Thursday, August 21, 2008

I get one...

I only have one thought I'd like to share with you about the Olympics. While I haven't watched regularly (at all) I still seem to have caught quite a bit of it (but sadly missed BMX'ing which I would have loved to have seen). My one thought is:

Who the HELL does that track interviewer think he is? The guy (douchey looking, with gray douchey hair) interviews all the athletes after they race. And seriously? He's the biggest ass EVER. First I saw his interview with Bolt after the 100 and I hated him (he asked Bolt about his slow up at the end of the race in the rudest way). Then I saw him interview Spearmon who had JUST found out he was disqualified (it was the most awkward and horrible interview ever, with Spearmon finally walking off mid interview). And just now, he was interviewing Tyson Gay, who had just dropped the "stick" and therefore had no medal hopes at all ("does this characterize your year?").

I do believe i could be better at his job. I hate him.

UPDATE: Watching BMX right now - seriously, they bite it a lot. The women's falls seemed somehow fake, staged. The men's? Pretty calamitous.

Monday, August 18, 2008


I wish that people had a marquee on their forehead (shirt?) that broadcast their intentions.
  • I want to just be your friend.
  • I want to be more than your friend.
  • I want you.
  • I want to just be your friend.
I think this would solve some confusion (and many awkward situations) without ruining the story. Because what you intend is not often what you actually get.
  • My intention is to kiss you.
  • My intention is to get out of here as quickly as possible.
  • My intention is to manipulate you into helping me do x, y, z.
  • My intention is to have some fun.
I wish. And at the same time, I don't.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Not really worth reading...

Seriously, not much interesting to say except:
  • Ladies - the Schick Quattro (lady version, all pink and such) razor is shit. I got one free and have been using it most of the summer (when I got it it came with like...8 razor heads). I didn't realize just how terrible it is until I used the Venus again, and let me tell you, that Venus makes legs of silk. Silk, my friends, silk.
  • I love Chicago. But I forget just how much I hate tourists. And maybe it wasn't the smartest idea to take a train from Milwaukee to Chicago right before the show would start. Because the bus ride from Union Station to home? Horrendously long (due to the millions of people milling around in cars thinking that they are somehow the chosen ones who will find street parking right off of the beach) with a bus full of people who don't know how to pay for the bus, ride the bus, or get off of the bus.
I am sure I could come up with other random crap to spew, but I'll spare you.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ah eHarmony...

Strikes again, with a sunny little email entitled "Katie - Photos that Make you Look Undateable". Let's run through the insight of this one, shall we? Fingers crossed that one of the 5 items is: you're just not pretty in that picture. Can't you find one that's flattering?

I feel I should mention that in the first two paragraphs it tells me I shouldn't be insulted by the name of the article and that how i look in my picture DOES matter. But, looks aren't the deciding factor when dudes look at my profile (I do not believe that for a second).
  1. Picture where I'm drinking with my friends - this picture doesn't "make you look entertaining, fun or special; they make you look like a barfly". I think this is eHarmony speak for "you look like a drunken slutty girl". HA - and then the article goes on to condescend that if what you like to do is drink, FINE, but most people over a certain age don't, you lush (and ahem, how did we let your drunken ass in here in the first place?).
  2. Picture with an Ex cut out - does anyone actually do this? Just curious, but that seems dumb. eHarmony thinks it's dumb because you'll always be reminded of your Ex when you sign in. I think eHarmony is dumb because they think people actually cut squares out of pictures anymore.
  3. Picture where you're with a celebrity - the logic here isn't solid. It really just says that it doesn't make you look alluring or important. But does it really detract? eHarmony doesn't say. Maybe you look like you're trying to prove how awesome you are? But isn't that the whole point of these sites?
  4. Picture where you're dressed as a superhero - honestly, if done in the right way, I think this could be entirely hilarious - show a sense of humor. eHarmony says that "it's best to save the fun photos for later down the road." I think that's BS - what if one of the things that I find attractive in men is a sense of humor (and in truth, while it's not #1 on my list, it's really high up there...and as I think on this more and more, it really might be in contention for number one). As a side note, I think, if you like to dress up as a superhero regularly? Better to broadcast that up front.
  5. Picture where you're posing with something expensive - you look superficial. Which, eHarmony has nailed. But, if you love your BMW or "hermes bag" so much that you pose with it? I'd like to know that so I can judge you.
I do want to include a disclaimer here that I have no problem with eHarmony other than the fact that they are so preachy. Ick.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


The WiiFit just told me my ideal weight is 116.6 lbs (this to have a BMI of exactly 22, the ideal BMI). I'm not sure how much I truly believe in BMI - because 116.6 lbs seems like...not enough for my particular body (read: huge rack). No matter what I do (and at one point a few years ago I was at 119) I will always, always have this size chest. So if you take into account the fact that all those pounds of chest are likely not figured in and are impossible for me to lose....well, that just makes 116 seem ridiculous.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I laughed. From well-across the patio, I heard my aunt: "Katie?" Then louder, near shout, "is Katie over there?"

It only just occurred to me that my loud laugh could be annoying. I wonder if it ever annoys people. We all know people with terrible laughs. Maybe I'm that girl to someone.

Also, at what point is inbreeding OK? To save a species? I have a thing for donkeys. What if these best donkeys ever are on the brink of extinction? I say, inbreed, inbreed, inbreed.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

A year ago...

Yesterday, as friend Alex was looking through all her stuff (preparation for a move), she found a letter from me. It was from approximately a year ago. In it I had listed some goals for this coming year...
  1. Graduate. I accomplished that.
  2. Buy a condo (or prepare my finances to buy a condo). I'm maybe inching closer to that? My problem is of my own making because I want something above any acceptable price range for someone with my income. I'm saving more now than I was a year ago. So I am slowly working my way there...
  3. Maintain. I think this one had to do with working out. At this time last year I was working out 4 times a week. Yeah, that died pretty quickly. But I do have plans to get back to the gym. And I also have a WiiFit. So i think the plan will be:
    • Cardio at the gym (if I can manage it, 3-4 times a week). Likely the elliptical but I've heard good things about some of the classes.
    • WiiFit every day. I think I'll try for every day, but I'll be happy to average 6 times a week. The yoga already has my muscles aching.
    It also had a bit to do with happiness. I think, since November of 2005 (wow, three years) I've been slowly climbing back into a happy place. And I do think I've mainly maintained my happiness. I can't say I'm perfectly happy (ahem, and who is?). But in general? On average? Mostly happy.
I wonder where I'll be in a year.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


I have some sleeping issues - I tend to dream heavily and realistically which causes me to wake up repeatedly. I also have a hard time falling asleep and often, when I wake up in the morning, I won't be able to fall back asleep. I spend quite a lot of time in bed preparing to sleep or hoping for sleep.

Last night, I had a really good sleep. My dreams were unusually good. One involved the most satisfying sort of confrontation. I said what I needed to say and it just felt like release. The outcome of the confrontation wasn't what I would call resolution, but the confrontation itself just felt good. I also had a distinctly separate slumber party dream that ended in the most perfect hand-hold ever. So satisfying.

Friday, August 01, 2008


I think, instead of buying the things I love and do not need (4 pairs of shoes in one week is a bit much, I need to rein it in) I'm going to post the things I desire. Possibly weekly. I'm currently resisting the urge to purchase things (Details subscription has already been purchased, although apparently I have some credit/gift certificate money on amazon because I didn't pay for it). So here are the things I shouldn't buy:

6 bangles...they seem a bit expensive, but due to the size of my hand, having them custom sized is really the only way to go. I'm loving bracelets lately.
I feel like I'd like to look at this every day before I walk out the door.

These appeal because I've been looking for some black jewelry.

Also, just realized you can all visit my etsy favorites (items and sellers). Some of the items may be "sold out" but if you visit the seller they are still available.