Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday morning HP thought...

I feel like I'm reading the book differently this time around....(HP and the Chamber of Secrets still).

So...Snape. Debate rages about whether he is good or not, what will happen in the end with him. Sometimes I can be naively trusting that people are good, and I still think he'll do something heroic in the last book to save Harry (and I honestly think that somehow Draco will too). However, that doesn't mean I like him. I think he's an ass.

But, here's my thought: We know now that Snape is a leglimens (spelling? in non-HP language, he can read people's memories and emotions but not necessarily their current thoughts). Either way, when he "stares piercingly" at Harry after Harry has done something wrong (ex: throw a firecracker in a cauldron of boiling Swelling Solution) it suddenly makes sense. He can sense Harry's guilt or fear or whatever and KNOWS Harry did I sort of like Snape a bit better. Because he clearly gives Harry a "pass" on loads of occasions. And maybe all of that mean, hateable Prof. Snape stuff IS just an act....

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  1. interesting thought. i agree, i don't think Snape is as much of a jerk as we think the first time through, bearing in mind of course that we see things very much from Harry's perspective and he is clearly biased.

    my sister is here this weekend and we just watched the movie of POA, and i was struck (similarly) by the way Snape throws himself in front of the trio when Lupin transforms, as well as the fact that no repercussions settle on Harry from his "Expelliarmus" of Snape in the Shrieking Shack. and yes, you are definitely on to something with the number of times he lets things slide throughout.

    i think Snape is not evil, but not nice. i think he will do something heroic (another something actually, because i think he and DD had a pact which was why DD said, 'severus please' and also why they were fighting in the forest) in book 7; not thinking Snape will make it. as for Draco, i don't know.

    i am planning to start my re-read soon as well! :)

    what do you think on the Snape + Lily issue?