Monday, October 31, 2005

Is it or isn't it, did I or didn't I???

Happy Halloween!! Oh Halloween. I was so pleasantly surprised with my street and the Halloween spirit in Chicago. Every house on Fullerton in the block leading up to mine had Halloween lights, Jack-o-Lanterns, spider webs, ghosts. All just today! If I were a little kid I would have loved it!! Wait a minute...even as an adult I loved it!! I saw about 6 trick-or-treaters. Would have liked to see more, especially since 4 of them were older and angels. The cutest are the little kids...oh little trick-or-treaters. For someone who doesn't really like children, I truly like seeing them all dressed up for Halloween.

And in other news, I am reading Lord of the Flies for the 100 All-Time. I forgot how boring literature can be. It's going to be a struggle. Oh, and I crossed off all the books I read and was totally shocked by the letter G. Ok, out of 100 I have read 12 total. Out of 6 books that start with the letter G, I've read 4 of them. The public school system must love the letter G....

So you all know I applied to DePaul for grad school. I believe I am in the midst of a career/quarter life crisis. So I decided to avoid the real world/working world and go back to school. So the computer grad school at DePaul is high tech. I can check my application status online. Apparently they made a decision today. You know what that means right? I'll get it in the mail on Wednesday when I'm in Disney World. Suck-ass timing, eh? So, can I glean anything from the website? You tell's what it says and why I tend to think I got in:

"Your application materials were reviewed by an admission officer on 10/27/2005 . A decision has been made about your admission. You will receive the decision in the mail.

The first step in getting started in the graduate program is to make an appointment to assess your prerequisite phase. This Prerequisite Planning Appointment (PPA) can be made with your assigned advisor or any available faculty member. Click here to request an appointment online.

This status was current as of: 10/27/2005."

Now, my question is this: why say that I have to make a planning appointment if I didn't get in? Isn't that a slap in the face if I get a rejection letter? Should I prepare my face for the slap just in case?


  1. I think you're in. If so, when do you quit?

  2. Hey, where'd you get the 100 book list? I need some new material and I'm sure there's some on there!

    roomie #1

  3. I'm pretty sure you'll get in and be able to be like the rest of us putting off the real world for a few more years. Let me know how it goes and have fun at Disney.

  4. A friend of mine applied to dental school last spring. He got a letter about financial aid applications from the college and then about two weeks later got a rejection letter from admissions. That really stunk. M.