Wednesday, April 27, 2005

It was a strange reaction...

I have a new favorite song of the moment. It's called "Your Love Means Everything (part 2)". I don't know why, but I heart it. Maybe because I love Chris Martin. And I also like weird technoish songs. Coldplay concert? Yes please.

Here's a few things:

  • Today I saw an alien. He was wearing a solid peach suit with a blue shirt and tie underneath. He had died his hair the same color as the shirt and it was geometric (i can't explain why). He walked like an alien.
  • There is an issue at work. I am finally not going to be a tech assistant and will be an underwriting assistant. This has caused an issue with the other tech assistants. Two reasons: One- the technical assistant that i ended up doing all her work (hoarder) wanted me to do all her work again and train the new guy. But I spoke up for once to the vice president and it was clarified that THAT IS NOT MY JOB. Sigh of relief. Two-because I am the only technical assistant who understands how to use one of our systems. Oh well, someone better step up to learn it.
  • Riding the "L" in rush hour with recently waxed eyebrows is a little strange. Because I was red. And people can't help but look. I couldn't help but smile a little. I looked freaky.
  • Did you know that today was administrative professionals day? Did you know that I am/was an administrative professional? One of the underwriters got his assistant beautiful (expensive) flowers. Which totally made the rest of the people with assistants feel like shits. So tomorrow we all get a pizza party. But only us "administrative professionals." Good thing I'm still on that cusp.
I don't know that I have anything else to say. I thought I did. But I don't. I hope you all are having a nice week. I am.

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  1. Like I warned you, I'd be in and out for a while to get to our game, anywho, my three things that I consider an automatic no-no for dating:
    1. Smoking - no ifs ands or buts here because I have a mom who smokes, chain smokes basically, never has even made an attempt to give it up, and my whole life, (up until recent years where she only smokes outside now) I've always heard from friends and friends' parents, "Your jacket and clothes smell like smoke." See, I was so used to it, I never noticed, until the first time I got a locker, and was breathing fresh air and whatnot, and would open my locker to that annoying scent
    2. If you're like, I can't get these jeans dirty, they cost a ton, or, I don't wear anything unless it's name brand...those kinds of comments, well, uh-oh, cause if that's the kind of things you worry about, I'll just say, you're out of my league...because I wouldn't want anything to do with that league, granted...I'm big on sports named clothing, (Nike, Reebok, Adidas, etc.) Old Navy does the trick for most stuff that I buy, so I guess...something like thinking you're better than everyone else is #2
    3. I'm having considerable problems coming up with a third one...but then I must come with an answer comedic skills??? On occassion, you'll run into someone that doesn't see humor to be funny, even when everyone else is laughing, and they never make any funny comments of their own, this is really really a cheap third answer, but it'll do, plus it works with your whole line of 3 requirements
    Question 2: Who do I think you are...well, I give you credit for being logical because I have a decent idea of how intelligent you are as you graduated from U of I, but I'll bet that you're not that person...I'm going to take a stab at saying you were the sexual friend, willing to talk about most subject matter at your own risk of embarrassment because...hey, you're friends find it to be silly, and so do you

    My next 2 questions for you: 1st, you write sometimes about how you hope that this isn't someone that you don't want to date if you know them, do you have someone particular in mind and what do you give him an automatic no for?
    2nd, how do you feel about appetizers with your dinner when you go out to eat? Are they a must, do you never have them, or do you sometimes say, I'm not that hungry and an appetizer serves as the meal... (elaborate as much or as little as you want)