Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ode to a pin...

This weekend a good friend of mine, bush bashing pin, died a sad, painful death on the dance floor at Fat Jacks. Or so I assume. The pin has disappeared and the last time I remember seeing it was earlier that day. So to my pin, I say: I will always think of you in the highest regards, and I will chuckle at the dirty joke about my bush for some time to come. Goodbye dear pin...

Must say I'm so glad I'm not at the Paul McCartney concert...although I hope everyone is having fun! Sorry, is that wrong that I don't worship at the altar of Macca?

On the way home from a delicious dinner with the mooj/sis at La Vita (tasty!) I was amazed by the city. What a beautiful place. The moon shining on the lake, the clear night with the lit-up beautiful buildings. I heart Chicago.

P.S. Zathura? Try Jumanji + space. Terrible.

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  1. p.s. - agree with your p.s., Zathura looks like a thumbs down. oh and i was feeling the same way about the city when I was in visiting earlier this week: three cheers for Chi-town