Sunday, February 26, 2006

The lack of cake...

For the first time since I submitted my two-week notice letter I felt longing for my job today. Not because I miss the people, the work or even the income. But because of Mardi Gras...and a delight called King Cake. Oh King Cake...I will miss you. If you like cake (it's sort of donuty/coffee cake tasting) go buy one and support New Orleans...part of the proceeds go to the Red Cross (ours were usually filled with cream cheese...oh so delicious).

Does anybody else feel really happy whenever the Jimmy Fallon/Parker Posey pepsi commercial comes on? It just makes me feel happy and giddy. And it makes me love Jimmy Fallon (and want to dance). In case you're unsure of what I'm speaking of, go here. Make sure you have the volume on so you can hear the peppy (he he he) dance music.

I was just previewing this post to make sure the links worked, and I misread the title as "Lake of Cake." If only...

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Happy saturday night...

Yes, I am blogging on a Saturday night. I am currently trying quite desperately to write an essay about e-mail monitoring in the workplace. You'd think that since I blog so much I wouldn't have that much trouble writing essays. But you would be wrong. I hate essays. I find them boring and meaningless. They say absolutely nothing about my intelligence level since I am more of a math-oriented person anyway. In short, my essays always sound like a high schooler wrote them. I have a very informal style of writing and when I try to formalize it, it reads awkwardly. I always have to pad my grade so the essay doesn't hurt much. I think I'm almost done with the introduction, which is hands-down the hardest paragraph to write in the whole now that I'm through with that, I think it's easy sailing...

I'm having a hard time with my johari and nohari...I know I said people could use fake names, but I'm starting to think that these people filling it out don't actually know me. And really, what's the point of filling that window out if you don't know me? Does it provide glee (hehe hehehe, I'm going to call her tense and religious...I'm so funny)? I guess the only way I can truly use the results is taking the entries of my friends into consideration. I still don't want to go into details though. I'll give it a week.

Oh, and Bode Miller sort of pisses me off.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday blank period...

It's my three hour blah/blank period. I didn't go to the Art Institute because I have one billion things due next week and I truly need to work on all of them. I have since run into problems with each and every item due: 2 of them aren't posted yet, 1 is a paper which I don't want to start yet (i'd like to power through it in one sitting) and the last is part of my project with dunderhead. I started that and then realized I don't know what the hell I'm doing and I need my book. Which I don't have at the moment. Great. Dunderhead has officially taken half of the work this time. And if it turns out terrible I'm going to turn it in anyway and then go see the professor that very same day. That's my new plan.

I wanted to give my day 2 observations of this whole johari/nohari idea. When I first saw the johari things pop up on blogs...I truly just thought, eh...those people are just looking for compliments. To an extent, I still do. I mean, looking at mine is sort of like, oh look what people think, how nice! (by the way, who is A friend...? Is that you over there Alex? Or a random?). I'd still like my high-school friends to fill it out so I'm not going to go into specifics about what exactly people thought about me....

As for the nohari...I do sort of enjoy it. Maybe I'm a tad bit masochistic. I don't know, but I like this kind of honesty. I wish people would tell me at certain points in my life, you know Katie, you're being stubborn or cruel. The only issue I have with the nohari I think is the lack of certain words....I feel like hyper-critical would be a great one to put on there. Again, I won't go into details. So far...there are only a few words that people chose that sort of made me flinch (I wonder if any of you can guess which...). But again, I'd really like some of my high school friends to do this one too. So go to the previous post and fill these suckers out. (and by the way on this that Jason as in, Katy and Jason?)...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Ok, I'm doing it too...(go here) but only because I really enjoyed seeing J's and Janet's....I like to see what people think of them. Do it, why not?

Update: Whoever just entered Dunderhead is seriously not funny. Religious? Makes me want to start over again...but I can't ban idiots from taking you know there would just be another dunderhead. Now I understand why I don't usually cave to this kind of thing. Way to ruin my joy for the johari "dunderhead."

Second update: I think this one is more fun. More valuable maybe too. Learn what you all think sucks about me. After doing my sister's, let's just say, it's hard to do the nohari on other people. But strap on some balls and go for it. And if you're really scared, you can use a fake name.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Today I...

did nothing. I woke up feeling ill so skipped my two classes (which I had hoped to never do). I therefore realized I had to be extra productive. Which I only halfway acheived. I did some homework, I got my schedule hammered out for next quarter....but I still have tons to do. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. But it's really my fault because I did nothing, nothing this weekend.

My schedule next quarter is interesting. I have class from 1:30 to 9pm (with a short, 1 hour break between 5 and 6) on Mondays and 1:30 to 5 on Wednesdays. And that's it. That's weekend starts at 5 on Wednesday. Wow.

In other, much weirder but quirky and interesting news...I discovered this whole world of people that worship (I can't find the right word here...but that's the closest I came) this doll, Blythe. First off, the doll is expensive. And it really straddles that line between cute and creepy (you pull a cord on its back and its eyes change color. Neat. Creepy?). But the people...they bring the doll places and take pictures...and spend $30 on outfits. I mean...ok...I think I'm weird enough to understand this desire. Still. I sometimes just get a little perplexed about things I stumble on out there...

Monday, February 20, 2006

Hey guess what?

I'm allergic to my cats. And I'm feeling it. Oh the itchy eyes.

Yes, I was getting allergy shots for about a year. But the new insurance will not cover them, and I cannot afford $232 a month (for real).

Someday my job/insurance will cover it. Until then I will wash my hands relentlessly, vacuum more and become good friends with the allergy pill.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Anything but reading...

This site is intriguing. I think this idea is a really good one. I know many of you out there aren't in a place to donate money for this kind of thing, but I urge you to look at the site anyway. Personally, I'm thinking of finding a Chicago project that sounds good and going for it. I technically don't have the money to spare, but because of registration issues, I might have a lot more free time next quarter...therefore I may get a job. I've already started the process with the career center. Anyway, even if you don't have money, go read some of these teacher's ideas.

And I found it really interesting that Chicago area schools are sometimes 90% or more low-income. Even Katrina impacted areas are only around 50%.

My other non-productive new favorite thing is downloading fonts. Free fonts are everywhere. I heart fonts.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


I should start off by saying that I am not an optimistic person by nature. I don't trust people easily and I have loads of snarky thoughts about people I don't know. But I do tend to be naive. And I sort of feel like most people are innately good. Which is why some things baffle me. Like when someone stole my Dad's Christmas present...but left the box behind sort of like a smack in the face "Ha! I opened your package and took the goods." So here are two things that make me question people's insides:

I often find myself wondering about computer viruses. You know...learning about computers, I think about computers a lot (cats...computers...could I be more geeky?). Why would you design something with the sole purpose to hurt, kill, maim people's computers? In a lot of cases, ruining the computers of the only group of people that can't afford to fix them or buy new...the people who don't have the money for the expensive anti-virus software. The people with no expendable money. That's just shitty. In my mind I sort of (sort of, sort of, only a tiny bit) can justify hackers breaking into evil corporations and screwing around. Maybe because evil corporations are...well...evil. Or maybe because I just like the movie Hackers.

The real reason I felt the need to post about this is because of a comment I deleted from my previous post. It was horrifyingly cruel. It wasn't about this isn't really a personal issue...I just can't believe that someone would post something so mean on my blog. I refuse to go into more details (so don't even ask). It made me sad and angry at the same time. Here's the new rule for comments: If you can't say something nice, get the hell off of my blog.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I have to bitch about my group member, I have to. I've been trying to hold off out of respect for you readers...but I have to. (quick off the subject update: go here to see Katy and Jason get engaged...)

My group member and I split up our latest piece of the project. I wish I could post images of our two halves. My reports had logos and looked like something your business would print (which is the point). One of his reports had two lines on it. Two lines. And he's clearly data entry retarded. We had to design an input screen -which is a huge part of his career choice: human computer interaction- and his was inoperable. Disaster. Here's the email I wrote him (name withheld and replaced with my nickname for him):

Hi Dunderhead,

Yeah, so you obviously didn't look at the slides or the case...and you really needed the book. Your reports aren't what they are supposed to be (a two-line report??). And your input screen doesn't make sense. How can you input multiple months in the same box?

I'll just redo it. The point is to turn in a finished product so that our project turns out OK. It sort of sucks for me if you don't put full effort in at this point.

I'll email you the finished product.


So the question now is, do I inform my professor of my problems now or just wait for the peer review? I am just scared that he's going to "defensively" review me and mark me in, "you think I suck so I think you suck. Take that, sucker!" And since I am doing ALL the work, I sort of feel like his review should just be tossed in the garbage.

I hate him. I hate group work. But my reports/project look really nice.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Part II...

Dear Katie (oh glorious owner),

We love you dearly and left you a Valentine's Day present upstairs on your brand new Flokati rug (which we love).

Yes, it is puke. And we managed to get it all right in the middle of a light blue square (I know, dark blue surrounds the light blue...have some sympathy: when you're sick, you're sick).

But we love you.


Mona and Boku

Happy Valentine's Day...

So you'd think that a girl who is in computer school could figure out how to write words next to the picture. But when I use an outside photoblogging uploader thingy (how technical of me) it won't work. Too bad. But the good part of the outside thinga-ma-bobby is that you can click all of my pictures to see them in a larger size.

These are the flowers my Ma got me. Neat tulips huh? You cant's see the orchids very well...but they are brightest purply pink and quite delightful. My favorite thing about Dilly Lily is that they always come through with something unusual yet pretty. And, they always have the big leaf (banana?) inside the vase to hide the stems. It just looks classy. Thanks Moojy, I heart you!

It has been a thoroughly exciting Valentine's Day. Besides the flowers waiting for me...I also was informed that one of my best friends is engaged! Yay! And, it was on the radio...her fiancee won a radio contest to propose on air (and a ring, which I imagine is beautiful). There should be pictures/details up on the radio station's website eventually....which I will link to as soon as I can. So if you are voyeuristic please check back later for details. Or, hopefully the engaged girly herself will blog (over there to the left, choose Katy). Congratulations Katy and Jason!

And in other, slightly less exciting news, my tax refund is large! Thank you accountant/government/DePaul (for making me pay tuition in 2005)! Oh, and yesterday Mona and I had our one year anniversary. Oh cats......

Hope you all are happy and loved today...

Sunday, February 12, 2006

No whammy....

So all my friends have been talking of their winter funks...and I thought it was lucky to be coming out of the holidays and through January with no funk. But now I've hit my funk. I'm funky. Not in the "groovy" sense of the word, but in the "smelly cheese" sense.

I feel blah. I'm grouchy. I whine of my lack of things to do (see last post) but don't do anything about it (with many options TO do something about it).

It looks like February is my stinky funk month.

I keep trying to mentally psych myself up with the following items:
  • Friend in town this week!
  • Excuse to buy truffles (and cheat, cheat, cheat the diet) due to Valentine's Day. I see Valentine's day not as a "lovers" holiday (probably because I have been single on every V-day I can remember) but as a holiday to pamper myself. Flowers, truffles...
  • No more midterm stress...
  • Spring is so close, so close. Then I get to plant flowers, have a week off, see my friends (and Wicked!), walk around more, etc.
I think lately it just feels closer to me that NONE of my friends live here. I have more free time and more desire to use that free time in social ways (my social = zoo, movie, lunch, show, dinner...anything but a bar). And I have no friends in the Chicago-land area.

Oh wait, is that me whining again? See paragraph two above.

P.S. - growing wonder at the words blogger spell check doesn't know. Truffles?

Saturday, February 11, 2006

I wonder...

I wonder where they find the music for figure skating...and why I haven't seen anybody fall on their ass on skies yet...

Sometimes, when I'm bored (like right now...I should be reading...yes, it is Saturday night) I hit that little button at the top right of my blog and go to the next blog. Most often it's a bunch of middle schoolers/high schoolers and foreign blogs. But today I hit an erotica blog. So here's what I wonder about that: these people write some really dirty they tell people it is their blog? Does their family know about the blog? And if not...if it is a secret blog...couldn't help but wonder who I know that has a secret dirty, erotica writing alter-ego. Does my sister have a dirty blog? My friends? And as a side-note...yes, I read an entry or two (gasp) I supposed to believe this stuff actually happens to these people? I'm doubtful.

How sad is it that on my Saturday night I'm reading Java and Erotica (not on purpose).

Dear World,

I am 15/17 of the way to becoming a cat lady. Please either:

  1. Save me by resurrecting my social life (eh...did I ever really have one? At least give me something...a little something?)
  2. Send me a sweatshirt with kittens on it, another cat/kitten and declare me official cat lady.
Thank you.


Monday, February 06, 2006

Valentine's offer...

So I just made the most beautiful handmade's a set of 10. And I only have 7 people who I plan to send Valentine's if you want a Valentine, let me know....There are 3 available to anyone who would like a little holiday cheer.

Just give me a quick comment with your email address (if I don't know you or your address) and I'll email you to find out what your real address is. Or if you don't care about the fact that your address will be public, go ahead and put it below!).

High school girls, old college 402 roomies, Mom and sister need not apply...

Really kids, these are high class valentines. I even made the envelopes. This is my favorite, coolest thing in the WORLD.
This is what my studying looks like:

  • Books in the background on the coffee table
  • Spider solitaire front and center
  • AIM
  • And of course, the cat who thinks she should be in my lap and not the laptop. She also likes to watch/hunt the mouse pointer.
To be honest, I've spent a lot of time on myspace too. I hate the thing. Hate it. But I still obsessively sign on every day. Most often though, I sign on and am like...uh, what do I do now? Errr Myspace (fist shaking in air angrily).

Halfway through with midterms and then I have lots of things planned which should hopefully make for more interesting/exciting posts.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Saturday school...

Currently I am "in class." I'm not really or this would seem fairly rude to be typing out a blog post. However, something nice about DePaul (might just be the computer school of DePaul) is that all of my lectures are recorded: the professor pacing and blabbering, the white board contents (really neat system for this) and the screen shot. So, I can sit on my couch on a Saturday afternoon and watch the class I skipped. And not miss a single thing. Every lecture I attend is recorded like this.

Many, many times I have wondered: why oh why go to class at all? If I were an undergrad, I think I would skip constantly (only one of my courses requires attendance). My personal feeling is that as a grad student I need to form relationships with professors. I need recommendations and such for future aspirations (not only would it be nice to have a professor on my resume, but it would also be lovely to have a professor who really, actually knows me recommend me for an assistantship). Anyway, I cannot believe how easy it is for these kids to skip class. I'm quite jealous. Private schools with loads of money can afford these things.

This class is so boring, I usually read about 25-50 pages of my "for fun" book each class session. Which is more disrespectful: not showing up to class at all or reading a book through the entire class?

Friday, February 03, 2006

Why I hate water...

  1. Mona has recently lost her mind and decided that any apparatus holding large amounts of water is her enemy. She has taken to attacking both the humidifier and her water bowl (it is a waterfall that has a little tank to refill itself). She hisses at them, spits, bats. Yesterday she somehow turned off the humidifier. Now I worry that she isn't getting anything to drink...stupid, weird cat.
  2. It is raining. I wanted to do laundry. I do not want to walk to the laundry room in the rain (yes I have to walk outside to get to the laundry room in my building).
  3. I have an irrational fear of deep water. You wouldn't think this is a problem when in class on the 12th floor in the Loop. However, I experienced a weird sort of internal panic when we were talking about wires. Wires in ocean trenches. I was trying to figure out how they did it...I know they say there is little we know about the middle of the ocean. So how the hell did they get a wire across the bottom of the ocean? anyone? Totally freaked myself out by imagining the depths of the ocean.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I wrote most of this post earlier. I couldn't decide if I should even post it because my life has become one boring, school oriented chasm. But I'll go for it. Read at your own peril.

I decided to post because I just got some excellent news here. If you look closely (you should look if you like music, in case any of your Sony faves are on the list), Justin Timberlake has a CD coming out in June. I have missed his poppy fun music. I am not ashamed of loving penis vein boy (see comment). Any visitors to 402 remember my wall o'men...well, I kept all those pictures for sentimental reasons...and I just tried to locate the penis vein. And honestly...I don't know if I lost it, but this is all I could find. I also giggled at this, and this, and this. Roomies, is that the penis vein? I thought it was much more prominent...large...

Here's the shit I wrote earlier:

Out of boredom I'm going to post again. I have given up on studying. The test for tomorrow is in a class that I excel at. The one item due tomorrow through the computer is turned in. And the paper assignment due was sent to dunderhead and I am waiting for his changes (let's guess...none?).

I am starting to believe that maybe I am supposed to be a programmer. Does this make me a nerd? Yes. Does it bother me that I'd be an even bigger nerd than I am already? Nope, not at all. Nerds and assholes rule the world...I'd rather be a nerd.

Yesterday in class we were once again going over primitive variables (something we should have learned in the first class or two). I didn't have my book with me. Prof. asked everyone to look at the one around me had a book. She was harassing everyone to move to find/share a book, looked at me, and I mouthed "I'll be fine" and she nodded and moved on. Later in the class I raised my hand to volunteer an answer while everyone else was gaping open mouthed at the whiteboard and she sort of giggled and said, "Not you!" Now you may be thinking, wow what a conceited ass bag this Katie is. No, I am not claiming genius. I am just smart in a pool of idiots.

Not worried about the exam tomorrow. And it's open note.

I really am worried about my Tuesday exam. I was preparing some extra work to possibly go over with my prof. to make sure I'm heading in the right direction, but she doesn't have any office hours I quit all that....

Procrastination abounds...

I'm busy organizing to study while not actually doing any studying. I have a few random things to say...

My sister was telling me the other night that she was never able to study, and if I can manage to study at all I'm a step ahead. Then last night she remarked that she didn't know why I worry about midterms because I'll get A's anyway. In some ways she is right...but in other ways I think she forgets that I am not as gifted as her. I don't have a photographic memory. If I don't know something before I test, I can learn it in the 5 minutes leading up to the test. My memory is such that I forget things constantly. So it is not a given that I will get an A. I, like most of the world, do have to study. I am lucky enough that I don't have to study much...but for me, an A is not a given. And for the classes I am taking now, in two of them an A is not even likely. Will I get worse than a B? Probably not. But still...I can't take my brain for granted. I can't go carousing (ok, I never carouse...but there is a super bowl party that she would like me to go to...because she likes me and because she wants me to bring her her new purse) the day before an exam.

Ate at Frontera last night. It was scrumptious. Delightful. I can't say enough about how good it was. If you are a Chicago resident and you've never're really missing out.

And finally, I am in a great mood today because I had not one, but two tasty dreams last night. One involved a malfunctioning elevator, me and computer guy from my old company. No, it was not a sex dream. But it was right at that line between innocent and naughty. Delicious. The other was far dirtier...I won't go into details....the boy..well, I'm still not entirely sure was a mish mash, at one moment it was one person and the next somebody different.

Oprah is dancing on my Tivo'd Oprah show. It's a disaster.