Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Public service letter...

Dear Electricity consumer,

I am proof for you that the Compact Fluorescent Bulb (CFL) does more than just "save the environment." I know some of you out there may be skeptical that there is even a need to save the environment (Dad). Last month I changed 12 of my 16 total light bulbs in the apartment to CFLs...yes, the bulbs are expensive. But I do believe I need to do my part to save the environment (because I watched An Inconvenient Truth and wanted to do what I could), so I bought them. Some facts for you (to hopefully convince you for the right reasons):
  • Changing one bulb can prevent over 450 pounds of bad, bad emission from a powerplant.
  • If everyone in the US changed just one bulb (no need to go for the full change, just one) we would:
    • save enough energy to light more than 2.5 million homes for a year
    • prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of nearly 800,000 cars.
If that doesn't convince you to change just 1 bulb (look at your lamp next to you...just that one bulb), then maybe my energy bill will. Even with the huge rate increase, I am paying less this March than I have in the past two March's. Yes, it's true. I'm only technically saving $4 compared to last year - but that's entirely because of the rate increase. In February I paid almost two times what I had last year (due to the electricity rate increase). So if I do some fancy math, I actually saved an estimated $20....(double last March's bill subtract this year's March bill)...

So change your bulbs! A four-pack of CFL's will only set you back $15. $15 to save on every electricity bill and to save the environment? Totally worth it.



  1. Hey...I am not an environmental ogre...I just think that we humans think we have "control" of this planet. No way...no how.

    I have not seen an Inconvenient Truth yet but I am not inclined to believe anything that any politician, retired or otherwise, has to say. Al Gore got busted when he tried to take credit for inventing the internet...now he is going to save us all from planetary destruction. Psst...he's a politician...Here's an inconvenient truth...politicians and truth are strangers.

    I whole heartedly agree that we should treat this planet with respect and conserve natural resources. I also hope that responsible behavior will have some positive benefit to the lovely planet earth and all of it's inhabitants.

    As soon as I post this I am going to go buy some of the super duper light bulbs and start chipping in. Not because of Al Gore...because of you...you I trust.

  2. i haven't seen the movie, nor do i pay my electric bill (thank god, don't think i could afford it!) but I bought new bulbs last month b/c i agree with everything you said. i think the school here is said they were going to try to switch to them too, could save the school a lot of money, and we're all about the evironment here!

  3. I changed 20+ light bulbs in our house and I have more to change. I had to order some bulbs online because I needed dimmable bulbs.