Sunday, July 01, 2007

My feelings about Apple...

iPhone smy-Phone.

I don't know if you all remember, but back in February, my computer crashed spectacularly, bringing down my mood, all of my homework and numerous hard to install programs. I blamed it on my iPod because it seemed to fit. I plugged the pooder in and the whole computer froze, hiccuped and died.

It threatened me again just now. There is clearly something wrong with my iPod. The kicker here is that it works some of the time. Sometimes I plug the iPod in, update it and sing a joyous tune because I have new music. But other times (like just a few minutes ago) iTunes freezes. I shut it down. I restart the computer. And the fucker (pardon kids) doesn't want to boot back up. This time, being the ever-intelligent computer wizard that I am, I brought her back from the brink (ok, fine, I got lucky. I hit every button on that horrible blue Intel boot screen and nothing happened. Then, I unplugged my iPod, banged more buttons and voila! I was suddenly at the boot options screen. Unplugging the iPod was the key. You asshole iPod video. Asshole).

So I'm a little grumpity. My expensive, pretty iPod is certainly unpredictable. And while I am confidant my computer is safe and healthy - I can't help but worry about plugging that sucker in. And I wanted new music for tomorrow...(although that may be a pipe dream, because now my iPod is stuck on the Do not Disconnect screen. And I dare not plug it back in. So I have to wait for the battery to die before it gets plugged back in. 8 hours from now...will it be dead?). Buble, you'll have to wait one more day til I get to know you before our upcoming, forced meeting in July....

So Apple, I have no desire for your new-fangled phone. I imagine frustration and annoyance will come hand in hand with that iPhone for quite a while...


  1. How to reset your ipod:

  2. Didn't want to reset it....I'd have to reload all of my music on it then (and if you look at step 4, that's what it would probably come down to anyway, exactly what I'm doing).

  3. No, reset as in reboot. It won't delete your songs. It is a hard drive after all-- you're just rebooting the CPU that controls it.