Friday, April 29, 2005


I ate twinkies today. And as of this moment I am seriously back on the old diet. First of all because my stomach feels wretched (twinkies maybe??) and second because honestly, you can't get much farther from diet than twinkies. I've hit the low point in my "eat whatever you want" phase. If you can think of something lower, please chime in. But really...I don't think I'll believe you.

This morning I found a fuzzy teal mouse in my shoe. That's Boku's mouse, and her favorite toy and I can't help but feel like I got a gift. It made me smile. Her and Mona were curled up together earlier, it was totally lovable and I tried to get a picture, but the minute I started moving around Mona wanted to be involved. So she ruined the picture. Katy thinks Boku is evil. If you would have seen them wouldn't have been able to believe she's the devil. Even if she did give you the death stare and secretly plot your demise.

I think one of them was crawling on my head last night. Either that or I dreamed they were crawling on my head.

Besides being walked on, I also woke up in the middle of the night with the worst stiff neck. But it was gone this morning. Maybe one of them was laying on my neck. Maybe I sleep a lot deeper than I imagined.

To be honest, I'll have to start my diet on Sunday. Because I have dinner plans tomorrow night. I have to get in bed. My stomach does not like fake food (even though i mostly eat processed food even when on a diet).

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