Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Testing 1, 2...

Ok, so I'm sure I passed the test. Probably did well on it too. But there were a few interesting moments:

  • Inability to focus at the beginning due to inappropriate dream last night about my group member. I didn't think it would be a big deal (it wasn't a dirty dream at all, it was sort of an intimate dream if that makes sense. Cuddling, hand holding dream) but then he walked in and I felt like a weird creepy girl. It wasn't my fault I had the dream and yet I felt like a dirty old man.
  • While focusing on a question, trying to make up value propositions out of thin air, I got Naive by The Kooks stuck in my head. And for like...a minute all I could think're so naive, yes so. Over and over. Good song. Addictive. I haven't heard it for at least a week. And yet all of the sudden, stuck.
  • I forgot the word observe. I was trying to write about observing holidays (yes, on my computer wizardry exam). I ended up using celebrate instead. Sometimes....sometimes the brain lets me down.
Now off to complete a presentation for tomorrow night. I hate presentations.

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