Sunday, November 22, 2009

Last week I was challenged to write a post that wasn't full of talk of my flaws and whining; mostly because I challenged the challenger to eat a piece of humble pie. And so I raise him this post.


This weekend somehow turned out to be the perfect mixture of nothingness, accomplishment and fun. It generally ends up, when I have plans or need to get stuff done, that Sunday night rolls around and I feel like I didn't get any time to actually rest. That it went by in a blur. Not so, this.

I did nothing Friday night after work, but was in a considerable amount of back pain (lessened at this point) so laying on the couch was preferable. Saturday I ran a ton of errands with my sister (and came home with far more stuff than expected) and then had dinner/drinks/shopping with my girls. And today I've done nothing. Well, ok, I cleaned the litter, did some other chore-type things, but mostly I've been making a dent in my couch. Apparently my perfect weekend can be summed up by: nothing, busy saturday, nothing. A formula to copy.


Challenger specifically requested that I write about loml and I and how it is going. I have nothing to complain about, it is going brilliantly. The only hitch in the whole thing is this. Yeah, I know, I don't have a daughter, but that yahoo answer is pretty hilarious. And, clearly, Mona hates him because we FIGHT and YELL at each other all the time. Or maybe she's just a good judge of character. Kidding, kidding.

But yeah, loml and I just got back from a trip to Vegas that was lovely. Relaxing, tasty and entertaining. It's not so interesting to write posts about contentment. But I'll continue to try.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I was thinking with my lady parts...

Tonight I feel like I was finally rewarded for tivo'ing Parks and Recreation. I laughed! And so I shall share. Amy Poehler is covering up for someone, making up a story about how she accidentally shot someone in the back of the head.

Um, I let my emotions get the best of me.
I, just, I cared too much I guess.
I was thinking with my lady parts.
I was walking and I felt something icky.
I thought there was gonna be chocolate.
I don't even remember.
I'm wearing a new bra and it closes in the front so it popped open and threw me off.
All I want to do is have babies.
Are you single?
I'm just going through a thing right now.
I guess when my life is incomplete I want to shoot someone.
This would not happen if i had a penis.
Bitches be crazy.
I'm good at tolerating pain, I'm bad at math and I'm stupid.

Only funny bit so far. Sorry parks and rec, but you kind of suck.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What I ate today, chronologically:
  • Krispy Kreme donut
  • Cinnabon
  • Couple of handfuls of Goldfish
  • Southwest Peanut package
  • More goldfish
  • 3 Jingles (or, actually, Santa's Favorites)
  • Large Arby's curly fries, with cheese
  • Honey Fluff donut
I should keel over any minute now from malnutrition. Strangest bit of it all is that I was not overly hungry at any point during the day.