Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Experiment gone awry...

So a good friend of mine has had some luck with online dating. I decided, since it would be nice to have a date sometime in my twenties, that I might try this. I signed up on Saturday and I was an "active" profile available to view yesterday afternoon. I have already been deluged with emails. Some of you may think, that little brat, lots of boys want to date her and she's complaining???

Let me explain my freshly surfacing issues with this system:
  1. I think it goes without saying that about half of my emails were from creepy weirdos. That was to be expected. It's a little weird that creepy guys can read my profile and see my picture.
  2. Basically after I get these emails I either email back or click a button that tells the poor guy I'm not interested. Some of the weirdos it doesn't seem so bad...but for the normal guys I am having guilt over all this rejection. Oooh, sorry buddy your picture wasn't good and your profile was not nearly as entertaining as I would have liked.
  3. Here's the biggest problem: clearly I am no longer attracted to men. And yet I am not attracted to women either. I have officially become asexual. I looked at all these guys and was like, eh....no thanks. Eh, no thanks? I'm in trouble...
  4. And then there's my "flight" reflex. I started getting all of these emails and I was like, ooooh, bad idea. Why did I do this? RUN, RUN!!!! But I'm working on it. Maybe someone someday will spark my interest. Was a test drive anyway.
So that's that.


  1. Unfortunately, as a woman I agree that internet men just aren't that interesting. I've tried the internet dating thing and I was curious as to why suddenly no male was attractive.

  2. That's also the point of internet dating. You are allowed to screen the boys first, that's the whole point. It's just almost like walking into a bar full of guys, you aren't going to feel bad turning a guy down to his face who tries to come hit on you and you are not interested, are you? This way it should be easier to say no. I have a family friend who thinks she has found "the one" on internet dating, so keep it up, it might be fun!

  3. One of my friends found his wife through internet dating. They have been happily married now for almost 4 years. Although if you not looking for marriage here's another story. Another one of my friends loved internet dating. It gave him the choice to date who he wanted to and when he wanted to and almost always had a date every weekend. He loved the system. I say stick with it.

  4. its sad to admit that im slightly curious of the internet dating phenom. id be curious to hear what your experience has been like - and what your criteria has been for blowing off so many guys.

    i think the picture is a given, but ive always wondered if a funny profile will go miles further with someone than a stodgy play it safe description.

    i have some pretty crazy pictures from uni (w/ horns, skinhead, bleached hair etc) and even tho i no longer look like that, i think it would be fun to put them up and see what kind of interest they would garner.

    dontchya think?