Wednesday, March 14, 2007

D...ddd...dirty, dirty...

Here's my quick and dirty review of the Justin Timberlake (with Pink opening) concert.

  1. Wasn't as bad as I expected
  2. That rope/circus trick was sort of impressive, man muscles.
  3. Couldn't help but would I look with a bleach blond pixie cut.....hmmm...

  1. Why, oh why, Justin, did you have to come here during my finals week? I've mentioned it before and I'll mention it again...but its not fun going to a concert where the main goal is to dance when you have a raging case of test poo. My stomach and intestines at this point are brick-like - still causing me fairly regular pain but producing no results - due to the large quantity of Pepto ingested. If this all offends you, I don't care.
  2. I'm a silly girl because whenever the Timberlake is within 200 ft of me I get a burning in my loins. Maybe I'm tired (burning? loins?). The truth is, with test poo...there was no burning in my loins. Groaning maybe. No burning. What I was TRYING to say before I got totally sidetracked there is that Justin is hot. Sexy back.
  3. My sister and I had an interesting conversation this afternoon on whether or not Justin is legitimate/a legitimate musician (her point is that he is walking a fine line between sex object and respectable artist). My Mom (my concert-going companion) mentioned that my brother wouldn't have been caught dead at the first concert (where I was. 15 rows from the stage. Not. Ashamed). But now it's suddenly OK to like Justin. Does that mean he's more legitimate? Or that people are finally just saying, OK, it's not so embarrassing to like Pop music (which I believe was never embarrassing. If you think it is, then you take music too seriously)?
  4. The people-watching at the concert was fantastic. And horrific. Lots of dresses over pants and leggings. And pointy shoes. And the heels! A ton of the place was standing room only...and the girls walking into that area in their stilettos? Idiots. Trend city that concert. A lot of people that liked themselves just a little too much (and quite a few men who clearly wanted to be Justin).
  5. As for the actual music (I'm on point 5 and haven't even mentioned the actual concert part....hmmm, interesting), it was as I expected. Some points a little shaky (he is dancing, give him a break) but others, quite lovely. My Ma was not impressed with the "stage in the round" concept and I sort of agree, although he did have some interesting methods that made it work for him far better than for Pink. Personally I would have preferred a traditional stage. Where I could see Justin's ass at all times...
Now I'm going to go lay in bed and massage my belly...achy, achy belly. Damn you test poo...damn you.

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