of your name? Its madness. I have to tell you though, it makes it a little scary for me. What if I know you and don't want to go on a date with you? Terrifying...

My superpower would be invisibility (obviously the kind I could control). Oh to be a fly on the wall in certain situations. To be able to sneak onto a plane anywhere, free vacation! When someone is coming to ask me to do some work on our archaic system at work that I'm the only one who can do, DISAPPEAR. Lovely.

Will not date list is really, really hard. At first I couldn't think of anything. I think smoking is gross, but I think if I really liked someone I could get past it (with a lot of teeth brushing). But I did come up with three things I must have in a boy, if you don't have them you need not apply:
1)Humor. This one seems obvious.
2)Patience. A little patience can spare everyone the anger and frustration of rush hour, tardiness and slow service. I have patience. Sometimes maybe too much.
3)Silliness. I like the silly. Or maybe he doesn't have to be silly, he just has to handle silly. I am silly.

Here's your questions:
Do that same thing...the three things on your will not date list.
Second question: In high school, I had two good friends and we were always together for a good year or two. We were very different and categorized ourselves as follows: the logical one, the emotional one and the sexual one. Which one was I? And there really are no wrong answers here, honestly.

Long, rainy, horrid day. In bed sounds good.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Work, work, work...

So today I got a semi-promotion. But the way it went down, I really felt like I was demoted. Why? Because office manager does not know SHIT.

I get called into her office and told I am moving. I am moving to a much larger desk that is actually made of wood and has drawers. Technically I am no longer in a cubicle but at the same time, this is not an office. But instead of telling me the move is so that I can concentrate on my new work load (this came later) she tells me, "it's too rowdy where you are." My logical assumption is that she assumes by taking me out of the mix, the office will be more harmonious. Doesn't that sound like a punishment? My new desk is all by its lonesome (like an office, but not) so I will have less to discuss with neighbors (since I don't have any).

The truth is, I'm finally going to start underwriting. I'm going to be quoting and stuff. Exciting, eh? So the VP decided it would help me concentrate on learning how to do it if I was in a quieter/larger location. It makes a ton of sense. But office manager does not know how to make anything positive. I get a new apartment she asks me how i'll eat lunch, etc. etc. The pattern continues.

Then my damn underwriter (who i assist) is so obviously not happy for me I might as well have been fired. Clearly there is something wrong with these people.

To Mandy: you don't have access to a scanner do you? Because I think the world would appreciate the poo nugget picture.

Glad to hear I don't have a stalker, hello old childhood friend Chris. Do you remember kissing under your picnic table? I don't. But my sister remembers for us.

And to Ellsworth, clearly you are scaring my family members. Therefore, I think it would help everyone a great deal if you grew some balls and confessed your identity. Was that rude? Possibly...but really, secrecy is only fun for so long...

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Do you remember the nugget?

Ok, so I just was looking at my site meter and somebody searched for katieromo blog. Which for some reason freaks me out. Like I have a stalker. Ellsworth, you better not be a stalker.

I'm in a sort of funk. Yesterday I was and then I didn't sleep well at all last night so I think I sank deeper. I cancelled plans with an old friend who I haven't seen in over a month because I'm just tired. And with him I have to be "on." I do feel a little like a jerk for cancelling, but i referenced said funk in my voicemail cancellation.

I have a theory about the funk. Do you want to hear it? You might not, it involves my bowels. Ok, so recently I've had this issue...don't think horrible issue, it's really only a small one that I will call: rabbit poop. Don't be grossed out, girls poo and we talk about it a lot. My college girls: think nugget. I know a lot about my old roomates and their poo habits. It just happens. So my poo is no longer one poo, it's like 800 tiny pellets. And it is frustrating. Today I actually thought my cure could be a drinking binge because then I'll have drinking poo. Damn you rabbit poo, damn you. So it takes me twelve times longer than it used to to feel all pooed out. I hate it. Tequila? Vodka? Maybe...just not alone. Anyone?

Speaking of toilets and poo, I dropped my bathroom key in the toilet today. Floor 27 all use this bathroom, with two toilets we mostly use. To be honest, I did not even hesitate before plunging my hand in. Is this weird?

1) This almost qualifies as an essay question and nearly disqualifies you. I'm too nice for that, so here you go:
  • John Malkovich - I'd love to just sit and have him talk at me. I wouldn't even know what to discuss.
  • This is hard, there's too many. Let's just go with the most recent funny guy and say Jimmy Fallon. I'd like to go on a dinner/movie date. Fun stuff.
  • Justin Timberlake - only to have wild passionate sex
2)I would adore trick-or-treaters. My mom and I had the cutest bee last year. I don't think I'll get any here though. On the other hand the year before my friends and I had a great time involving 70's dresses, a dominatrix and a guy dressed up as a shower. So honestly, I have no answer. Probably bowl of candy.

Now for you: 1) Liberal or conservative. Someone at work today told me homosexuality is wrong and that if women want to feel involved with the church they should be unitarian. Agree or disagree?
2) only get one, what is it?
(side note: this is not a question...did you know girls poo? and discuss it?)

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Fallontastic, Pittilicious...

Most of my weekend revolved around movies it seems. Lets walk through it, shall we?

I went home to spend some time with the mom. We crammed our time with shopping, flower planting, food and a movie. Fever Pitch. I've loved Jimmy Fallon for a while. When I was in England, my mom sent me his new (at the time) music/stand-up CD. I remember listening to it on my headphones (was in England, did not pack a stereo to bring with me) and laughing out loud. (
OOoooh, side note: watching an old episode of Judging Amy, and one of my other favorites Adam Brody is on it, and he's goth! He he he he...) Which was embarrassing for me at the time. Been a big fan. His movie career...well I was a little doubtful. But he was fantastic in Fever Pitch, and the movie was lovable. I love Jimmy Fallon. I have to admit though, he and Adam Brody are maybe the only two people that i feel would be fun to be around in the real world. The rest of hollywood may be more beautiful, but i feel the rest of hollywood may also have their heads up their own asses.

Today I watched Troy. I went in expecting not to like it. Brutal action movie. But oh man, did the beautiful men in that movie make up for all the fighting. One in expect me to say Orlando Bloom, but no, the delicious man here was Brad Pitt. I feel a little dirty saying this when my parents will read it, but oh man...he was naked a lot, and every time I kept wishing the camera would move down just a little. I'm not normally a Pitt fan, but he is some kind of hot in that movie. Yumm...

Apologize. I was even taming my internal language there for the parents sake. To Ellsworth, the point of the game is nothing. I have no point. Hopefully for a laugh. That's the point. I'm not going to try to figure out your identity because I imagine you'll have to tell me eventually. Or else what was the point of telling me I should ask you out? Here's my first two questions: On a scale of 1 to 10, how creepy are you? What is the last movie you saw?

Ok all, another week begins...but a beautiful one I hope. A trip to the zoo is in my near future, anyone like to join me next weekend?

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Every rose...

A while ago one of my co-workers told me a pretty gruesome story. It involved the stock market crash in the late 80's. I guess she worked in the loop near the Chicago Stock Exchange. I can't remember why it came up, but apparently she had the misfortune of seeing someone jump from the building. She still has bad dreams involving the noise the body made when it hit the pavement.

On the L platform today there was a guy that I was sure was going to jump in front of the train. He kept going right to the edge and being all shifty eyed. As the train was roaring up he went right up to the edge again and I felt serious panic. He didn't jump, he just wanted a good seat on the train I guess.

I cannot imagine witnessing somebody take their own life. It's terrible.

Cheerful entry huh? I just can't get this out of my head. I think I'm a little low today. No reason, just tired.

P.S. - After watching The O.C. (guilty pleasure) I have decided that I might like a graphic novel. Any graphic novel fans out there? Any suggestions? Or should I just walk into a comic book store and see what I find?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tuesday thoughts...

First off, there is a new member of my extended family. I just want to congratulate my cousins (not even sure they read this) and welcome my new cousin (once removed). No names yet and as far as the family phone tree works he is healthy.

I was watching Scrubs (laughing pretty hard) and I just really was struck by a quote. Now I'm not usually a quoter, I don't generally drop movie quotes or song lyrics into everyday conversation. But I just wanted to share, because...I don't know why. "I think the easiest way to lose something is to want it too much..."

On to other company is sending me away. I get to attend a probably very boring three day class in May. But i get to go to Arizona! So who cares why they send me, this is what I heard when my office manager told me I was going: 3 days off, Scottsdale Arizona. I'll just bring books and doodle during my "class time."

I've been blogging a lot lately. Don't get used to it, my life will settle into a pattern any day now. Its just spring kind of changed things and then new family members and stuff, it just is all a little too interesting not to blog about. And to my dear red-headed friend, you cannot demand comments (i have tried it, it does not work). I don't know why people comment, its unpredictable and usually unexpected. Just wait, eventually people will be reading your blog-iola all the time and will comment regulary on your life with (or in my case without) boy.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Infuriating sponge...

I have two main things to say. The first involves my cats, so if you get bored with cat stuff skip to the second.

Some kind of wetness was on my couch just now. Where Mona was laying. We were cuddling, then we weren't, and now my couch smells weird. Because I can't find the sponge for my furniture cleaner. So I used a paper towel, which I do not think worked right. So now I have a possible stain on my beautiful couch (good thing I can flip the cushion right?). Plus, the stain smelled weird. I don't think it was pee. Here's my theory (pardon the language and the imagery): My cat, whom I love, has a disgusting problem involving anal secretion. Mainly, she isn't secreting the right way (when she poos) so her smelly, scent marking fluid is coming out at all the wrong moments. At least this time it was clear and un-pooey. The bad part is I can't take my couch and put it in the washing machine. The worst part is that the smell is ungodly bad. I think the furniture cleaner may have worked. But you don't understand the smell. It's almost vomit-worthy. I know you want to sit on my couch now. I guess i'm supposed to empty her sacs? Or take her to the vet and do it? I have to assume they are empty now.

The second is more of an observation. I realized that I have voyeuristic tendencies. But really, so do you because here you are reading this. Although there is a difference if you know me well, we're just keeping in touch right? Anyway, an old acquaintance had a link to some pictures. I couldn't help but look. I was a little shocked, he wasn't nearly as attractive as I remember (or really attractive at all...ouch). Hopefully he doesn't read this and isn't Mr. Anonymous. Speaking of anonymous, two quick things. First, before we start a game, I have to call you something. So you can either tell me your name (no lies) or I can go ahead and call you Crazy McGee. Second, I was thinking more along the lines of twenty questions with a single word/sentence answer. In other words, doesn't have to be yes or no, but cannot be an essay. Is that acceptable crazy mcgee?

Saturday, April 09, 2005

My saturday....

I'm going to start with Charlie Trotter's and work back through my day. I tend to be a picky eater. Really, if life were fair, someone else would have had my seat at Trotter's...someone who truly loved food. I love food, but i love simple foods like chocolate chip cookies or macaroni and cheese. Anyway, I tried some interesting things. And I ate some even more interesting things (trying and eating are not the same). I will quickly run down the courses:

-Raw Tuna, some weird seaweed salad. A little icky.
-Beets. And other stuff. I do like beets, and this was tasty although not something i could eat a lot of.
-Um, some fish (i'm sure when my sister gets around to it she'll have a brilliant post on this, so go here) with wine foam. Was actually edible for me.
-Duck with a sausage sauce. Was weirdly good.
-Bison with a cocoa sauce (also an edible one)
-DESERT! Prickly pear (yes, that is a cactus) sorbet was interestingly tasty, passion fruit cake was delicious, but the most wonderful thing was this chocolate bitter yummy thing(thats the technical term). Desert was pretty fabulous.

All in all, an interesting experience. One I'm glad I had. But at the same time, maybe it would have been better if someone who liked food went.

Earlier today I went shopping. Everything out there is pink. I don't so much like pink, but now I own some. I also have some green because pink and green are the new colors. I was trying on all these clothes and I realized that the outfit I wore shopping was a disaster. My red bra was clearly visible through my baby blue shirt. And what is even worse is that it was a Harry Potter shirt. So I really looked like a school girl slut.

Now I'm going to get all kinds of searches for red bra school girl slut porn. People have looked at my site for some pretty disturbing searches: katie showering, cat licking humidifier, skinny ass girls, istanbul/constantinople?? Its weird. There are some people out there searching for some weird shit on the internet. Here's my feelings: sure, come to my site for my cat or my references to old songs, but perverts please take your business elsewhere. Thank you.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Damn you blogger, damn you...

I wrote a post last night and blogger had to go and EAT IT. Then I tried to repost this morning and blogger hated me again. So now some of the stuff in the post doesn't make sense, but I'm still going to pick and choose what I want to say. So here's some of it:
  • I got my first cracked netflix DVD. I can't help but think that Netflix is going to put it on my permanent record or something. And if I damage anymore I'm going to be punished somehow. I think the only good thing about it is that I might get to have 4 dvd's at once. Maybe. The bad thing is I really wanted to see the movie.
  • Crocuses or croci flowers are blooming all over the yards on my walk to the L. They are wonderful. So small and dainty, and yet the first flower to bloom. Contradiction, huh?
  • My dream house (or should i say brownstone) is up for sale right across the street. It is only $1.2 Mil. I mean, come on, chump change. So beautiful though. If they have an open house I'm going to crash it. There is a website, so let me know if you want to see it. Its just wonderful to see the inside of these places. I don't want to share with the masses because it is literally around the corner from me and I don't want my anonymous lover to become my anonymous stalker. I only have to save about $800,000 to be able to afford a mortgage. Dad, my christmas present this year right?
  • Anonymous woo-er: I would like to challenge you to a game of 20 questions. Not a one-sided game if that bothers you, and the purpose of the game is NOT to learn your true identity (although come on, did you have to dodge the question about knowing you in real life??). More to play a fun game of 20 questions with someone I don't know (or maybe i do...stupid mystery). You are more than welcome to ask questions of your own. The only rule is: TRUTH. I do not like lies, or avoiding the question.
  • To my dad: my new throw pillows look really good on my couch. I am very happy! Thank you!
  • To everyone else, hypothetical situation: you're sitting on the L next to someone. The person that was sitting across from you gets up leaving a whole empty two-seater. Is it rude to move to the other seat so you can sit alone or kindness to your seating buddy who was smooshed next to you? Thoughts?
And now I go to join the couch. Plans fell through for the night for the following reasons: car break-down and huge crash diverting all traffic in Elgin. Don't worry, the car break-down and the crash are two entirely seperate events. No friends were hurt.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Suffocating sleep...

Let me start out with last night. I had a very exciting cat success. Mona came to bed with me (i read for quite a bit before I feel ready to sleep) so she could get some scratching. Once I turned out the light, Boku materialized from nowhere and got on the bed with us! Best of all she plopped down between my legs. We're having serious progress.

On to suffocating sleep. My perfect room temperature for sleep is 69 degrees. Is this low or high? Anyone out there know their room temp? Recently I'm in the mid-70's and its killer. My bed is just too warm (I feel i have to be cheeky and say hubba hubba). So sleep the past couple of nights has not been great. And there have been nightmares. I'm going to try to sleep with the window open tonight.

I forgot to mention in my last post that I've become forgettable. On Monday I was called Kathy twice. I do not like the name, I am always going to be Katie. So you think, easy mistake. Here's why both should NEVER have happened:
  1. My coworker writes me a note and calls me kathy in three seperate places. We have numerous things on our desks that tell us each others names (extension list, lunch phone duty etc). While writing her note, all she had to do is look up and think, oh, wrong name. I work with maybe 25 people. Its not hard to get names down. I'm coming on a year in July. The person who called me Kathy TRAINED ME. Really sad. Today I found out that she has been stockpiling work in drawers at her desk. Someone found it all. She's out for health reasons and someone was looking for a file. So now I have to make up all of that work that she has been hiding.
  2. My doctors office, who has me registered as Katie not Katherine called me Kathy. A doctor should really have your name right. I understand if I'm katherine and they think, oh, kathy. Nope. I'm Katie. Argh.
So, the plan here is, if I get in bed early enough and read, maybe I'll get so comfortable I'll fall into such a dead sleep that I won't hear the open window noises or wake up from heat. Good plan??

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Tra-la-la la Tuesday...

Here's a slice of what went through my head this Tuesday:
  • When I'm walking and its windy, sometimes I feel like a sexy model girl. You know, wind blowing the hair off of my face. The truth here is really more like this: I look like grubby, didn't brush hair girl. I got home and it literally looked like i'd been attacked. And really, all the assailant did was go woojy, woojy woo with my hair. Yes that does make sense, if you don't understand it, then get off my blog.
  • I also thought in my sexy moment that I was totally irresistable (i was feeling good today, i'm not one to think this EVER). That no man could resist me and why was i single? Then I remembered that I look like a 16 year old and if a guy can't resist me, shouldn't i worry that he's a pedophile?? But really, I guess I just had good self-esteem today. At least until I got home and saw the real picture.
  • Sometimes I write blog entries on the "L". I can't really because I don't have a computer, but they are always hysterical. Sometimes I try to reproduce them when I get here. But really, they're nothing but shoddy imitations of my L brilliance. I really am funny on the L.
  • Today I felt like the smartest person in the office (I'm stuck-up today!!). But really, I have finally let myself accept that I am smarter than the person I assist. I have also realized I'm smarter than a lot of the upper people. I don't know if this is good or bad. Good in that maybe they'll realize it and I'll get loads of money and promotions. Or bad because I'm a threat and I'll be sabatoged.
  • My anonymous lover is complicated. Honestly, circle yes or no. Maybe we're not meant to be because you're worrying about crazy things like if we're compatible or not. Isn't that what dating is supposed to do? Figure that out? I mean, if you're worried, circle no. I won't be hurt. For all I know you're one of my friends giggling at your funny joke. Do I know you in real life?
I'm making tacos because I'm feeling domestic. I wanted to have a real meal and I don't know how to cook any other real meals. Maybe I'll learn...someday...

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Again, it's Sunday night...

Does anyone else feel like daylight savings robs us of a perfectly good hour?? I actually slept later than ever today, all due to the fact that it wasn't ACTUALLY late, just the time arbitrarily changes today.

I feel cheerful today for no reason other than it was nice out, I got a lot done and I have so many fun things to look forward to this spring just can't come soon enough!

On the agenda this week:
Some lovely work, full of wonderful top employees absences again. I may get to see Katy this weekend if all goes well. I also have a fabulously luxurious dinner planned for Saturday at Charlie Trotter's. The question still remains if I will like any of the food. My ma and sister were scheming and were not going to mention this fact. Luckily for me, neither of them is usually very good with a secret (no offense family). So I'm going in with a healthy idea of what I'll be up against. Sunday is a family baby shower. Good times in April.

Am enjoying watching all the flowers slowly come up. Every day on my walk to work I get a fresh idea of all the flowers I'll get to ogle. There's also a healthy amount of green in the backyard that my bedroom window looks out on. I love flowers.

In case any of you were curious (although I'm going to try to keep the cat talk to a minimum because it can be really, really boring) Mona forgave me almost immediately and Boku forgave me just now. They're both in my bedroom. Mona's attacking my comforter (because she's so smart) and Boku is looking out the window.

I hope you all are well. And to my red-headed friend, the Blogger help is where I learned all my blogging tricks. I also just tinkered with it, so any specific questions, I can probably help with a simple email. Off I go...

Saturday, April 02, 2005


I almost am tempted to never go to the vet again. Maybe just Mona. Poor Boku.

I started to try to catch her at 7:30. She was in the crate at 7:50ish, but not without incident. First, she went under the couch, so I broomed her out (that happened a few times actually). She runs upstairs (which was my plan). Has nowhere to go because I'm blocking the stairs. So she JUMPS FROM THE BALCONY. No kidding. It was totally scary and I almost gave up. I have never seen a cat SO scared. She wasn't scared, she was terrified. So she goes and hides in the pantry. I actually got a hold of her in there, but not a good one because she managed to scratch the hell out of every part of my body and get away. I have wrist wounds, leg wounds, and the worse one is on my back (I'm not even sure how it happened, but there are two huge scratches). I finally managed to grab her the right way (of course with a towel over her) when she thought hiding behind the curtains on the window ledge was a good plan. I put the carrier on the table, grabbed her and shoved.

Mona was much easier, I cornered her in the bathroom and grabbed her. She was lulled into liking me and I used it against her.

At the vet, Boku shocked the nurse, who apparentely has never seen a cat more terrified of humans. The thing is, she doesn't try to bite or anything, she just flees. I mean, she vaults off of the exam table, when the nurse makes a grab for her, she runs from him and managed to get into a corner on the counter. She had to be forcibly held down (scruff of neck) to get checked over. Mona was pretty dreamy comparatively. She came out, laid down in a scared position and let anyone do whatever they wanted to her. She's really turned out to be a great cat. Boku...well, I just don't know.

We all had a rough day already (and it's only 10:18) and now they're hiding. I'm just glad I get to go out tonight. I'd tell you what I'm doing but its a surprise for my Mom. I have high hopes for the evening though, take my mind off of stuff!

Friday, April 01, 2005


I'm not sure how well I'm going to sleep tonight due to the fact that I am going to be constantly concocting plans to get Boku into her carrier.

While I was eating dinner tonight, she touched me for the first time. Isn't that a bitch? She finally trusts me enough to rub against my leg and even balance with her front paws on me. And now I'm going to ruin that to take her to the vet due to my paranoia. Won't it be even bitchier if she isn't infected? Would be my luck.

I just watched Closer, and I must say that while I didn't necessarily get upset (ie no tears) I do feel a little ravaged. Exhausted. What an emotional movie. I quite enjoyed it though.

And now to make everyone who may have thought my opinion was a good endorsement for the movie change their minds: Is Jude Law hot or what? Almost like he's more hot in his misery, why is that? So now you don't trust my movie instinct. I don't blame you, i tend to enjoy eye candy. Go ask somebody who is serious about art.

This week must have done something to people, everyone was so bitter about there being no spring break or something. I was treated pretty crappily twice today and then I had that wapping asshole yesterday. Today I sort of just shrugged it off. But honestly, note to people who deal with other people all day: It really hurts you to be an asshole. Because we all talk about it, and everyone knows, and then you may not get as great of service which just reinforces the whole cycle. So, at the very beginning, be nice. It's just work. If something doesn't happen the way you wanted, there is always tomorrow.

And with that gem, I leave you. Off to bed to face catching my cats tomorrow...

P.S. - Anonymous, will you go out with me? Please circle yes or no.