Thursday, October 31, 2013

day two: sore

Cardio X.

I worked out on my lunch break and here I sit, sweaty, waiting for code to compile, not wasting any time so that I can go shower.

I am sore today, I was sore before I worked out and now I'm just a bit more sore. It's mostly my butt and my abs and honestly, it's a nice/not too painful sore. I was less impressive today - I was again, a weird straw doll but this time I also was a really poorly trained boxer and rockette. A bystander would be confused.

I can't do dreya rolls and am not sure I will ever be able to. But I was already better at the superman banana. My abs screamed during it, but that just means something is happening.

Verdict: hate for Tony Horton growing, not because of his workouts but because of his chatter. I'm alive and I have muscles which I can point to due to the soreness.

Edited to add, two hours later: the sore has moved from good sore to "oh god, i can't stand up" sore. I hobble.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

day one: mediocre

Core Synergistics.

This was basically a bunch of lunging and push ups and banana rolls. I surprised myself during some of them and failed utterly miserably in others (plank run, fuck you. superman banana rolls, bite me). I paused a lot and just marched in place. I bet if you watched me I looked like a weird straw doll just higgeldy piggeldy moving at points.

But I'm already sore in the right places (my belly).

I only felt like I might puke or die twice. Room for improvement for sure.

Verdict: about 200x better than I had anticipated which just means tomorrow or the next day I'm going to come crashing down to earth as I remember I have jelly where my muscles should be.

1 down, 89 to go.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's been three months. Yeesh, I'm terrible at this. And now I'm going to try something completely boring for all of you - I'm going to journal my way through P90x Lean. I'm a lazy fart and being with loml has made me happy and fat. I'd like to reduce a little of that fat, but I don't particularly enjoy leaving the house to do that (the lazy part). I also hope you realize that I only want to get rid of the discomfort from wearing clothes that fit a month ago. I do not care if I fail to get buff or to do a pull up or to lose X number of pounds.

So I've calendared it all out starting this Wednesday. I am going to try to blog after every workout. Something along the lines of: I did X today and it sucked and I cried a little. BUT at least I did it. And perhaps I can use the tiny bit of motivation of telling you all I didn't fail to spur myself on. Keep me honest internet.

And I will continue to eat candy and cookies and do everything else I like to do.