Thursday, August 21, 2008

I get one...

I only have one thought I'd like to share with you about the Olympics. While I haven't watched regularly (at all) I still seem to have caught quite a bit of it (but sadly missed BMX'ing which I would have loved to have seen). My one thought is:

Who the HELL does that track interviewer think he is? The guy (douchey looking, with gray douchey hair) interviews all the athletes after they race. And seriously? He's the biggest ass EVER. First I saw his interview with Bolt after the 100 and I hated him (he asked Bolt about his slow up at the end of the race in the rudest way). Then I saw him interview Spearmon who had JUST found out he was disqualified (it was the most awkward and horrible interview ever, with Spearmon finally walking off mid interview). And just now, he was interviewing Tyson Gay, who had just dropped the "stick" and therefore had no medal hopes at all ("does this characterize your year?").

I do believe i could be better at his job. I hate him.

UPDATE: Watching BMX right now - seriously, they bite it a lot. The women's falls seemed somehow fake, staged. The men's? Pretty calamitous.

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