Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Eat words...

Whenever I say something like "posting hiatus" or "sporadic posting ahead" I always, always think of a million things to blog about the next day. Maybe I'll just stop saying that. Or maybe I'll just continue to eat my words...after all, my words...they are a'tasty....

Lately I've been super critical of myself, physically. I know I always have been to an extent (aren't we all? I think this is the part where I'm supposed to blame society) but lately I can't look in the mirror without thinking something disparaging (especially at work, I think the fluorescent lights really do not help). It became readily apparent since I started wearing jewelry. One of my mid-year resolutions was to start wearing jewelry. I like it. I admire it. Yet I don't take the time to wear it myself. I'm changing the earrings every day, thinking about changing necklaces, etc. And every time I wear dangly earrings I think - "wow, I look really stupid. Everyone is going to notice because I look weird." And no one ever notices at all (except...you know, my entire extended family). Anyway, I wonder how I can stop noticing all my many faults (oh, skin looks splotchy today. Oh, look at those bags under my eyes. Uck, look at my eyebrows and on, and on, and on....).

Two entirely unrelated things:
  1. My new favorite thing in the world are these Strawberry Newton 100 calorie packs. I don't think I even like the regular Strawberry Newtons all that much (or maybe I do - it's been a long, long time since I bought them). All I know is that those little packs are little bites of heaven.
  2. I saw a completely black squirrel today. This is weird, yes? Most squirrels around these parts are brown and gray....this one, this one was just entirely black. Black body, black big puffy tail. And he gave me the stink-eye. I thought for a minute that I was going to have squirrel all up in my face (he was on a tree, roughly level with my eye-line, within arms length).

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  1. black squirrels are EVERYWHERE in michigan. in fact, i think about 90% of the squirrel population up here is black.