Saturday, March 10, 2007

Amateur quarter...

I believe I have mentioned my awful, no-good, very bad Professor to you all ( here, here).

It only gets better. In week 9 (of total 11) he changed the syllabus on us. He got rid of 60% of the homework and the final exam completely. And he assigned a group project. Yes. That's right. Two weeks left of class and he created/assigned a group project. And the group? It consists of the entire class, all of the distance learning students with Prof. Fucktastic as the project manager. He couldn't even manage the he's going to manage a huge project? HA.

This is a joke, right?

I want my money back.

Oh. And I have a migraine (with an hugely numb left hand and lips/nose starting to get there...oooh, there goes the eyelid. All tingling and numb. This is the worst migraine I've had in a long time)...happy Saturday! To tell the truth though...I am in a fairly good mood. I finished the huge website project (or finished my portion) this morning and did laundry. All that's left now for the quarter is a presentation (in which I somehow was assigned the easiest of all roles - introductions). And an exam.

And obviously, whatever the hell I'm supposed to be doing for this huge, amateur, ass-baggy project.

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  1. I would let the school know about this professor. You should get your money back and they need to know that he is not teaching anybody anything...well he's teaching you that you can get rooked at DePaul; not the lesson they want on the syllabus.