Monday, August 30, 2004

Me Against the Digestives...

Sometimes I find it hard not to think in song lyrics/titles. Not sure why, but it happens. And although I do not admire Britney Spears, this is one of the recurring song titles that pops into my head when I am at war with something.

And right now, it is me against the digestives. Digestives have nothing to do with puking, shitting or using your intestines in any way. Wait, strike that, you do use your intestines with a digestive because it is the yummiest cookie in the whole world.

What is it? A wheatmeal biscuit covered in milk chocolate. Many of you may be thinking, oh yum, wheatmeal. But seriously kids, its tasty.

Where does one purchase the digestives? In London, at any shop or convenience store. In the US....well, good luck. But there does happen to be a store called Fringe UK in tiny little Geneva, IL that sells this delightful biscuit. Yeah...Geneva, weird eh?

And why is it me against the digestive since I clearly seem to love them? Recently I have been attempting to reduce the size of my bosoombas. In order to do this, I have had to go on a drastic diet called WeightWatchers. But really, my chest was far too large, and the effort has succeeded. I'm slightly smaller...I hope... And the diet is not that drastic...its just that I have a viscious sweet tooth that can sometimes take me hostage.

WeightWatchers does not allow digestives. Digestives are cookies. Cookies are the devils work (if I believed in the devil). I heart cookies.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

My first entry ever....

To be honest, I've always wanted to be a journal writer. But every night I get home and I'm so tired that writing in a journal just seems like too much work. So here I am, taking the easy way out. And letting potentially anyone in the world read it. So why in hell would I do this?

Well...after reading many a blog of random sorority members of mine, I decided that this whole thing was a terrible idea and that not every one should be allowed to have a blog. Honestly, who cares what you did last night, or this weekend? Then I found more than one blog that was worthwhile....don't really care to list them, but I must admit the last straw was Zach Braff's blog. Its good stuff. Funny shit. I have no delusions that mine will be hysteria producing or inspiring.

Anyway, this is really all about me...ah ha ha ha...and who doesn't want to be totally self-involved for short periods of time every day? Well, I certainly do...and that's why I've caved to the blog.

If this turns out to be the most boring website around, there's really no surprise as my life is generally boring. But I may as well have a place to vent, bitch and story-tell. But don't worry, this won't turn into a blog chronicling my night life...because I don't have one.