Friday, October 28, 2005


  1. I did not know that sometimes when you type my website in you get bible stories. It's fairly ironic and quite funny.
  2. Goblet of Fire is almost upon us. Any fans out there...loads of new videos were added today on my fav fan site. Makes it all seem even's very exciting.
  3. I am obsessed with I Love the 80's. It seems that by the third time around it would be old/lame/done. But I just don't want the episodes to end. you remember fashion plates? We loved that silly fashion rubbing toy. And Hal Sparks...I love him.
  4. There is something about Dennis Quaid that I find highly watchable. I'm sort of bored to death with this movie (Flight of the Phoenix) but I'm still drawn to Quaid.
  5. So excited for the pumpkin carving party...I'm thinking a bat.....or a cat....

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  1. Of course I remember fashion plates! When I saw it on the show, I excitedly pointed it out to S. I loved that thing.

    Maybe it was fashion plates that nurtured my secret ambition to become a fashion designer.....