Saturday, August 09, 2008

A year ago...

Yesterday, as friend Alex was looking through all her stuff (preparation for a move), she found a letter from me. It was from approximately a year ago. In it I had listed some goals for this coming year...
  1. Graduate. I accomplished that.
  2. Buy a condo (or prepare my finances to buy a condo). I'm maybe inching closer to that? My problem is of my own making because I want something above any acceptable price range for someone with my income. I'm saving more now than I was a year ago. So I am slowly working my way there...
  3. Maintain. I think this one had to do with working out. At this time last year I was working out 4 times a week. Yeah, that died pretty quickly. But I do have plans to get back to the gym. And I also have a WiiFit. So i think the plan will be:
    • Cardio at the gym (if I can manage it, 3-4 times a week). Likely the elliptical but I've heard good things about some of the classes.
    • WiiFit every day. I think I'll try for every day, but I'll be happy to average 6 times a week. The yoga already has my muscles aching.
    It also had a bit to do with happiness. I think, since November of 2005 (wow, three years) I've been slowly climbing back into a happy place. And I do think I've mainly maintained my happiness. I can't say I'm perfectly happy (ahem, and who is?). But in general? On average? Mostly happy.
I wonder where I'll be in a year.

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