Sunday, April 24, 2005

Silly sunday..

Why is it that Sunday always goes so quickly?

Here's why today was silly:

-A baby in the family? Silly! But he was very cute, and I must say that I wasn't as scared of him as I thought. Yes, i am afraid of babies. No, I did not hold him. But he was cute. (I just cheated and deleted it from one of those sentences. I can't help it, he's an it).

-My new bathtub, non-stick decals are wondrous! The tub looks so inviting and happy with all that color. I recommend adding some spice to your tub with some appliques. You won't slip AND you'll be cheerful when you get out. Excellent! Now all I need is that shower radio to make my tub complete.

-I decided to add a beautiful little collar for Mona to my wish list. HE he he, feather boa for a cat? $20? That's CRAZY! But it would be funny.

I'm off to start a probably long week. I don't foresee another entry for a while. Nothing much exciting is going on....although work hoarder is coming back from her leave. Will she get in trouble? Work is like a soap opera. Only with less sex. Damn.

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