Saturday, July 28, 2007

I remember the look in your eyes...

This, my friends, is going to be a marathon post. Not like some others you may have seen here. Longer! With more pictures! And lots of fun will be had by all. This is the recap of the last week. This has possibly been one of the most fun weeks of my life. Other bridesmaid L said it right when she said that each day/event was more fun than the last (I believe she said funner. We were tired. Cut her some slack). Culminating in the best wedding ever. Most fun...ever. For real.

I'm still sitting here with crunchy bridesmaid hair and fearing that the Taco Bell I ate earlier maybe wasn't a good idea....maybe.

I advise you to sit back, grab a drink and dig your ass into your chair....
First off, the bachelorette shindig. I've already talked a bit about it (dinner at Ba-Ba-Reeba, then Lions Head, then the Apartment), but I feel like I should share pictures. Especially since one of these pictures is the only picture I have of all the bridesmaids. And I don't have any of all the groomsmen.

Here are all the bridesmaids (and the bride obviously). From left to right, although no real names given unless they have referred to themselves that way on this site: K, C, L, Alex, Me, Katy

And here is the little group of girls I feel like I've known forever (again, L to R, Katy, Alex, L and myself). We're a happy bunch, yes?

So, there's that. Bacherlorette: Check!

Personal shower...I have no pictures of this at all. It turned out brilliantly, and I would not hesitate to suggest the South Water Kitchen "family room" (I think they call it the River Room). It seats about 30 and can be "reserved" and used for free. For free! You know...except for the cost of the food. It was a laid back day of lots of lingerie oogling.

Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner...the Rehearsal was a bit of a challenge (they can get thoroughly boring, especially when you're on time and it feels like everyone else is lost)...however, we didn't pay much attention and had a lot of fun doing a bunch of nothing. Same at the rehearsal dinner. We were all well on our way to comfortable together and thus, we started ribbing each other mercilessly.

I can't really talk about the rehearsal dinner without talking about the wedding, because they followed much the same pattern. So here's a picture of some of the girls at drinks after the rehearsal dinner.

I think a sort of natural grouping occurred and I ended up spending most of my time with a few of the people throughout the end of the week. Here is my tribute to them:

Al with her GIANT beer. It was giant. This picture was taken at the same bar as above. Note to subject: if you read this and hate your picture representation, let me know.

This is L. And this is her fake smile face. We were talking about the unnatural amount of pictures that bride Katy likes to take and how we were going to fake smile in those pictures. I heart this picture.
Taken again at drinks after rehearsal dinner. Note to subject: if you read this and hate your picture representation, let me know.

And here are our groomsmen (ok, not are L and Al's groomsmen, respectively D and S) who spent the night with us generally cracking us up. The night of the wedding (where this pic was taken) we spent hours and hours with these two. Note to subjects: if you read this and hate your picture representation, let me know.

And finally, I thought you all might want to see the best man ("my" groomsman). This is about the only picture I have of him (which I don't think I took). I had a lot of people commenting to me about how hot he is... can you see it?
Note to subject: if you read this and hate your picture representation, let me know.

All in all, I have patchy pictures. I have a few pictures of before the wedding, NONE during, and a few from between the reception and the after party. For a day that was 19 hours long (yes...not a lie) I have pitifully few pictures. I will hopefully be buying pictures from the photographers eventually.

Katy was a beautiful bride (and I somehow have no pictures of it. I'm clearly getting used to this having a camera thing). The ceremony went swimmingly. It was touching and very much like the couple. There were some laughs, some tears and overall it was lovely. The reception started with my being a horrible nervous wreck. I got to give my toast first, and while I rushed, my general idea came across and I got a few "nice jobs" afterwards, so's over. After that I was finally able to relax and just enjoy the party. And it was a great party. Tons of dancing, drinking, and general merriment.

After the reception (at which point I was completely drunk), we went back to the hotel where we had a conference room booked and continued the party. This continued til about 4:15am. Then me and 3 others (Al, L and S from above) continued to chat and laugh until 5. Yeah. 5am. We finally went back to the room. In total, I think I got about 2 hours of sleep. I'm exhausted but happy - it was SO much fun. No one wanted it to end (including the bride, who told us all she had a mini tantrum in her room with the groom and wouldn't take off her dress because then it would be over...)

A delightful wedding. Now how can the rest of us ever hope to live up to that?

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  1. Come on a mini tantrum makes me sound like a bridezilla, it was a.... rought moment for me when I had to take it off, but then the groom told me I would be crazy if I slept in it, so..... I took off the dress but kept my hair in it's updo until, oh right about now, which it's Sunday morning!
    Love you Kate, you made my 19 hours(wholly crap!) FANTASTIC, couldn't have asked for a better friend or maid of honor, I just hope someday I can TRY to repay you !