Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Last night I had a delicious dream involving guacamole, chocolate, San Francisco, a tour bus, dancing and Justin Timberlake. Make of that what you will....I awoke this morning in a really good mood.

I got home from a profitable errand (yet costly - I now have a cat-puke free comforter) to Details Magazine with Harry Potter...er...Dan Radcliffe on it. One of the things I had discussed with good friend, Harry Potter lover, med student Janet was the fact that it is slightly pervy to be attracted to the Harry Potter boys (Ron and Harry mostly) but that I am. They are lovable. I can't help it. And our point was - at least they are legal now. However, if I dated an 18 year old that would be nuts. NUTS. Anyway, then came Details. And Dan with facial hair trying to be a model is slightly comical, but attractive, yes?:

And look at those eyes. Doesn't he look like a grown up? For your consideration, I submit an almost identical (and yet really disturbing) shot that was inside the mag:

For some reason I keep thinking he looks slightly feminine here. Even with the leather vest that shows off his man hair. Or the crazy, weedy eyebrows. He's sort of pretty, no? Anyway, I like the cover better. I just thought I would share Harry as man. Just be glad I didn't post those naked shots of him from Equus, you know, the full frontal ones that are floating out there on the web...


  1. that dream sounds delightful.

    as for our man DR, well ...

    i (embarassed-ly, since i am now solidly in my thirties) agree with you about the first photo ... the second kind of freaks me out and disgusts me. he looks like he's ready to go do something sordid and cheap on the corner with a man in loafers, just to get money for a coffee. sorry. i too have avoided the full frontals, though i (accidentally! i swear) happened on one that was perilously close to being so and almost had to shower for several hours to get over it. myrtle in GOF was bad enough.

    in the first, he's sort of an Elijah Wood-Tobey Maguire sort of laddie, don't you think?

  2. He looks like he's part of a gay pride parade. That vest is definitely NOT manly. I think the femininity is from the slightly demure pose of his head maybe? A little bit milk maid?

  3. I agree with the head tilt theory. First picture hot in a sort of Mrs. Robinson kind of way. Second picture not hot in a kind of underage Judas Priest kind of way.

  4. I think his very slight shoulders make him look feminine in the second shot. He'd just look like a young teen if it wasn't for the beard. M.

  5. Ew. I just... ew. There's something about him that is just not right ... for me ... I can't put my finger on what it is. The cover shot is as good as he can look, I think. That one makes me think he'll turn out ok, but also that he's so excited that he can grow facial hair.

    The second is definitely evocative of gay pride, it's the leather vest combined with the sparse chest hair and slight shoulders. He's grown up, but he hasn't quite filled in yet, which gives him a feminine quality of vulnerability. He looks like someone in search of a sugar daddy.

  6. in the movies - totally cute, and I feel like a perv for thinking so as I sit there in the movie theatre. Although, really, my love is for Ron, I mean Rupert. Who I daydream about while actually watching the movie every time he comes up on screen, and then admonish myself for doing so and remind myself that he's younger than my brother. Legal or not, younger than my brother means out of bounds.
    At borders yeterday I took a look at this Details, and I have to say: ewww. Some tv show, probably VH1's Best Week Ever, made some reference to the fact that he looks like creepier, younger, elijah wood. Which now is all I can think of when I see those pictures. My question is, when can we have Rupert Grint on the cover?
    p.s. - a had a crazy dream this morning too, involving getting my hair cut (which is so soon), my parents, my ex, his newphew, and a restuarant. werid.