Sunday, August 17, 2008

Not really worth reading...

Seriously, not much interesting to say except:
  • Ladies - the Schick Quattro (lady version, all pink and such) razor is shit. I got one free and have been using it most of the summer (when I got it it came with like...8 razor heads). I didn't realize just how terrible it is until I used the Venus again, and let me tell you, that Venus makes legs of silk. Silk, my friends, silk.
  • I love Chicago. But I forget just how much I hate tourists. And maybe it wasn't the smartest idea to take a train from Milwaukee to Chicago right before the show would start. Because the bus ride from Union Station to home? Horrendously long (due to the millions of people milling around in cars thinking that they are somehow the chosen ones who will find street parking right off of the beach) with a bus full of people who don't know how to pay for the bus, ride the bus, or get off of the bus.
I am sure I could come up with other random crap to spew, but I'll spare you.

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