Monday, November 29, 2004

I loved you Guinevere...

I am very tired (isn't it just the way it works that the day you go back to work after a long break is always exhausting?), and plan to get in bed quickly. So i apologize if there may be some spelling and or grammatical errors. I'm already having some trouble with Guenivere. Because that's how some websites have it, but i personally think it looks better like i spelled it (although the more i look at it, the stronger I feel on its misspelling. but i'm keeping it, because i still prefer it to all the e's in the right one).

I have some pain in my leg, which i contribute to one of three things:
  1. Walking around all day yesterday at the zoo (the zoo!)
  2. I'm dying of a blood clot (i am a hypochondriac, this should have been expected)
  3. I did a little jig earlier and I wrenched something? (for those of you who have spent excessive amounts of time with me, you know what kind of jig I am speaking of. For the rest of you: sometimes, usually with no aid of music or anything of the sort, i will break into a little dance. I do not know why i do this, except I'm usually feeling chipper and have no outlet besides a little dance. Personally, i think the world would be happier if more people danced around sometimes. And not in a pretty way, in a happy geeky way.)

I had a wonderful dream last night about a boy from high school. I had a crush on him when I was a junior and he was a freshmen. I may have even taken a job because he worked there (the reasons i took the job are may be because he worked there and i can be stalker-esque, or it may be because a friend of mine worked there and got me the in, we'll never know). Incidentally, we became some kind of friends, and he liked me when i was a senior and he was a sophomore...but no dice, i'd already moved on. Plus i have a horrible disease where i never like anyone that likes me (its true! i may be dying from it, or just it may be why i'm alone). Anyway, it was a delightful dream, and i do think it was "implied" that we had sex, except after he spent the night, i woke up and was totally terrified that i had fallen asleep while we were having sex. Yes, we slept in a dream, and i remember feeling like i woke up. And then the fear of having fallen asleep during the juicy parts. Is that weird? I think it may be...maybe it just means i have some sexual insecurities, whatever, who doesn't?

Ok, I must go to bed. One more thing: for those of you who had expressed the same fascination as i with the merchandise mart here in chicago, i now pass it every day on the el. I have some inside scoop: the frustration of not being allowed in as a "commoner" is now over...this weekend, friday, saturday, to the public. Some kind of show. I think i'm going. If you're interested I was thinking early Saturday or Sunday. It costs money, but i think it goes to children's memorial...and really, its just a one floor show deal i think (see website). but it says thousands of gifts...and hello, all you people i have to buy presents for get harder every year...

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Ah the frustration...

First, I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great...abundant turkey and stuffing (my fav). My holiday was great, suitably relaxing. However, I must say, that the last day and a half has just been full of horrible, anger inducing frustration. A very small sampling:
  • NBC still not working...called comcast, apparently their computer system has some major glitche: If the area they are scheduling an appointment in is suffering an outage, they can't schedule an appointment (does that make any sense?? no). So besides the fact that HBO, and all my other channels are fuzzy (because of said outage) I can't make an appointment for the problem I've had since the beginning of my service (which will not go away after outage). Was that confusing enough?
  • Got two letters today from my insurance company. One: Per your request to cancel your homeowners policy, it is cancelled effective Nov. 1 (keep in mind it should have been effective Nov 4, and i NEVER asked to cancel it). Two: a refund check for the premium i already paid on that insurance. What kind of shitty business is this. Per my request? I gave no request.

That was enough frustration to have me screaming. I think i might have been in a foul mood anyway, but its always horrible feeling to have a temper tantrum. Stomping up really loud stairs and yelling swears does little to rid me of my anger, and only embarrasses me later since I tend to get over the crest of my anger fairly quickly. I need someone to punch, would you like to come over and let me hit you?

Housewarming was fun. If you weren't there you missed some good food and interesting conversation. Nothing too funny to report.

Plan for the rest of the weekend is to clean this sty. Possibly involving loud music...

I feel like my blog is not funny. Maybe it'll be funny as soon as I get through all the mundane settling in things (still have a box or two to unpack, obviously still having cable issues etc.). For to squint at my terribly fuzzy TV.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


There are some things that will never stop being amusing. And some that will never stop being creepy. And others that always give a warm fuzzy feeling. Lets make a list:

  1. Man on the "L" with very terrible, placed on top of his head toupee. There was no blending in. It was just there.
  2. People tripping and falling but NOT hurting themselves. If they hurt themselves, then its kind of scary. But if they just trip and look embarrassed, that's funny.
  3. Some of the things people wear. Seen today: Very long puffy coat, obviously worn over a skirt, with pale legs sticking out. On the feet? White socks and sandals. Yes...this person was getting off of the "L" at rush hour morning time. Going to work where??
  4. The silly little habits people have. For example, my "boss" who I assist, when she gets excited tends to talk to herself and make hooray and yippee noses in a high-pitched voice. When she is caught doing this...she is a little embarrassed, but its funny.


  1. Overweight, scary, "off-looking" old white guys. Not sure why, but they scare the be-jeezy out of me on the El. They can look really creepy...and then you can't help but look over your shoulder on the walk home.
  2. Weird, 800 legged bug that was on my ceiling the other day. It was big and scary. But I am short and scared...and so it is still wandering this apartment somewhere.
  3. The sometimes ability to feel what is going on. I have kind of felt like the person who got fired was on "their" way out. And yesterday the office did not feel right. And there were meetings in numerous offices (office doors closed in my office means someone is in trouble). It just felt off. But then, when it did happen, i somehow felt guilty. Because I felt like I had known and should have said something. Which is not a good feeling.


  1. Puppies! Ok, come on, you knew that was coming (if you know me at all).
  2. Watching someone enjoy their music so much that they don't notice they are dancing or singing (or they do and don't care). I saw a guy today dancing seriously behind the wheel of his car. That brought a smile. And a warm/fuzzy.
  3. Feeling like I'm happy and secure in my job (even after there's been chaos at work).
  4. Waking up in the morning seriously refreshed! Its starting to happen in my apartment! I'm getting used to the noises (old place, it creaks and bangs) and my bed is unbelievable...

Ok, time to stop. I don't know where that all came from. I do have other things...some other time...

Monday, November 15, 2004

Hello again world..

Hello! I'm here, yay! Ok, but only for a short bit (i'm dialing up). Do you know how terrible it is to live without internet? Honestly, at first, no big deal. But I lost touch with many of my friends very quickly. Although more than a few of you have been calling and "real" mailing me, so it's been OK.

My place pretty much kicks ass. Ok, there's times when it feels a little empty (which i think will be fewer once I get some cats),but most of the time i do whatever I want, whenever I want. How delightful!

I have tons to say about Chicago, and issues that have come up with friends and some "deep" stuff (is it deep if you claim its deep, and is it deep if you call it stuff? probably no on both counts).

Quick exciting news: housewarming this weekend, if you want to come, let me know! Most everyone I speak to frequently got an invitation, but that doesn't mean i don't love you infrequent'r's just as much (ok, i don't, it's true. muah-ha-ha).

This is not exciting, but at the same time, its quite huge: someone at work got fired today. Shocking!! She does the same job I did (i got a promotion, yay me!) so there will be more work for me...its complicated, but I will have to help pick up the slack.

Off to study, have a test next week and a big weekend, college friend coming to much to do!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Moving day...

Is icky. Rainy and cold.

No new blogs for quite some time now...I won't have internet for two weeks or so. So until then...have a good two weeks.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Happy Birthday to me....

I'm old! Ok, no not really, but i am old-er. One year. How lovely. And what a lucky girl I am to have my birthday on election day every 4 years.

I had a nice day. Everyone at work went out of their way to figure out who others were saying happy birthday to. Its like finding the juicy piece of gossip. And I got to flirt with almost cute new guy. Fun.

Its been nice, I like days where everyone pays attention to me (although to be honest, once a year is enough. I'm not good at people paying too much attention: when my underwriter told me she'd take me to lunch soon to celebrate I kind of panicked and ignored. We chatted about it later, but honestly, I'm so awkward). So thanks all for being nice to me!

One more nice thing about my day is that i felt a little better about moving. Spoke with a few chicagoans (cousin, old friend) and I do know people in the city. Woo hoo.

One last thing: GO KERRY