Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Loving cats...

Dear Katie,

We hate you.

You leave us alone all day, 4 days a week and that is unacceptable. So, we voted and elected Mona as the official representative of our hatred. We hope her demonstration got through to you.

Both of us would like to state that we prefer to throw up on rugs. Never on the miles of hardwood because that would be too easy for you to clean up. So last night, we decided that Mona should deposit some colorful throw-up on your blue, previously cat throw-up stained rug. You didn't understand the message and went to work again today. So we upped the ante...this time we had Mona deposit more throw up than ever on your bed. On the predominantly white comforter. With enough liquid to seep through the duvet cover to the actual, quality comforter and leave another huge stain.

Do you get it now, owner? We want you to stay home with us.

We do still love you though,

Boku and Mona

Sigh, readers, sigh. What a bad, awful thing to come home to. Not sure how I'm going to sleep tonight - possibly the only option is a twin sized comforter on my queen bed. The worst part is, Mona has been throwing up a lot lately. If she throws up in the next two days we're going to the vet next week.

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  1. My parents have a cat that throws up all the time. He gets steroids every 4 months and it works wonders. Maybe Mona needs some 'roids.'