Friday, March 30, 2007

A review...

Sometime a little bit ago my sister wrote her thoughts about the movie The Last Kiss. Without going back and reading it (to avoid pollution of my own thoughts) I remember her sort of disliking the movie and having a negative reaction to Zach Braff's character (of the "How could he do that to her" variety). Now my sister and I, while we share a few traits, are quite different. In many ways, complete opposites. And I think my reaction to this movie proves that.

Because I totally emphasized with Zach's character. With his bad, bad choice. With the fear behind the choice. And while I know there are many reasons to discount my opinions on this (my lack of serious relationship) I don't think I emphasized with Zach because I would make that choice. But I also don't know that I would never make that choice. Because for me, the fear of losing my independence is sort of large. I have pushed people away in the past (which is sort of what he was doing) unconsciously, but looking back...I am the type who has commitment issues. Either way, I liked the movie a lot. And I liked all of the characters and felt they were all pretty real and well done(except maybe Rachel Bilson. Maybe they could have done better at casting or she could have been less...just less).

And that whole cheating thing...while I hate the idea of it, don't think I could ever forgive it...I just have a tiny voice inside that tells me that it's not so black and white. Sometimes, yes. But sometimes, like the movie, not so much. And while I hate to admit it, I am not certain I would never put myself in that position somehow.

Now I'm going to go ahead and read my sister's movie review and see what she actually thought. Pretty much like I thought...totally opposite of me. I'm not going to go ahead and write about why I think our thoughts were so different because I don't feel right writing about her here. But either way it's interesting.

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