Sunday, July 15, 2007

HP Movie...

Spoiler alert - I'm about to ruin the movie for you, so if you haven't seen it, stop reading.

Good,, let's get to it, shall we? I was disappointed about some of the omissions, but before I start listing them I do want to say that the movie they made was an entertaining film - it all worked together to make a really good movie. And while I felt disappointed in certain omissions (some of which I feel could have just as easily been in the movie) I'm OK with much larger omissions.

Let's start with the small omissions that hurt:
  • The swamp. Why oh why could they have not made Fred and George leave a swamp behind? Who cares about the fireworks (especially since they didn't have one that spelled POO)?
  • Prefects. No Hermione/Ron as prefects - therefore that piece of Harry's anger is totally missing.
  • Harry's anger. Yes, he does display SOME teenage anger. BUT, in the book he is angry with Hermione and Ron for a LONG time. And even after he's "over it" he's still a pissy bugger and goes off on Hermione and Ron/snaps at them frequently.
  • Maybe not an "omission" but the change in Sirius' death and the way it was done made it much less sad. I really am not loving the way it was treated.
  • Again, not an omission...but having Cho be to blame for the downfall of the DA really ended her relationship with Harry abruptly. It was never really acknowledged...ick.
  • And ENTIRELY not an omission, but Mr. Weasley, Fred and George's hair? BAD.
Larger omissions that didn't really bother me that much:
  • Quidditch. (Although Ron as goalie could have been loads of fun. But I love Ron, so more Ron time would have been delightful).
  • All of the extra time in his house at the beginning as well as extensive Order of the Phoenix time(although it seems like it is sort of important to know that Aunt Petunia knows a bit about magic and is in touch with Dumbledore)
  • All of the extra detail/rooms in the Department of Mysteries. It just made for a better action sequence without all of them splitting up (although I do think more of the kids should have been harmed, they all came away with only scrapes and bruises). I wish the fountain would have been involved but loved the detail in Dumbledore v. Voldemort.
All in all, not true to the book all that much. The major plot is the same - but the details in some places are entirely different. And I'm OK with that. Because film and literature are two very different mediums....

But have any of you stopped to wonder how they are going to make the next movie? How awful that last bit will be? What a downer that movie will be?

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  1. Fred and George's hair this movie was a big improvement from the last where they had those god awful shag hair cuts.