Friday, August 15, 2008

Ah eHarmony...

Strikes again, with a sunny little email entitled "Katie - Photos that Make you Look Undateable". Let's run through the insight of this one, shall we? Fingers crossed that one of the 5 items is: you're just not pretty in that picture. Can't you find one that's flattering?

I feel I should mention that in the first two paragraphs it tells me I shouldn't be insulted by the name of the article and that how i look in my picture DOES matter. But, looks aren't the deciding factor when dudes look at my profile (I do not believe that for a second).
  1. Picture where I'm drinking with my friends - this picture doesn't "make you look entertaining, fun or special; they make you look like a barfly". I think this is eHarmony speak for "you look like a drunken slutty girl". HA - and then the article goes on to condescend that if what you like to do is drink, FINE, but most people over a certain age don't, you lush (and ahem, how did we let your drunken ass in here in the first place?).
  2. Picture with an Ex cut out - does anyone actually do this? Just curious, but that seems dumb. eHarmony thinks it's dumb because you'll always be reminded of your Ex when you sign in. I think eHarmony is dumb because they think people actually cut squares out of pictures anymore.
  3. Picture where you're with a celebrity - the logic here isn't solid. It really just says that it doesn't make you look alluring or important. But does it really detract? eHarmony doesn't say. Maybe you look like you're trying to prove how awesome you are? But isn't that the whole point of these sites?
  4. Picture where you're dressed as a superhero - honestly, if done in the right way, I think this could be entirely hilarious - show a sense of humor. eHarmony says that "it's best to save the fun photos for later down the road." I think that's BS - what if one of the things that I find attractive in men is a sense of humor (and in truth, while it's not #1 on my list, it's really high up there...and as I think on this more and more, it really might be in contention for number one). As a side note, I think, if you like to dress up as a superhero regularly? Better to broadcast that up front.
  5. Picture where you're posing with something expensive - you look superficial. Which, eHarmony has nailed. But, if you love your BMW or "hermes bag" so much that you pose with it? I'd like to know that so I can judge you.
I do want to include a disclaimer here that I have no problem with eHarmony other than the fact that they are so preachy. Ick.

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  1. Here's another reason to have a problem with them: they refuse to match gay people. Their found is an evangelical Christian, so I guess that's not too surprising.