Friday, April 22, 2005

Sha ba de daba doo...

Does anyone remember Real World: New Orleans? And David, the angry roomate who did not believe in the other's "vision" for their tv show, wrote a little ditty for his introduction on the show? And sometimes it gets stuck in my head, "sha ba dee da bo doo...come on be my baby tonight?" Saw him walking down the street today. I stared. And then I got that damn terrible song stuck in my head.

There's this beautiful new smelly mulch on my walk to work. It smells like cherries and cedar mixed together. Delicious.

I did not have a good two days. Yesterday I was breaking in my new desk. It's quiet and lonely. I need a radio. Then I broke the thing that holds my keyboard. It got stuck in the completely "out" position. Many a person tried to fix it yesterday. Only got fixed today by the computer guy (cute, remember?) who attacked it. It sounded like the whole thing cracked off. The person in the office closest to mine came running out thinking someone was hurt. But nope, completely fixed. So I felt like an idiot. This morning I came downstairs to a whole ton of cat regurge. It was mostly whole food and a little ickyness. I can not handle puke. I have a very ticklish gag reflex.

Just now the devil was on Joan of Arcadia and he is HOT. Yes, I do watch a show where God supposedly talks to people. I was once asked how I could watch this show because I don't believe in God. Well kids, it's make believe. I don't think Gilmore Girls or Lost is actually happening. So why would this be any different? It's still drama. Stupid drama, but something I watch anyway. My point is, this guy that is playing the devil is really beautiful.

Not the most cheerful entry, eh?


What kind of tricky trickery is this? I know you, it's kind of your name? Its madness. I have to tell you though, it makes it a little scary for me. What if I know you and don't want to go on a date with you? Terrifying...

My superpower would be invisibility (obviously the kind I could control). Oh to be a fly on the wall in certain situations. To be able to sneak onto a plane anywhere, free vacation! When someone is coming to ask me to do some work on our archaic system at work that I'm the only one who can do, DISAPPEAR. Lovely.

Will not date list is really, really hard. At first I couldn't think of anything. I think smoking is gross, but I think if I really liked someone I could get past it (with a lot of teeth brushing). But I did come up with three things I must have in a boy, if you don't have them you need not apply:
1)Humor. This one seems obvious.
2)Patience. A little patience can spare everyone the anger and frustration of rush hour, tardiness and slow service. I have patience. Sometimes maybe too much.
3)Silliness. I like the silly. Or maybe he doesn't have to be silly, he just has to handle silly. I am silly.

Here's your questions:
Do that same thing...the three things on your will not date list.
Second question: In high school, I had two good friends and we were always together for a good year or two. We were very different and categorized ourselves as follows: the logical one, the emotional one and the sexual one. Which one was I? And there really are no wrong answers here, honestly.

Long, rainy, horrid day. In bed sounds good.


  1. I think I'm assumed in that "two good friends" category however which one am I? I know I'm definately not one of them, but I don't know if I ever agreed to being called one of the other ones!?
    Also did you know Joan of Arcadia might not come back next year, what are other people watching on a Friday night? God was damn sexy!!! We'll see Ellsworth if you really know Kt, becuz she is definately one of those things, even though she said there is no wrong answer!

  2. Yeah the OC is great, they should make it on thurs and Fri. then we would have things to watch thurs and fri.