Monday, February 05, 2007

There's beauty in the breakdown...

Is there? Really? Right now I wish I could see it. Yesterday (besides sort of watching the Bears breakdown) my computer crashed. Not just a sad little crash, but a full, needed to go through recovery, lost all my programs crash. Luckily, due to my back-up, I didn't lose all of my documents. But I still have to go back and reinstall my programs...which is going to take hours. One of my programs requires 6 CD's. And the computer that crashed is my school computer, so I lost one homework assignment (but luckily didn't lose the code behind it since that was already on the school's server) due to the fact that my back-up was a little older than a day.

Oh, and when it crashed, it took my new iPod down with it. So while I'm sure I can go ahead and reset it...I hate that I have to. And who knows what music stayed on my computer?

Not a good start to my week. Or my February really.

And I have to go traipsing out into the cold. Sigh.

Update: after the iPod's battery died, it came back to life with all of my music intact. Hooray.

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