Saturday, July 07, 2007

The boy who lived...

Last thoughts about HP before book 7....I know I haven't said much in a while, but I have finished all the books I own and am now waiting impatiently for 7. As I was reading Half-Blood Prince feverishly (more so than any of the others) I realized that I don't think Harry will die. I have totally reversed my opinion. However, I think, personally, it will be a totally unsatisfying book 7 if he doesn't die.

How can I say that? Well - I am attached to these characters. I want Harry and Ginny to be together, I want Ron and Hermione to kiss already. I want Neville to finally really be included in their circle of friends (and Neville + Luna? Wouldn't that be fun?). The problem I foresee with book 7 is that the end could very well leave me wanting more. If it ends with Voldy dead and Harry and Ginny/Hermione and Ron walking into the sunset I can sort of imagine myself that it? Because if they live, I might want to know about what they do post-Hogwarts, I'll want to still be involved in their lives. I guess that's possibly just a personal issue...but book endings can often leave me unsatisfied (maybe because I have read a lot of romance novels which always tidily wrap everything up and often have an epilogue...).

So, here are some other itemized thoughts and then I'm going to go start my Saturday:
  • Dumbledore still has a huge part to play, even if dead...possibly from his picture?
  • R.A.B. - sort of convinced it's Sirius' brother.
  • Draco....going to end up somehow helping Order of the Phoenix, or if not explicitly so, then will not be able to kill Harry/Ron/Hermione if those are his orders.
  • Snape. In my eyes right now, he's bad. But....I waffle on that. The fact that he wouldn't let Harry do an unforgivable curse at the end of HBP...seems like he was sort of watching out for him...
  • Who will die in the last one? A Weasley, I sort of think Charlie or unfortunately Mr. Weasley, possibly Neville.....Mad-Eye Moody.....Voldy....Snape....and various other Death Eaters....
Hope you all have/had a fun weekend, I'm off...


  1. I know that I will want more. Part of the reason I love romance novels, like you said, is because they end tidily and are often very forthcoming about the future of the hero and heroine. I like that. I also love movies with epilogues--movies that say where their main characters end up. I've never been a fan of ambiguous endings, and furthermore, the HP crew are so young! They have so much life ahead of them if she ends now, and I want to know where Harry is in 20 years.

    I should just stick to romance novels.

  2. I totally agree as well. I am awash with anticipation for the 7th book, and yet a little part of me doesn't want it to come, because then it will be over. And you know JK Rowling won't write anymore, she's pretty stubborn on that issue. I'm so glad to hear too that there's an epilogue. As far as who dies - definitely think it will be a Weasley, possibly Mr. Weasley, but I also think maybe one of the twins or something, or Lupin. Definitely some good guys are going down though, which worries me.... oh my goodness I can't wait!

  3. I am way more excited about the new book than I ought to be. I'm frustrated that there is a party I have to go to on Saturday, becuase I just want to read the book.

    I am so glad there's an epilogue. I love knowing where things ended up.

    I think Snape is good. He's not a great person, and he doesn't like Harry, but I can't believe that Dumbledore would trust someone who was evil. Dumbledore might be a little overly optimistic at times, but he has never shown himself to be dumb or easily duped.

    I hate to think about who might die. If it's a character I love, I'll be so sad, but if it is a peripheral character who I was never attached to, I'll feel like Rowling cheated. Like that episode of 90210, when the adds were all "tonight they lose one of their own" and then it was Brian Green's friend who no one knew and wasn't really in any episodes before that.