Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh really...

E-harmony just sent me an email to try to explain why it is i'm scaring guys away. Before you make any assumptions, I filled out the e-harmony application for the sole purpose of seeing whether or not they would reject me. I somehow made it in and have been avoiding their emails ever since. Here are five things I should worry about - that are likely scaring those guys away:
  1. I'm telling them all I love them. I should "rein in my desire to blurt out that i've totally fallen for him for at least a few months". Because honesty sucks. And I'm clearly a CRAZY person who says it on the first few dates. That surely explains why I'm single.
  2. I'm manly - I crack my knuckles and belch. I should "think about promoting my gentler qualities in a relationship's early stages". No arm-wrestling or jaeger shots either. There goes my whole game.
  3. I'm not supposed to talk about marriage. Worse yet, I'm not supposed to be some kind of CRAZY person who has dog-eared bridal magazines sitting around (WHO DOES THAT???).
  4. Erm, this is the first one that doesn't really apply (since it is true that I belch I love you while thumbing through bridal magazines on most dates) - I'm not supposed to introduce my kids to the man until it's appropriate.
  5. I'm not supposed to talk about my exes. I've got a past, but I'm supposed to keep it there.
How uplifting, e-harmony. Thanks for the advice on how to be a complete crazy person and hide it from my new love.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

hello lover....

In case you missed it, I have ridiculously child-sized feet. I mean, ridiculous. Sometimes, I'm still surprised by the size I am forced to purchase. It is maddening. I got bored the other day and went shoe shopping and found the best ever company to happen to the child-sized shoe: Sugar.

Zappos kicks ass because I can shop by size (although it sucks to have to browse through the sparkly shoes, the overwhelmingly pink shoes and the light-up shoes). So I stumbled upon these first:

And honestly, I loved them and thought they were hideous all in the same thought....and that little grain of hate, sort of made me love them more. A bit twisted, but true. So I bought them. And received them about 36 hours after buying them (Zappos shipping? Always bumps me up from $0 standard to overnight). And I put them on and I love them passionately.

I also bought these, slightly more staid shoes:

And they also are quite delicious.

But...I think I could go down to a size 2. I refuse to return these shoes, because of the magnitude of my love. I know that's dumb, my plan is to get some of those heel support things...make them a little tighter. So my already ridiculously small foot is now smaller.

This post brought to you by Zappos and Sugar.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Things that I decided I would like to have, right this minute:
  • A rotary phone, with a long old cord and a heavy handset. Assuming I have it now, I would also have it in the future when I have a bookshelf full of old books. Phone would be lovely next to that shelf.
  • A patio, a lawn chair, sunglasses and a glass of lemonade. To be used in one of two situations:
    • Lemonade is spiked, friends in similar chairs.
    • Alone, with a book (reading Harry Potter at the moment, but most books would do).
  • A donut. And some garlic bread. Order of consumption not important.
  • The will to do something...I have some ideas, I'm going to try to have the motivation to actually do them starting tomorrow.
  • John Mayer, sans hair. I sort of hate him, but oh deliciousness.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


It turns out it's pretty impossible to get back into blogging when you've truly abandoned it for weeks. It also occurs to me that most of my old posts are based around one or two thoughts...and now instead of writing a post, I'm just putting those thoughts on twitter. So uh, bear with me while I try to come up with stuff to write...

Monday, July 21, 2008

I made a lot of mistakes, in my mind...

I started a well-intentioned post on Saturday and abandoned it midway. The flight was draining and I was it was a rambling, useless post. The truth is most of my posts are rambling and useless...but this one was really a stinker.

My basic point of that post (which has been deleted) was that I finally, for the first time in months, connected with music again. On the flight, I somehow wandered on to the right sound and I listened to it, completely, for the whole flight (Illinois - Sufjan Stevens). Mostly without any other distractions except the view from the window.

I was hoping this would stick, that suddenly music would resonate again...but today? Not so much. I had one moment with one song (back to Bjork today, really?) and spent the rest of the time hitting next on the random.

I want that feeling working with the moment to make it bigger. And I can't seem to make it happen steadily. I clearly don't have the right music for work.

I hate my music.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ok, ok....

So yes, I haven't written in...months? Weeks? Does anyone even remember now? Things everywhere got busy and I just...didn't want to write. Plus, when work has sort of taken over your life, it's hard to write about anything else. And I don't want to do that here.

I'm currently in Vegas, but getting comments from roomie #1 and roomie #2 cajoled me into writing. I'm not quitting the blog. I clearly took a little, indefinite length vacation there, but I'll be back.

Maybe I'll muster up the words to talk about this trip at some point. But right now, I'm going to go do some work. Working from Vegas...

In the short term, you can always join the flock and follow me on twitter...