Sunday, March 11, 2007

Harry Potter meme (said with English accent)...

1. Favorite Harry Potter movie- Prisoner of Azkaban. Although there were some great moments in Goblet of Fire...

2. Favorite Harry Potter book- Goblet of Fire.

3. Least favorite Harry Potter movie- Probably the first one. I don't love the book and I don't love the movie. I guess it sometimes feels like they're too young...

4. Least favorite Harry Potter book- 1st one - Sorceror's Stone.

5. Favorite Harry Potter Character- Pretty much any Weasley. I heart them all (except maybe Percy. Thought: under Imperius?). Ron first and foremost, then the twins, then Ginny....

6. Least favourite Harry Potter Character- Lucius Malfoy. I don't hate Draco though. Honestly, I think he's going to end up saving Harry in the end (or showing some sign of good).

7. Spell, Charm or Hex you most wish you had the ability to perform- the only one I could think of was Alohamora (sp?). The only reason that one is burned into my brain is because there was an HP game at some point that used that spell a lot. I guess it might be nice to unlock doors.

8. Reason for desiring to perform said Spell, Charm or Hex- I'd never be locked out of my apartment?

9. If I were in Hogwarts, my house would be- Nerdy self used the computer to figure it out for me. Quiz here. Put me in Ravenclaw (84%) which is probably right on. After that: Hufflepuff (81%), Gryffindor (71%) and Slytherin (54%).

10. If I played Quiddich, my position would be- Have to agree with the sister: I'd be in the crowd.

11. My favorite Hogwarts subject would be- Charms. Definitely.

12. After graduating Hogwarts, my magic profession would be- Some sort of paper pusher I'd imagine? A computer nerd for magical gadgets?

13. Harry Potter character you would most like to snog- Ron.

14. Magical creature you would keep as a pet- I would have a cat. But I wouldn't mind having an owl.

15. Favorite method of magical transportation- Flying car?

16. Make up a spell, complete with name and function- Allygurcus. It takes allergies and pulls them out of you and transforms them into what they my cat allergy..GONE and transformed into a cat!

17. Person I would most like to use the Confundus Charm on- Hmmm, I honestly don't know.

18. Person I would most like to use Avada Kedavra on- Lucius Malfoy?

19. Person I would most like to use the Cruciatus Curse on- No one...

20. Person I would most like to use the Imperious Curse on- No one....

21. Person I would most like to use the Entrancing Enchantment on- hmm, I wouldn't mind using it on someone beautiful for a night of fun.....(Justin Timberlake? Gael Garcia Bernal?)

22. If God could do magic, would he be better than Dumbledore? Yuck.

True or False questions- (answer honestly)

23. I have read all (so far) 6 Harry Potter books- True

24. I have pre-ordered book 7- True

25. I have re-read all (so far) 6 Harry Potter books- True. And will again in a matter of months to prepare for Movie 5 and Book 7....

26. I own all the Harry Potter DVDs- True.

27. I own a wand- Sort of true. Because I own a lot of HP legos. And so a lot of little lego wands.

28. I know magic- False.

(Questions 29 and 30 were lame, so they're heretofore redacted.)

31. I have at one point had an inappropriate crush on Hermione Granger (girls are encouraged to answer too)- False.

32. I am Lord Voldemort- False.

33. I have lost sleep due to reading Harry Potter books- True. The first time around with a lot of the books, and sadly I sometimes lose sleep when I re-read them as well...

34. Harry Potter's witchcraft has possessed my soul and now Jesus hates me because I read Harry Potter more than the bible - This is dumb. And thus, deserves a strikethrough to show my disdain for this question (even if it was written to be "funny").

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  1. I love cats, but I can't stand being near them for more than a few minutes without my nose running off my face. How do you live with cats if you are allergic? I think I'd die...