Thursday, October 20, 2005

Meep moop meep...

Ok, so I've sort of been in a weird mood today. Hence the robot noises. No I am not doing a robot dance or anything, I just have a weird soundtrack running through the head. Ah well...

So I have technically officially applied to grad school. But my transcript is still on its way and I'll send it with the check for my application fee. I have convinced myself that this is a lark, that there is no way I'm going to get in. But then what will I do? Because I can't be at this job...

I just haven't found my place yet. Well, besides my place on the do people do it? How do they go...oh yeah, I know I want to be a nurse. Or...oh I love the kiddies...I'll teach. I don't have that. Whenever I try to think of what I want to do forever my mind jumps to a thousand different places and none of them are a guaranteed surefire happy hit. I envy people that have found their place. And scary is it to find a job and think, every weekday for the rest of my life I will come to some variation of this?

Baaaah. I'll just go sing some Wicked (very, very poorly). By the way, the lady who sang for our first show was some lady called Stephanie J. Block who looks creepily like Ana Gasteyer. Also, she was not the lady who helped write the songs. And personally, I think Ana and for sure Stephanie were both better than this chick. But again, it must be different on stage. And of course, we always remember things a little differently than they really happened.


  1. Good for you for taking the next step to make yourself truly happy in life. I bet a lot of people would've just stayed at their job and hoped for the best, you are actually doing something about it. And if it makes you feel any better, I have found my place, and I am still not thrilled with my job right now! But someday I will be.

  2. I burned you that Damien Rice cd, missy, so you'll have to figure out a time to get it from me.