Thursday, July 12, 2007

To think to dream...

I think one of my problems (and one of my assets) is my active imagination. This is probably why I like to read so much, because I become immersed in my imaginary book world. And I have the unfortunate habit of crafting fairly elaborate daydreams. I don't daydream much at work or when watching TV or doing stuff around the house. But I do daydream right when I wake up (and usually on the walk to work) and right before I go to bed. I often wonder...if I wasn't so involved in my books/daydreams would I be more prone to real-life activity?

I don't know how many of you daydream out there, but sometimes my little storylines aren't particularly happy (you'd think I'd craft love stories or happy friend stories always). And I can't decide if that makes me masochistic. And, since I don't generally daydream about other people's tragedies or happy endings, does that mean I'm a narcissist as well? And worrying about what my own daydreams say about me...that sort of seems uber-narcissistic. And then writing about it on a blog that is solely about me...sort of smacks of sensational, insanely overwhelming narcissism...

Katie. Narcissist.

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