Monday, July 23, 2007

Bachelorette party observed...

So, I'm first going to explain what we did. Then I'm going to tell you what I observed....

First, we ate at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba. It was a lovely meal in which we downed quite a few pitchers of Sangria. Lots of food was consumed as well (I do believe I ate at least 3/4 of a plate of Garlic Potato Salad. That stuff is SO good). I think we all got along charmingly and towards the end we were creating quite a lot of noise (our speech volume escalated in direct proportion to the volume of Sangria we consumed). We moved on to Lion Head. We drank a lot. We went upstairs to the Apartment to dance. And drank (some of us). That's the story.

Two things in this post, then more in the next few days/week (depending on the amount of time I have). Most don't really have to do with the actual party, more with things I noticed while attending said party.

First, I have this uncanny ability to say the wrong thing even when sober. I think I've gotten better at this recently...but sometimes I'm following my own train of thought, and I say something to others that makes complete sense to me, but somehow turns out to sound really blunt or totally mean. But I generally didn't mean it that way at all and if I could have phrased it better or started out with some explanation of what is about to come out of my mouth, things would definitely turn out better for me. I think this issue increases when drunk. I'm not happy about it and I think I should not allow myself to speak without thinking/explicating when drunk...

Second, I think I could make money off of personalized buttons if I gear them toward this kind of thing. Basically I made name buttons for everyone in the wedding colors - those of us who didn't know each other could look at the buttons to remind us of a name. How often do you secretly wish everyone had name tags, but realize that would be hideous? This solves that need...the buttons turned out so cute that they can also be a little party favor. Maybe when I get a website up I'll think about doing something on Etsy or something. But how in hell do you market that? Bachelorette/bridal buttons in your wedding colors! Get em while they're hot! See the button here.

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  1. That button idea is actually brilliant. I totally agree that the buttons were perfect for their purpose--and really cute at the same time. But I have no clue how you get the word out. Really, really good idea, though.