Friday, July 06, 2007

Driven to tears...

subtitle: Every breath you take.

If you're quick, you realize that those are Police songs. I like to think I'm clever, so read on for the reasoning behind my title and subtitle.

Police + Wrigley Field review...

I think the venue was pretty cool...and our can't really beat our seats (first row, on the field but a bit to the left of the stage. Sting was basically right in front of us...thanks Pooj for the amazing seats). And the band was pretty tight for being a bunch of old guys. Here's some random observations:
  1. They were far jammier than I expected, and personally I don't think it enhanced my experience. But maybe super-fans really like that?
  2. Sting looks great for his age, but dressed like a weird Scottish tantric guy. Tight pants made his feet look huge as well. And he clapped like a weirdo - spread all your fingers as wide as they can go on both hands and clap. Looks funny, right?
  3. Sting's bass...think he's been playing the same one since the was battered and scratched. He must love that thing...
  4. Lot of songs that I know.....lots that I didn't. But overall, enjoyable.
Now to the title of this sister and I sat together in those crazy good seats. She has notoriously bad luck when it comes to her concert neighbors. When we arrived there was a couple in some seats next to us and on the other side, emptiness. She jumped into the empty side (mistake). Two men showed up (who thought they were pretty damn cool, what with their sunglasses that they put on AFTER it got dark. Idiots). One (or both?) of them smelled bad. Not BO bad but dirty, smelly, awful bad. Possibly the worst rotting/stinky feet smell in the world. The sister had to deal with the wafts of smell throughout the show..titles make sense now?

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