Wednesday, March 28, 2007

San Diego in a few words...

Since I've been on vacation for a few days I feel like I should say something about it, so here are some thoughts about San Diego:
  • The main reason I picked San Diego was because of the zoo. I mean, obviously there are other things to do there, but I wanted to go to the famous zoo (and the Wild Animal Park). And I thought it was pretty cool. Seeing Pandas and Koalas up close and personal was pretty great. I could list all the zoo babies we saw too, but I probably don't remember them all. The best was the elephant (the one frolicking around was a few months old. There was a 13 day old elephant which happened to be sleeping during our entire viewing. Imagine a 13 day old elephant!). I also was quite impressed with the petting zoo at the Wild Animal park which was full of deer from all different countries (gazelle! and loads of others). No goats, no sheep, just weird, large deer. Really enjoyed the zoos.
  • I feel like we might have needed more time. While we did see a lot (Gas Lamp, Old Town, La Jolla, Zoos, Sea World, Coronado, Flower Fields) we also didn't spend a load of time in San Diego itself and there were other things we might have liked to do (Go on the Aircraft Carrier/war museum, drive around and look at houses, spend more time at some of the places above etc).
  • It sort of figures that the weather in Chicago this weekend was a record high and about 15 degrees warmer than San Diego.
  • Why don't we have In N Out burger here? I understand that stupid fresh produce thing...and that sucks.
  • My cats were bonkers last night. They ran around like crazy all night and morning playing. A celebration of my return? Annoying. Kept waking me up....and now Mona is on my lap for a marathon amount of time, she never sits on the lap for longer than an hour. It's been probably 2 hours now.
  • I am a bad traveler. I just can't help but feel nervous that I'll miss the plane and if I make it, that the plane will plummet out of the sky. Probably not gonna happen and I know that logically, but I get stressed and tense. The trip then takes it out of me, I get exhausted (probably from the tension). And San Diego threw a curve ball at me and the Mom in the form of a flat tire. Right as we were leaving for the airport. Bad. Luck. But, it worked out OK and a valet and a really nice man changed it for us. We made it to the airport on time (even a little early) all was OK in the end. But the amount of stress I felt for that hour of finding the flat, changing the tire, turning in the was high.
  • The Lodge at Torrey Pines was a beautiful hotel. Everything was nice, plush, beautiful. They had a real fire going at all times in their lobby and it smelled great. My first stay at a 5 star hotel. Didn't disappoint. Also, the spa....awesome.
  • The Torrey Pine...endangered's really sort of Dr. Seussy.
Today I already have to go back to the grind. School starts tonight. I don't feel ready to learn. I'm glad I decided to take no class over the summer...

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