Sunday, July 01, 2007

And on this...the 600th...

Happy 600th blog post to me! That's a lot, heh?

It is advisable to look at the shirt you are wearing before you leave the house, readers. Because you will arrive at the farmer's market in your neon pink and neon green "I Heart Beer" shirt....and feel vaguely embarrassed (because some old people will give you weird/grumpy looks). Young'uns (teen through 20's) will compliment you on your shirt.

The cleaning yesterday took way longer than I had hoped, but most of the apartment is super clean. The only room that wasn't scrubbed (and still has a bit of tidying left) is the bedroom. Also, because the bedroom is still to be done, the hallway upstairs is sort of jammy full of stuff (vacuums and garbage bags)...but, if you've never been to my apartment, I'd advise you to come visit now. It will probably be this clean again...a year from now...

Went to a concert on Friday...don't really feel like discussing the concert, but my ability to repel buses may become stuff of legend. We were supposed to take a bus to dinner...that bus never came so we hopped on a different bus. Then we were supposed to take a bus from dinner to the concert. We waited...and waited....that bus never came, so we had to get a cab. Finally, we were supposed to take a bus from the concert to an L stop to get us home. Guess what? That bus actually never came. For sure...because we walked all the way to the L stop along the bus route and never saw a bus. It's troubling...this ability to repel the bus I want to be on....especially since I'm supposed to take a bus today to visit "newly-moved to Chicago" friend Katy. Yes, one of my closest friends has the same name as's just lucky she spells it with a Y isn't it?

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend...and that you enjoyed the beautiful weather!

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