Thursday, March 22, 2007

An update post...

Some updates for you all:
  • The petition to get my/our money back for the awful course was only supported by about 8 irate people. I got responses from a few others who agreed with the sentiment but didn't want to sign the petition for fear of losing the course from their transcript (a load of people find their time more valuable than their money which I totally understand). Since I respect the fear of having to retake the course and I didn't have enough people, there will be no request to get our money back. But even asking my classmates how they felt made me feel better. So, that is that.
  • My professor...the bad one...looks like he lost his job (not only at DePaul, but also his full time job). Obviously he had a bad beginning of 2007. After getting an email that his full time job email address (the one where we were supposed to contact him) was no longer valid, I couldn't help but start to feel sorry for the guy. I have no idea what happened this quarter for him, but obviously it was life-altering. My anger is pretty much gone.
  • Did any of you actually consider changing any light bulbs? I wonder sometimes if my blog has any impact on anybody...


  1. I considered changing my light bulbs, but then I realized that my electric bill is so small as it is that it really wouldn't make much of a difference. When my current bulbs run their full course and burn out on their own, I will strongly consider CFLs, but until then, I'll stick with what I've got.

  2. Yes we changed ours (I was going to anyway, you were just a timely reminder).

  3. We have been using CFL's for years now. We first started simply to combat the oppressive heat in our apartment and to save $ in the long run by not having to replace light bulbs as often. Honestly, the whole 'green' thing is just a bonus in my mind