Friday, March 30, 2007

A review...

Sometime a little bit ago my sister wrote her thoughts about the movie The Last Kiss. Without going back and reading it (to avoid pollution of my own thoughts) I remember her sort of disliking the movie and having a negative reaction to Zach Braff's character (of the "How could he do that to her" variety). Now my sister and I, while we share a few traits, are quite different. In many ways, complete opposites. And I think my reaction to this movie proves that.

Because I totally emphasized with Zach's character. With his bad, bad choice. With the fear behind the choice. And while I know there are many reasons to discount my opinions on this (my lack of serious relationship) I don't think I emphasized with Zach because I would make that choice. But I also don't know that I would never make that choice. Because for me, the fear of losing my independence is sort of large. I have pushed people away in the past (which is sort of what he was doing) unconsciously, but looking back...I am the type who has commitment issues. Either way, I liked the movie a lot. And I liked all of the characters and felt they were all pretty real and well done(except maybe Rachel Bilson. Maybe they could have done better at casting or she could have been less...just less).

And that whole cheating thing...while I hate the idea of it, don't think I could ever forgive it...I just have a tiny voice inside that tells me that it's not so black and white. Sometimes, yes. But sometimes, like the movie, not so much. And while I hate to admit it, I am not certain I would never put myself in that position somehow.

Now I'm going to go ahead and read my sister's movie review and see what she actually thought. Pretty much like I thought...totally opposite of me. I'm not going to go ahead and write about why I think our thoughts were so different because I don't feel right writing about her here. But either way it's interesting.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

New for now...

Dear Red Hot Box,

You are dead.

I forgot about you over finals. Now I don't care to start you up again. So. You're dead.

But, I've thought of a way to fill your spot. And it's centered around something that haunts me by the second right now. And that hair. Because having long hair. It's becoming torturous. And seeing cute short haircuts? I can't help but want one myself.

So...the new weekly feature will be a post where I steal pictures from the internet and post them here...all of haircuts I could get in a few months when I cut off all my hair and give it to a bald child (alright. More than a few months. But saying it's just a few months makes me happy. And fine. Not to a bald child - to a charity that will use it to hair a bald child). I may also end up devolving into an immature blog owner and post pictures that I think are hideous.

Starting soon...picture of hair a week...


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

San Diego in a few words...

Since I've been on vacation for a few days I feel like I should say something about it, so here are some thoughts about San Diego:
  • The main reason I picked San Diego was because of the zoo. I mean, obviously there are other things to do there, but I wanted to go to the famous zoo (and the Wild Animal Park). And I thought it was pretty cool. Seeing Pandas and Koalas up close and personal was pretty great. I could list all the zoo babies we saw too, but I probably don't remember them all. The best was the elephant (the one frolicking around was a few months old. There was a 13 day old elephant which happened to be sleeping during our entire viewing. Imagine a 13 day old elephant!). I also was quite impressed with the petting zoo at the Wild Animal park which was full of deer from all different countries (gazelle! and loads of others). No goats, no sheep, just weird, large deer. Really enjoyed the zoos.
  • I feel like we might have needed more time. While we did see a lot (Gas Lamp, Old Town, La Jolla, Zoos, Sea World, Coronado, Flower Fields) we also didn't spend a load of time in San Diego itself and there were other things we might have liked to do (Go on the Aircraft Carrier/war museum, drive around and look at houses, spend more time at some of the places above etc).
  • It sort of figures that the weather in Chicago this weekend was a record high and about 15 degrees warmer than San Diego.
  • Why don't we have In N Out burger here? I understand that stupid fresh produce thing...and that sucks.
  • My cats were bonkers last night. They ran around like crazy all night and morning playing. A celebration of my return? Annoying. Kept waking me up....and now Mona is on my lap for a marathon amount of time, she never sits on the lap for longer than an hour. It's been probably 2 hours now.
  • I am a bad traveler. I just can't help but feel nervous that I'll miss the plane and if I make it, that the plane will plummet out of the sky. Probably not gonna happen and I know that logically, but I get stressed and tense. The trip then takes it out of me, I get exhausted (probably from the tension). And San Diego threw a curve ball at me and the Mom in the form of a flat tire. Right as we were leaving for the airport. Bad. Luck. But, it worked out OK and a valet and a really nice man changed it for us. We made it to the airport on time (even a little early) all was OK in the end. But the amount of stress I felt for that hour of finding the flat, changing the tire, turning in the was high.
  • The Lodge at Torrey Pines was a beautiful hotel. Everything was nice, plush, beautiful. They had a real fire going at all times in their lobby and it smelled great. My first stay at a 5 star hotel. Didn't disappoint. Also, the spa....awesome.
  • The Torrey Pine...endangered's really sort of Dr. Seussy.
Today I already have to go back to the grind. School starts tonight. I don't feel ready to learn. I'm glad I decided to take no class over the summer...

Thursday, March 22, 2007

An update post...

Some updates for you all:
  • The petition to get my/our money back for the awful course was only supported by about 8 irate people. I got responses from a few others who agreed with the sentiment but didn't want to sign the petition for fear of losing the course from their transcript (a load of people find their time more valuable than their money which I totally understand). Since I respect the fear of having to retake the course and I didn't have enough people, there will be no request to get our money back. But even asking my classmates how they felt made me feel better. So, that is that.
  • My professor...the bad one...looks like he lost his job (not only at DePaul, but also his full time job). Obviously he had a bad beginning of 2007. After getting an email that his full time job email address (the one where we were supposed to contact him) was no longer valid, I couldn't help but start to feel sorry for the guy. I have no idea what happened this quarter for him, but obviously it was life-altering. My anger is pretty much gone.
  • Did any of you actually consider changing any light bulbs? I wonder sometimes if my blog has any impact on anybody...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Public service letter...

Dear Electricity consumer,

I am proof for you that the Compact Fluorescent Bulb (CFL) does more than just "save the environment." I know some of you out there may be skeptical that there is even a need to save the environment (Dad). Last month I changed 12 of my 16 total light bulbs in the apartment to CFLs...yes, the bulbs are expensive. But I do believe I need to do my part to save the environment (because I watched An Inconvenient Truth and wanted to do what I could), so I bought them. Some facts for you (to hopefully convince you for the right reasons):
  • Changing one bulb can prevent over 450 pounds of bad, bad emission from a powerplant.
  • If everyone in the US changed just one bulb (no need to go for the full change, just one) we would:
    • save enough energy to light more than 2.5 million homes for a year
    • prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of nearly 800,000 cars.
If that doesn't convince you to change just 1 bulb (look at your lamp next to you...just that one bulb), then maybe my energy bill will. Even with the huge rate increase, I am paying less this March than I have in the past two March's. Yes, it's true. I'm only technically saving $4 compared to last year - but that's entirely because of the rate increase. In February I paid almost two times what I had last year (due to the electricity rate increase). So if I do some fancy math, I actually saved an estimated $20....(double last March's bill subtract this year's March bill)...

So change your bulbs! A four-pack of CFL's will only set you back $15. $15 to save on every electricity bill and to save the environment? Totally worth it.


Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lettering again...

Dear Boku,

Even in my cranky-pants mood (which is lifting...) I appreciate your growing trust of me. Jumping on the couch next to me to get a scratch or's a big step. Helped lighten my mood today Dokers...thanks.


And to you all out there still reading: I thought you might like to know that I contacted all of my classmates (from the lousy professor's class) and asked if anyone would be willing to sign a letter/petition to the Dean requesting a refund for this course. I'm going to actually write the letter only if I hear from half of the class. So far, there are 4 out of 32 people in on the letter (even though I only wrote to the class 10 minutes ago - good response in the first 10 minutes). I'll let you know how this goes....I'm not all that optimistic that we have any chance of getting out money back, but it's not going to hurt me any to try...

Sunday letter...

Dear asshole-in-my-parking-space,

You have now been there for over 12 hours and somehow the tow company has not been able to get a tow truck out here (despite repeated calls). If you get away with parking in my space for that long....with no tow...I'm going to be even more pissed than I already am.

Thanks for making my Sunday cranky you douche-bag (I pay more money a month to park there than you will pay to get your car out of impound so go suck it).


PS - Deep down, I have a nugget of pure evil. Because watching that car get towed? I felt victorious...and giddy. Like I was winning against all the cheaters in the world....against the people who think they can get away with parking in a spot that is reserved, people that try to sit in concert seats that aren't theirs, people who drive on the shoulder during stop and go all suck. And I won one tiny battle in the cheater war...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The light at the end of a bunch of tunnels is finally shining through...
  • Two exams to go (one take-home and a little bit of a joke. The other a little more strenuous but I can get 50% on it and possibly still get an A).
  • Today, my co-worker/trainer/guy who's job I'm taking/becoming let slip his hourly rate (he's part-time too at this point). And all the surrounding coworkers didn't seem impressed. But inside, inside I was yelling yippee and doing a little jig. Not even a little jig - I was full out jigging/dancing. Because his hourly rate? The hourly rate he scoffed at and said was not all that good because of where we work...that hourly rate is a number I never hoped to make in the next few years. A number that brings a condo so much closer....and a number I cannot get without an MS...which makes this whole school thing seem like the best choice I've made in a while....Yippee!
  • The weather...while I like Winter...I think I do get a touch of that seasonal affect disorder. And even the weather today (40's ish) was sort of nice.
  • San a week!
Jig, jig, jig....

D...ddd...dirty, dirty...

Here's my quick and dirty review of the Justin Timberlake (with Pink opening) concert.

  1. Wasn't as bad as I expected
  2. That rope/circus trick was sort of impressive, man muscles.
  3. Couldn't help but would I look with a bleach blond pixie cut.....hmmm...

  1. Why, oh why, Justin, did you have to come here during my finals week? I've mentioned it before and I'll mention it again...but its not fun going to a concert where the main goal is to dance when you have a raging case of test poo. My stomach and intestines at this point are brick-like - still causing me fairly regular pain but producing no results - due to the large quantity of Pepto ingested. If this all offends you, I don't care.
  2. I'm a silly girl because whenever the Timberlake is within 200 ft of me I get a burning in my loins. Maybe I'm tired (burning? loins?). The truth is, with test poo...there was no burning in my loins. Groaning maybe. No burning. What I was TRYING to say before I got totally sidetracked there is that Justin is hot. Sexy back.
  3. My sister and I had an interesting conversation this afternoon on whether or not Justin is legitimate/a legitimate musician (her point is that he is walking a fine line between sex object and respectable artist). My Mom (my concert-going companion) mentioned that my brother wouldn't have been caught dead at the first concert (where I was. 15 rows from the stage. Not. Ashamed). But now it's suddenly OK to like Justin. Does that mean he's more legitimate? Or that people are finally just saying, OK, it's not so embarrassing to like Pop music (which I believe was never embarrassing. If you think it is, then you take music too seriously)?
  4. The people-watching at the concert was fantastic. And horrific. Lots of dresses over pants and leggings. And pointy shoes. And the heels! A ton of the place was standing room only...and the girls walking into that area in their stilettos? Idiots. Trend city that concert. A lot of people that liked themselves just a little too much (and quite a few men who clearly wanted to be Justin).
  5. As for the actual music (I'm on point 5 and haven't even mentioned the actual concert part....hmmm, interesting), it was as I expected. Some points a little shaky (he is dancing, give him a break) but others, quite lovely. My Ma was not impressed with the "stage in the round" concept and I sort of agree, although he did have some interesting methods that made it work for him far better than for Pink. Personally I would have preferred a traditional stage. Where I could see Justin's ass at all times...
Now I'm going to go lay in bed and massage my belly...achy, achy belly. Damn you test poo...damn you.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Quick morning update...

Got to get out of the house to get to work on time...but, I thought you should all know (in case you're following the blog closely) that my bad Prof? Yeah, basically I smacked him in the face.

I wrote a letter to the Dean detailing every way in which he was deficient. The Dean told me he was immediately going to meet with Prof. And now the final project is off and we have a final exam. Which has (miraculously) already been posted.

I didn't go to class last night (I started boycotting weeks ago. It was a waste of my night to go) so I have no idea what the Prof had to say about it. I am sort of waiting in suspense to watch the class and hear what he says!

Off I go...have a fun Tuesday...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Harry Potter meme (said with English accent)...

1. Favorite Harry Potter movie- Prisoner of Azkaban. Although there were some great moments in Goblet of Fire...

2. Favorite Harry Potter book- Goblet of Fire.

3. Least favorite Harry Potter movie- Probably the first one. I don't love the book and I don't love the movie. I guess it sometimes feels like they're too young...

4. Least favorite Harry Potter book- 1st one - Sorceror's Stone.

5. Favorite Harry Potter Character- Pretty much any Weasley. I heart them all (except maybe Percy. Thought: under Imperius?). Ron first and foremost, then the twins, then Ginny....

6. Least favourite Harry Potter Character- Lucius Malfoy. I don't hate Draco though. Honestly, I think he's going to end up saving Harry in the end (or showing some sign of good).

7. Spell, Charm or Hex you most wish you had the ability to perform- the only one I could think of was Alohamora (sp?). The only reason that one is burned into my brain is because there was an HP game at some point that used that spell a lot. I guess it might be nice to unlock doors.

8. Reason for desiring to perform said Spell, Charm or Hex- I'd never be locked out of my apartment?

9. If I were in Hogwarts, my house would be- Nerdy self used the computer to figure it out for me. Quiz here. Put me in Ravenclaw (84%) which is probably right on. After that: Hufflepuff (81%), Gryffindor (71%) and Slytherin (54%).

10. If I played Quiddich, my position would be- Have to agree with the sister: I'd be in the crowd.

11. My favorite Hogwarts subject would be- Charms. Definitely.

12. After graduating Hogwarts, my magic profession would be- Some sort of paper pusher I'd imagine? A computer nerd for magical gadgets?

13. Harry Potter character you would most like to snog- Ron.

14. Magical creature you would keep as a pet- I would have a cat. But I wouldn't mind having an owl.

15. Favorite method of magical transportation- Flying car?

16. Make up a spell, complete with name and function- Allygurcus. It takes allergies and pulls them out of you and transforms them into what they my cat allergy..GONE and transformed into a cat!

17. Person I would most like to use the Confundus Charm on- Hmmm, I honestly don't know.

18. Person I would most like to use Avada Kedavra on- Lucius Malfoy?

19. Person I would most like to use the Cruciatus Curse on- No one...

20. Person I would most like to use the Imperious Curse on- No one....

21. Person I would most like to use the Entrancing Enchantment on- hmm, I wouldn't mind using it on someone beautiful for a night of fun.....(Justin Timberlake? Gael Garcia Bernal?)

22. If God could do magic, would he be better than Dumbledore? Yuck.

True or False questions- (answer honestly)

23. I have read all (so far) 6 Harry Potter books- True

24. I have pre-ordered book 7- True

25. I have re-read all (so far) 6 Harry Potter books- True. And will again in a matter of months to prepare for Movie 5 and Book 7....

26. I own all the Harry Potter DVDs- True.

27. I own a wand- Sort of true. Because I own a lot of HP legos. And so a lot of little lego wands.

28. I know magic- False.

(Questions 29 and 30 were lame, so they're heretofore redacted.)

31. I have at one point had an inappropriate crush on Hermione Granger (girls are encouraged to answer too)- False.

32. I am Lord Voldemort- False.

33. I have lost sleep due to reading Harry Potter books- True. The first time around with a lot of the books, and sadly I sometimes lose sleep when I re-read them as well...

34. Harry Potter's witchcraft has possessed my soul and now Jesus hates me because I read Harry Potter more than the bible - This is dumb. And thus, deserves a strikethrough to show my disdain for this question (even if it was written to be "funny").


Obama racing up the polls....

Preference for Democratic Presidential Nominee:

Hillary Clinton 34%
Barack Obama 31%
John Edwards 15%

Ha ha!

Ok fine...more like "Hillary Clinton dropping like a rock". Barack only gained 3%. Hillary lost 6%....

Check in later for some Harry Potter meme procrastination action...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Amateur quarter...

I believe I have mentioned my awful, no-good, very bad Professor to you all ( here, here).

It only gets better. In week 9 (of total 11) he changed the syllabus on us. He got rid of 60% of the homework and the final exam completely. And he assigned a group project. Yes. That's right. Two weeks left of class and he created/assigned a group project. And the group? It consists of the entire class, all of the distance learning students with Prof. Fucktastic as the project manager. He couldn't even manage the he's going to manage a huge project? HA.

This is a joke, right?

I want my money back.

Oh. And I have a migraine (with an hugely numb left hand and lips/nose starting to get there...oooh, there goes the eyelid. All tingling and numb. This is the worst migraine I've had in a long time)...happy Saturday! To tell the truth though...I am in a fairly good mood. I finished the huge website project (or finished my portion) this morning and did laundry. All that's left now for the quarter is a presentation (in which I somehow was assigned the easiest of all roles - introductions). And an exam.

And obviously, whatever the hell I'm supposed to be doing for this huge, amateur, ass-baggy project.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Testing 1, 2...

Ok, so I'm sure I passed the test. Probably did well on it too. But there were a few interesting moments:

  • Inability to focus at the beginning due to inappropriate dream last night about my group member. I didn't think it would be a big deal (it wasn't a dirty dream at all, it was sort of an intimate dream if that makes sense. Cuddling, hand holding dream) but then he walked in and I felt like a weird creepy girl. It wasn't my fault I had the dream and yet I felt like a dirty old man.
  • While focusing on a question, trying to make up value propositions out of thin air, I got Naive by The Kooks stuck in my head. And for like...a minute all I could think're so naive, yes so. Over and over. Good song. Addictive. I haven't heard it for at least a week. And yet all of the sudden, stuck.
  • I forgot the word observe. I was trying to write about observing holidays (yes, on my computer wizardry exam). I ended up using celebrate instead. Sometimes....sometimes the brain lets me down.
Now off to complete a presentation for tomorrow night. I hate presentations.

Wuh, wuh, wednesday...

There are two ways my final could go tonight:
  1. The stuff that is crammed into my head (due to the whole closed book thing) is easily accessible and it sails onto the page. No stress, just pure pencil to paper testing glory.
  2. The stuff that is crammed into my head stays all crammed in and I can't budge any of it an inch. It is crammed in so tightly that it won't come out. Choke.
We'll see. Wish me luck...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Dear Boku,

That was very nice of you to hairball on the hardwood instead of on one of my many carpets.


Dear Mona,

That was very rude of you to get playful and run through Boku's hairball and smear it all over (and onto the edge of the rug).


First final tomorrow...can't believe how fast and yet how slow this quarter has gone...

Sunday, March 04, 2007


That, my friends, is the sound of all motivation leaking out of my belly button (well, where else do you expect it to leak out of? Dirty people).

I am sluggish and bored - but yet all these books and notes next to me? Not something I feel like doing. I have this horrible attitude that even without the studying I will get a good grade - someday that is going to bite me in the ass. Hopefully not this quarter? Although better this quarter then next...then maybe I'll learn my lesson?

Other than school, not much going on around here...maybe in a few weeks I'll be interesting again (assuming any of you thought I was interesting in the first place)...

Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday update...

In a much better place....not much has changed...I still have an overwhelming project that 3 of us are slaving over...I still have a professor who is completely and entirely useless (I didn't go to class, but neither did he. He had a guest speaker and didn't bother to show up. We have three weeks of class left and still have 3 homework assignments and a final exam in his class...he hasn't given us any of the homework assignments of them is supposed to be due on Monday. Um?). But I guess I'm just more upbeat. It'll get done...or it won't. And the world will go on.

In other news, I officially have enough hair to donate to Locks of Love. The minimum is 10 inches and I have a solid 11 (even after a trim today) per my "stylist" who helped me measure using a piece of paper. I would have an extremely short do afterwards (think Twiggy in her hay-day (hey-day?))....but it's long enough! And healthy enough! Watch out Kate, I'm still holding out to have hair at your wedding...but you better be ready to take a call to talk me out of cutting it off now. I hate having hair this long. And I hate this inability to change my style. I like to change my hair-do/color often. Either way, my stylist seems as excited as I am to cut it off and find a good style for what hair I have left.....

And now I have to go do some work on school stuff...