Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The light at the end of a bunch of tunnels is finally shining through...
  • Two exams to go (one take-home and a little bit of a joke. The other a little more strenuous but I can get 50% on it and possibly still get an A).
  • Today, my co-worker/trainer/guy who's job I'm taking/becoming let slip his hourly rate (he's part-time too at this point). And all the surrounding coworkers didn't seem impressed. But inside, inside I was yelling yippee and doing a little jig. Not even a little jig - I was full out jigging/dancing. Because his hourly rate? The hourly rate he scoffed at and said was not all that good because of where we work...that hourly rate is a number I never hoped to make in the next few years. A number that brings a condo so much closer....and a number I cannot get without an MS...which makes this whole school thing seem like the best choice I've made in a while....Yippee!
  • The weather...while I like Winter...I think I do get a touch of that seasonal affect disorder. And even the weather today (40's ish) was sort of nice.
  • San a week!
Jig, jig, jig....

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